Samsung will discontinue its built-in Movie Maker after Android P update

Did you ever use Samsung’s built-in Movie Maker application on your Galaxy devices? If not, don’t feel bad; it was pretty well hidden, and obviously fairly underutilized as Samsung will be dropping the feature after the next major Android update. 

If you did use it, though, pay attention. After your Samsung device is updated to Android P, the app will be deleted and all of your Movie Maker projects will disappear, so you’ll want to make sure everything is exported and backed up, preferably off your device for safekeeping.

Interestingly, Samsung’s notes that warns users about the discontinuation of Movie Maker states that the app will go away after Android P or Android 9.0, potentially confirming that the next update will be a major jump in version numbers, not simply Android 8.2. That could just be placeholder text, but it’s really probably just a confirmation of what we’re already expecting based on how much we’re hearing about Android P as far as features go.

So for those of you regularly using your phone to edit your masterpieces, you’ll probably want to scan the Play Store for a replacement.

source: APK Mirror
via: Android Police

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