WhatsApp chat backups won’t count towards your Google Drive storage anymore

WhatsApp offers a nifty little feature that allows users to back up their chats and image storage to Google Drive, which is very useful when changing devices. Whether you’re upgrading or you’ve accidentally lost your phone, it’s nice to have a backup so you don’t lose everything with an old device.

What makes this feature even better now is that Google has agreed to not count WhatsApp backups against a user’s storage limit, so that’s one less reason to not back stuff up with Google.

There are some fine print details you should be aware of, however. This policy doesn’t kick in until November 12 of this year, and any backups that haven’t been updated in over a year are getting the boot. That means if you want to make sure your stuff doesn’t get nuked from Google Drive, go ahead and back it up sooner rather than later. WhatsApp recommends backing everything up on October 30th.

For people that only use WhatsApp for communication, this probably isn’t a huge deal, since text files are very small. But if you frequently send a ton of pictures, whether it’s for work or you just like to share memes, this is going to help alleviate some storage problems with Google’s cloud space.

via: Android Authority

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