HTC Hero Android Phone Details

The HTC Hero is HTC’s third handset to be powered by the android operating system. Announced at a press event in London in June, the HTC Hero is one of the best spec’d HTC Android devices to be launched across Europe.

htc hero

The HTC Hero is a purely touchscreen device that features a 3.2-inch TFT-LCD display with a 320 x 480 resolution, 5 mega-pixel auto-focus camera, 3.5 mm audio jack, and a custom built HTC user interface.

Orange HTC Hero

HTC Hero is now Available from Orange UK

Visit the official Orange HTC Hero website

Here’s the full specification of the HTC Hero handset:

  • Qualcomm’s MSM7200A proc running Android at 528MHz
  • 512MB/288MB ROM/RAM
  • 3.2-inch TFT-LCD display with a 320 x 480 resolution
  • 900/2100MHz HSPA and Quad-band GSM
  • Trackball
  • Internal GPS
  • Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR and A2DP support
  • 802.11b/g WiFi
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • 5 megapixel auto-focus camera
  • microSD expansion
  • G-sensor

The HTC Hero Android phone will launch across Europe in July, followed by Asia, and the US later in 2009.

The HTC Hero phone will be available in 7 different colour styles including black, white, yellow, pink, gold, red  and turqouise, and will include the much anticipated custom HTC Android user interface ‘Rosie’.


More HTC Hero information and discussion can be found in the HTC Hero Forums

  • Ageless Stranger

    Whatever you do, do *not* let my daughter see this

  • Another ugly Android phone. Can’t HTC make one good looking one? Their WinMo range is beautiful!

  • cbowley

    ugly? its whats on the inside that counts!! screw pentium, “Android Inside”

  • Max

    Correct cbowley, I’d rather have a fantastic phone than a fantastic looking phone, that said. I love the chin, I can rest the phone on its ‘face’ and be safe that the touch screen is elevated.

    I dropped mine for the first time recently it has a tiny scratch at the top and bottom, none on the face. LOVE IT. If that was my old BB or Nokia, I’d be somewhere sulking.

    The things I want in the successor to the G1 form factor are:

    1. 3.2 MP camera with a better lens and some LED flash (doesn’t work well but its better than nothing).

    2. Sturdier Hinge (mine is very slightly sagging)

    3.Keyboard back light button, so it doesn’t go off if I stop tying for 5 seconds or turn on during the day and waste precious battery life.

    4. 3.5mm jack, self explanatory.

    5. Small D-Pad around trackball (for long scrolling and more precision)

    6. 16GB Model (not necessarily all models, but the option would be nice).

  • Anton

    1. Agreed.
    2. Mine’s ok.
    3. Agreed.
    4. I think the new ones do have one.
    5. Agreed.
    6. You can “mod” your current phone to 16GB! Just go and buy a 16GB microsd card (60$ or so on amazon) and install.

  • Jordan

    i think the htc hero sorta looks nice…more like a touch diamond. i dont really like the design of the g1 thoughh…so im still waiting for a good-looking android phone

  • The only things that I feel are impportant to this phone are its ability to use the phones functions and not worry about where your going to charge it if your not close to car or ac outlet. T-mobile should have had this 2600 mili Amp hour battery as an option when the phone was released. It Seems there were plenty of concerned people out there. I made a few external LI-ion batteries from ipod powered protection sleeves that really work well. 2 charges from one battery. 2. The camera has enuf megapixels to handle a zoom feature and flash. 3. THIS IS A GREAT PHONE PERIOD. I knew sooner or later a phone like this would emerge. Thanx t-mobile and google to offer one package that does just about everthing I need in phone. Being able to download a program and get rid of it if you don’t like it is a feture that is priceless. Enuf said

  • Same as the new AT&T Microcell but it has only the details. It will come soon. Interesting thing is its support 3G.

  • Прикольно и полезно, а будет еще что-то по этой теме?

  • yea nice Work :D

  • Matt Brazil

    Desing is also important, that’s why apple is such a great company!

  • CBowley

    1. Design is only important to 14 y/o emo fukkheaDS.
    2. Apple is not a great company, apple created a fad. It will fade once people realize cheap mp3 players from walmart can do everything a ipod does.. and for less money. Don’t get me started on apple..

    -apps cannot run in background (listen to music while you browse the web? nope)
    -any house i go to has a usb cord in case i forget my charger (you need a special apple plug for that)
    -i can remove my 16gigs and copy something onto my friends phone. Or upgrade and get more (ipod only have 8, 16, 32 – fail)
    -I can tether my netbook to my g1 (apple? nope)
    -i can download music from ANYONES computer (no itunes needed)
    -i can get tons and tons of free apps
    -android – “theres an app for that”

    suck a dick apple you overcharging, non open source, safer version of microsoft

  • It seems that the gadget device will arrive at Wednesday of this month

  • I mean Wednesday on this week

  • hate HTC about this

    htc intentionally makes ugly phones based on android to hamper the spread of the OS. MicroSuck have a hand in this shit too. htc & ms are good friends

  • Framp

    Actually the design looks pretty nice and original to me :P

  • Help@Hand

    “1. Design is only important to 14 y/o emo fukkheaDS.”
    Do you really believe that? If this were really true why would design houses be paid multi-million dollar contracts to come up with new and innovative design concepts to attract a market that consists of children with no disposable income? Design certainly matters, probably a lot more than you imagine.

