Podcasts come to Plex along with new interface tweaks

Tired of waiting on Google start taking podcasts seriously? If you already have a Plex server up and going, why not just roll your podcasts in with your music and movies?

Plex has started to roll out a new podcasts section in the Plex app, starting with their mobile apps. Best of all, you don’t actually need to have a Plex server going to listen to podcasts with Plex, so if you just want to test drive the app you can do that with minimal upfront effort.

You’ll still get the Plex touch with your podcasts, including a new section in Plex’s On Deck section to help you find new media, rich metadata, and synced playback support across devices. That even works if you manually add podcasts, just in case you can’t find your favorite podcast in Plex’s catalog.

To go along with the addition of podcasts, Plex is adding some interface customization options to better suit how you actually use Plex. If you want your music and podcasts front on your center on your phone, you can have your home screen show those by default and push movies and TV shows to the back. On the other hand, if you want those movies primarily shown on your tablet, you can do that, too, and Plex will remember each option on a per device basis to perfectly fit how you use the app.

Keep an eye out for these updates rolling out over the next few days.

source: Plex

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