Razer Phone 2 is official, still wants to make gaming phones a thing


Razer is taking another stab at the gaming market with the aptly named Razer Phone 2, offering unparalleled performance, a high-refresh rate display, and a gamer-y aesthetic in a pretty slick package. This isn’t a major redesign from last year’s phone, but there are a few things worth mentioning.

Gaming powerhouse

The Razer Phone 2 offers a 30% performance increase over the previous model thanks to the Snapdragon 845 CPU and Adreno 630 GPU paired with 8GB of RAM, and Razer’s using a vapor chamber to cool the entire phone down and keep that processor zipping along. If you’re worried about gaming, yeah, this thing’s going to fly, but that also means it’s plenty powerful for every other task you can try to throw at it, too.

The 120hz 5.7-inch display also means your games will look as smooth as ever, and it’s still the only display in the interface that both refreshes 120 times a second but also does 120hz touch sampling, increasing the actual responsiveness of the phone. It’s also 50% brighter than the first generation device, and the whopping 4,000mAh battery is one of the biggest we’ve ever seen in a flagship device.

More Razer features

Even if you’re not gaming on the phone, the Razer Phone 2 is the only Netflix-certified device for both HDR video and Dolby Surround 5.1 content, and Razer’s packed in two front-facing speakers for a great audio and media experience. The device also supports LTE gigabit networks for extremely fast networking and download speeds.

One of the things Razer is most known for in their PC peripherals is the lighting, and they’ve finally figured out how to make that work in a smartphone. The back of the phone with the Razer logo will now utilize Razer’s Chroma software and light up and glow based on notifications, or you can just set up the color to match your mood or game, just like you can on a Razer mouse and keyboard.

Wireless charging is here, too, plus Quick Charge 4+, netting you 50% battery in 30 minutes with a fast charging USB-C cable and charging block. It’s IP67 water resistant as well, so no, Razer didn’t seem to cut any corners anywhere.

The phone has picked up two cameras on the rear, too, so you’ll be able to snap better pictures than ever. Razer’s using one wide angle lens for OIS and the second lens for a 2x telephoto zoom, which is fairly standard, and the Sony IMX sensors should be able to handle fast-moving and low-light shots without muddying up.

Pricing and availability

This phone’s not coming in cheap, unfortunately. Razer’s asking $799 for the 64GB phone when it ships. Pre-orders are already available via Razer’s site. They’ve also announced a limited edition Satin Black version of the phone that will ship later this year, plus an updated USB-C version of their Hammerhead headphones that also includes active noise cancelation, a pretty rare sight for earbuds. They’ll also be available later this year.

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    Razer would be lucky if it recovered the development cost of this niche device.