Samsung might eventually combine the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note families

A new rumor suggests Samsung might eventually be merging their Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines, creating just a single line of flagship phones instead of two offsetting lineups every year. With the Galaxy Note 8 sticking pretty close to the Galaxy S8+ it was a tough sell for anyone looking to upgrade, considering the Galaxy S8+ was still incredibly competitive with similar specs despite releasing six months earlier.

To add fuel to that fire, we’ve heard Samsung is considering releasing three Galaxy S10 models, and an S-Pen compatible version might be just the way to fully differentiate all three variants. 

It might seem like a lazy approach, but with the growing threat of budget-friendly phones taking a chunk out of the premium segment of the smartphone market it’s a smart idea for Samsung to try and streamline their offerings. Lower development costs, combined marketing costs, and less confusion for customers are all positives, although that would leave Samsung without a direct answer to Apple’s iPhones every year.

Like always, this is still fully in the rumor phase. We can still expect the Galaxy Note 9 next month, and until we get something definitive about the Galaxy S10 I think it’s a safer bet to expect the typical Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10+ configuration.

But hey, it’s something to watch out for early next year.

Would you go for a Galaxy S10 with S-Pen support? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Let’s talk about it.

source: The Bell
via: GSM Arena

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