Red Hydrogen One gets a new release date, plus an early release model that you can’t complain about

The Red Hydrogen One finally has an update, so those of you holding out for the next-generation 3D-capable smartphone won’t have to wait much longer. There are a couple models that you’ll be able to buy, so potential customers have some options to sort through before deciding what they actually want.

If you want to buy a Hydrogen One through a US carrier, you’ll have to wait until November 2nd this year. And that’s only for the standard aluminum model, too; the special titanium variant will only be available on carriers sometime next year. Early orders for the titanium will still be getting theirs first, starting October 9th.

Those are some small delays from the original August 2018 date that Red was trying to hit, which isn’t perfect, but hey, at least the devices will be showing up instead of turning into vaporware.

But that’s not all! Red will also be offering a very early Houdini version of the Hydrogen One, and it comes with a huge catch. It will be shipping out between August 31st and and September 11th to willing early buyers, and will come preloaded with early access software that’s not ready for the full scale release. Red makes a point to mention that these early devices are not for reviewers or for anyone wanting to post anything publicly about the devices, and anyone wanting a phone for review purposes should wait for the actual launch.

And if you don’t follow those rules? Red says you’ll lose your potential rewards and upgrades and your device may “become inoperable.” What exactly does that mean? It sounds like Red will brick your phone for talking about any problems you have with the device, according to the terms and conditions they’ve released. They don’t want users uploading any “bad images” taken with the phone, either, which would also run afoul of the terms of use of the Houdini version.

So don’t say anything bad about the phone until it’s officially available, if you decide to go with the early adopter version.

via: Android Authority

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