New Snapchat update for Android teases better performance and new features

Snapchat’s Android app is pretty universally hated for poor performance and the occasional lack of features next to its iOS counterpart, and it’s been that way since it first launched. Snapchat has teased nebulous “improvements” for a while now, but so far we haven’t actually see anything worth mentioning, besides UI updates that also go over like lead balloons.

The good news for Snapchat fans is that an alpha version has been discovered in Snapchat’s code, and it’s even been enabled for anyone with a rooted phone to test out ahead of an official release.

The discovery, found by Jane Manchun Wong on Twitter, reportedly is much, much faster and cleaner than the current Snapchat iteration, and there are a few new features like an emoji paintbrush. There are some UI changes, too, like the Stories tab looking a little more Instagram-y, and a slimmed down Settings menu with fewer options and less clutter.

Ultimately, most of us will probably see this update in a few months when it’s polished enough for Snapchat to push it out to the masses. But if you’re impatient, you can follow the links below (with a rooted phone) to get it going on your current device. Just be aware that there might be bugs, and things will definitely change between now and the official release. It’s still in an alpha state, so that’s pretty far away from being ready for daily usage.

source: Jane Manchun Wong (Twitter)
via: XDA Developers

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  • Anders Christensen

    I don’t think this is needed to help Snapchat be faster. It’s good enough already