Google I/O 2018 gets updated ahead of this year’s event

As always, Google has updated its Google I/O application ahead of the 2018 event to include the latest information about everything you can get into during the annual conference. The update includes some nice interface tweaks to the latest Material Design standards, and it’s been slimmed down a bit from last year.

You’ve got three tabs at the bottom of the app for Info, Schedule, and Map, all of which are pretty self-explanatory. In each tab you’ll be able to swipe around to different pieces of information.

The Info tab has sections on the event itself, including WiFi passwords, descriptions of what’s going on, meal plans, travel and carpooling information, and a few settings for things like the time zone. The schedule tab has an events list for all three days of I/O 2018, plus times for things like meals and shopping, and the Map tab will give you a handheld map of where to find everything during the event.

If you’re going, get the app installed ahead of time!

Get it now: Play Store