    Why must every phone be compared to the iPhone? The HTC Hero looks like a cracking phone, I will certainly be taking a look at it once it is released in the UK. There are things I can do on my iPhone really, really well and easily. I’ve had hundreds of mobile phones and I find the iPhone does exactly what I want from a phone and well. That said, the Hero looks like a device that I would use.

    Invariably and comparison to an iPhone has one glaringly obvious mistake. “listen to music while you browse the web? nope” You appear to have spelled ‘yes’ incorrectly at the end of that statement.

  • htc hero is great design and flexible :)

    cool pda :)

  • Freddy

    who will be carrying this phone will it be T-mobile????

  • BThurst

    I partially agree with CBowley in that Apple have overlooked build quality and have based there whole marketing strategy on “faddish” behaviour, everyone i know who has an iPhone has had to get it repaired atleast once.

    I also think the HTC Hero is a very good looking phone, lets just hope the build quality is better than the iPhones.

    The UI sounds very good aswell, to the extent that i think this could be a so called “iPhone killer”.

    I will definately be purchasing one in the very near future.

  • BThurst

    also could anyone tell me why it doesn’t have a light for the camera. It seems like such lazyness not to add one.

  • TheBrit

    @Freddy: Orange UK will be carrying this. I’ve been messing around with Andriod on my HTC Touch Diamond (yes – it is possible) and I like the way it does things. This new phone looks awesome

  • Ricardolazarus

    I’m so not sure about this phone, i have been in love with htc magic for months and i was waiting for it to come to portugal to buy it, but now with this i’m not sure what to do, in one hand i don’t know if the new interface will work for me, having loads of screens with a screen for every app seems like i just would never manage to organize myself lazy as i am, on the other hand it has clearly superior specs and lots of atractions when compared to htc magic, so… don’t know what to look for :S

  • Shrekkie

    why is everyone comparing this to the iphone? ive got an xperia that is buggy as hell (thanks to windows mobile) im going to get rid of it and get the htc hero, whats under its good is a definate iphone killer, they’re in two seperate leagues and i heard that the iphone 3gs only costs $6 to make……..

  • Winnetou

    I have the Hero now 2 weeks in use. Before I had the Nokia E71.
    The Hero is … immature. The operating system as well as the phone itself are more like a Beta release. For example: The big button on the left to put the ring tone louder or softer is to easily activated. The result is that my phone is most of the time on Silent mode. This is extremely enervating !
    The OS Android is also inconsistent and therefore very unintuitive (at times). For example: Sometimes you go out of a setting simply by using the back button. But in case you manually input a new access point, you may not forget to scroll down the entire screen and press SAVE first or if you push the back button, you get NO warning and you can start all over again.
    I happen to lose also sometimes items (like the clock or the weather) from my home screen, because I forget to shut the screen before I enter the phone back in my pocket.
    Not all text input screens can be put in to landscape. The search input in Google for example can not. To make it even worse also the predictive text input does not function in this Google search. So entering text is really a hit and miss with plenty corrections.
    Also missing is an overview of the open (functioning programs) So you never now what is active and what not. When you go out of a program you have to use the back button. It is than never clear if this program is thereby closed or still running in the background.
    Nimbuzz can not make Calls only chat. Very big handicap !!!
    In general I can say that this Android telephone is a test for my patience. Where the E71 was very intuitive and for business this Hero is for playing only ! Browsing for example is better on the beautiful HTC screen. But even the camera is tooooo slow. Usually when I make a picture, with myself also on, I have to wait several seconds after pushing the button, or I have nothing but blur. By the way, you have to push the mouse button, because no dedicated shutter button.
    Like I said: The HTC Hero has a lot of potential but not in this version yet.

  • Winnetou

    An other really stupid thing on this Hero is that if you tap in the “to” field when you are composing a text message and you start to enter a name of a recipient, for example Mar (if you want to send to Mark) than you expect the telephone to suggest you people who’s name is in your contact list starting with Mar ? Right ? Nope!!! It will suggest you only their telephone numbers instead of their names. Is this a joke of these Android people ? Or is it for these geek programmers obvious that I will remember everybody’s number instead of their names? Things like this make me really shake my head from amazement.

  • I too have had a HTC Hero for two weeks and am seriously considering sending it back to Orange. It’s just too slow and the fact that the sleep button and the end call button are the same means you have no idea whether or not you have hung it up!

