Steam Link and Steam Video are making their way to Android TV and smartphones this month

If you’re a big PC gamer, you’ve probably heard of or used Valve’s Steam Link for streaming your games to a television. It’s a useful little gadget that saves you the hassle of running long HDMI cables all over your house, especially if you have a decent router. I’ve invested in two of them already, actually.

But now Valve wants to take in-home streaming up a notch, and they want to do it without you having to buy any extra hardware. Later this month you’ll be able to download the Steam Link app on your smartphone and Android TV boxes and stream your games over WiFi to those devices, effectively making the connected devices in your house portable gaming powerhouses.

NVIDIA offers a similar service via Gamestream, although that only works if you have a matching NVIDIA GPU in your PC. With Steam Link, that opens up streaming to all kinds of new hardware.

On top of the Steam Link application, Valve is also rolling out a Steam Video app so you can watch and stream your movie collection, if you’re one of the users that’s made movie purchases through steam. I can’t imagine too many people have built up massive media collections inside of their favorite gaming client, but maybe that’ll change now that it’s easier to watch the content.

Both of these apps will launch the week of May 21st, so you don’t have too long to wait.

source: Steam

About the Author: Jared Peters

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