One last Galaxy Note 9 leak shows everything you’d want to know

We only have to wait one more day for Samsung to officially show the world its Galaxy Note 9, but why wait when a leak can detail everything we’re curious about? One last big rumor has all of the specs, hardware, and features for Samsung’s latest, so you can go into their briefing tomorrow knowing exactly what to expect.

The Galaxy Note 9 will be sporting a slightly larger 6.4-inch display with slightly less curved edges, and it’ll come in with a 2960×1440 resolution. Oh, and it’s AMOLED, of course. The international model will be using an in-house Exynos 9810 CPU, while US variants will get Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 chip. Users can opt for a 128GB version with 6GB of RAM, or a significantly improved 512GB version with 8GB of RAM. Yeah, some of these phones will likely match your laptop in terms of storage. It’s crazy.

The battery is a bit bigger at 4,000mAh, so you should expect some good improvements in battery life this year, and Samsung is sticking with a dual camera system reminiscent of the Galaxy S9+. One sensor offers some optical zoom, while the other offers variable aperture settings that adjust on the fly for great shots. I’d expect some pretty high DxOMark scores once again.

The S-Pen will definitely be Bluetooth-enabled, which means you can use it for a camera shutter, a wireless presentation clicker, and supposedly even interact in some apps with it without ever actually making contact with the screen. DeX will also be dockless now, so you’ll simply have to plug your phone into a screen to use the big productivity features.

Pre-order bonuses include some v-bucks for Fortnite, or a big accessory kit with some AKG headphones, a case, and a car mount. No word on if any of that stuff is region restricted, but hey, we’ll know for sure tomorrow.

source: WinFuture

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