Recent survey into charging habits reveals that the UK is a nation of ‘Boosters’

How often do you charge your handset? Do you carry a charger around with you or do you unplug the phone in the morning and use features such as airplane mode to make sure it lasts the day? Are you someone who is always asking to borrow your friend’s charger or power bank because you forgot to plug the phone in the night before? An independent survey (commissioned by Huawei) from across the pond recently revealed that the Brits have some quirky charging habits, with some going as far as being willing to do ‘almost anything’ for a top-up.

The survey’s findings come from a cross-section of 2,000 people, and reports that the Brits mostly fall into three main categories consisting of Boosters, Survivors, and Borrowers. Boosters make up the highest percentage (41%), taking the opportunity to top up their phones when possible while Survivors (39%) will go as far as putting their phone in power-saving or even airplane mode to get through the day. 1 in 5 Brits are Borrowers who ask to use your charger or power bank because they forgot to charge their phone the night before. We all know people like this.

We’ve included some interesting stats on the three types below:


  • Boosters are fearful of dropping below 50% battery, with 42% even plugging in when their battery is over half full

  • If in danger of running out of battery while out, Boosters are more likely to buy a mobile charging pack (27%) than hug a stranger (11%) or buy someone a coffee (13%) to get some much-needed charge

  • Boosters are most likely to charge more than once a day, with 1 in 5 battery fiends charging up four times or more


  • Survivors are most likely to charge their phone just once a day (54%), and nearly a third (32%) wait to charge their phone until the battery drops below 25%

  • When it comes to being caught short of battery, their survival instinct kicks in, and 72% of them say they’d be ok without charge for a bit, rather than hugging a stranger (4%) or buying someone a coffee (4%) to get some juice

  • If caught with just 5% battery left on their smartphone, sensible Survivors would be most likely to put their smartphone in battery saving mode (55%), and 43% would turn off Wi-Fi and shut down power-hungry apps, over Whatsapping a friend (10%) or taking a selfie (1%)


  • Borrowers are most likely to charge at least three times a day (42%), whenever they can steal a charger from an unsuspecting colleague!

  • Staying true to their nature, 21% of Borrowers would ask to borrow someone’s phone if they were caught without charge – while 14% would pay £20 for a boost and a reckless 13% would do ‘almost anything’ for a top up

  • When faced with just 5% battery, carefree Borrowers are more likely than any other group to send a WhatsApp (23%), scroll through social media (16%), check the weather (14%) or post a selfie (9%) – because they’ll soon find someone to lend them a charger

As you might expect with a survey into charging habits commissioned by a smartphone brand, Huawei suggests that the best way to avoid being classified as a Booster, Survivor, or the dreaded Borrower is simply to buy yourself a Huawei P20 Pro. A smartphone that sports a 4,000mAh battery along with the company’s speedy SuperCharge technology that can charge the battery from to 58% in just 30-minutes.

Now that you know the three main traits when it comes to charging habits, let us know in the comments below which category you fall under.

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