    The delays on the touch screen for text messaging is also laborious often resembling a PC with a memory problem where you type an entire sentence and then a few seconds later the entire thinks appears on screen. The force feedback options for texting whilst brilliant only make this matter worse.

    the uncertainty of what applications have closed or just minimised is also a massive problem, resulting in everyone on Android downloading TasKiller to continually check whether or not that browser just closed.

  • LaMigra Jr.

    This phone is great so I hear I’m getting it when it comes out

  • LaMigra Jr.

    So screw you guys who don’t like it!!

  • BigJay

    I have had the HTC Hero for about a month and at first i was impressed by it then i started to dislike it as it was getting slower and slower i have just installed the new ROM update of the HTC website and the phone has become alot quicker and works alot better and am happy again with the phone so if people are having problems with how slow the phone is then i would Recommend update the ROM and things should be better

  • voodoomagicMan

    lol @ people complaining,

    i have no problem with it! works fine for me…
    have it for 3 weeks now

  • Mujahid

    I like the htc hero phone factor

  • goughy

    ive now had the htc hero for serveral months and it is the best phone ever … i have had the iphone and i must say the htc is much better with the iphone u cannot really change the look of your phone yet with the htc you can change anything u want to and make it your own .. also it can do everything the iphone can do, so i wud advice anybody to buy this phone !!!!!!!

  • Gettin th HTC Hero this week and I can’t wait :D. I have fallen in love with th phone, I just wish they had other colours.

  • DeKarle1992

    Every one! Trust the Hero you wont regrett it :)
    With the new update it’s the best i ever held in my heands

  • Richard Lamoureux

    I Had mine for over 3 mounth already and i had no problem with it I love it. Many usefully android application are available for it.

  • avinash

    its really awesome phone….i love it….best phone ever made

  • geo)))

    do you need unlimited internet access touse things like the weather app and such like?

  • wow. that is alot of information.

  • Good post, thanks for the good info

  • Kathy

    Hey. Great info. Just wanted to tell you that your sidebar appears broken in IE6. Please fix it.

  • Johan Petter

    This is the best phone i ever had, and i have tried lots of them. I use it for so many things during a day that i must charge it every night, even that dosent bother me:) Love the way i can tune it into my own “personal” phone. When i walk in the door were i work it logs on to the wifi net and automatic turns into work mode, when i get home it logs on my private wifi changses into my “private” phone. Look forward for Android 2, thou i must say i dont know what they can do better:) Thanks HTC and Google!

  • lloyd

    I have had the phone for about a week – love it but the issue with not knowing what programs are running and the inconsistent keyboard UI’s is quite frustrating. Good phone but they need to make some pretty important additions. Also, no flash on the camera? WTF?

  • Thomas

    This phone kicks A$$…….plain and simple this phone is Awesome! (period)

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  • Thanks for your post about phone..I got a lot of info from this post.

  • helena

    hi,im frm greece. Not gud english. been to htc shop n found htc hd2. But next to it is htc hero. I love the price n what it can do. I guess it depends on how u use the phone to avoid such issues. I dont mind much if it doesnt have a flash,altho it should,becos i have a gud digital camera. I was informed that htc hero GPS doesnt work? I dont get that. Does htc hero have free GPS? Helena

  • Korina

    Is anyone having problems with getting picture mail? Mine won’t come through it just keeps saying downloading…WTH???

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  • ibtalie

    ok, just got this phone and I am liking it, but I am having trouble forwarding text(jokes). Can someone please tell me how I do it. I did it once but now can not remember at all. Oh and is anyone else having issues with the email feature? I never had problems with my old phone. I get this one, now there are issues and it will not work. It says I have no mail after I put all the info in and the fine gentlemen that work at my local sprint have been all but useful. Trying here for more info :)
    Thanks in advance.

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  • Cliff Woodman

    I have had this phone for over 6 months now and must say it is the worst phone I have ever had in my life. It constantly dials people when the phone is in my pocket, and yes of course I have it locked !
    The lag on the phone is terrible, everything you do is a second behind so you end up pressing buttons twice thinking it’s not working. To compare this with an iphone is like comparing me with brad pitt !
    I have an itouch and the OS and whole user interface is miles better than this sub standard OS.

  • Sophie.

    Hey Peeps, I Have Had By Hero For About 2-3 Months Now.. I’ll Tel you one thing Im so happy I Got This Instead Of The iPhone! Its So M<uch Better, My Grandad Had A Iphone And He Said It Was Rubbish. Ive Have My Hero And Its The Best Thing Ive Bought In My Life!! Im Only 13 And Im Telling You Get This Phone You Wont Regret It :D Sooooo Good :D :D x

  • i’ve had my pure for every week now and i still dont know what to do… like changing the message alert tone to whatever i need it not simply the fundamental ones on the phone… every little thing about this cellphone is complicating.. i additionally wanted to vary to that android software program as a result of windows is simply too slow and someone please help me how to do this

  • Sue

    Is there a way to add a signature to ur text messages? I can’t figure it out.

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