[TA Deals] Learn a new language with a discounted Mondly lifetime subscription!

Learning a new language is tough, but every once in awhile a new app or service comes along to make it significantly easier. Mondly is one of those services, and right now you can pick up a subscription and start learning new languages without breaking the bank.

The app offers positive reinforcement when you speak fluently and correctly, and it uses advanced speech recognition and professional voice actors to offer a quick, accurate way to pick up languages without feeling stressed out.

  • Choose 5 of 33 languages to learn in your own native tongue
  • Memorize core words, form sentences & take part in conversations
  • Enhance your education w/ a dictionary, verb conjugator & speech recognition technology
  • Learn pronunciation from conversations between native speakers
  • Break the learning process down into short lessons

Mondly offers 33 different languages, and you can get a lifetime pass to learn up to 5 of them at a heavy discount. One language will cost $39, three languages will run $59, and five languages will cost $69, offering better discounts the more you buy.

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