Snapchat doubles down on their new design, regardless of how much you hate it

Unless you’ve been avoiding social media for the past week, you’ve probably heard just how much everyone hates the new Snapchat update. It’s been universally decried for being confusing, less organized, and more difficult to use than the older, perfectly functional layout.

The update is so bad it sparked a petition that garnered over one million signatures to reconsider the new design.

Snapchat’s response? They don’t care.

Yep, Snapchat has clarified that they’ve heard how much everyone dislikes the new layout and changes, but they’re not going back. It’s a new platform for Snapchat’s ephemeral messaging service, and they’re only going to build on it, not replace it. So if you don’t like it, tough luck. Ditch Snapchat or get used to it.

Snapchat’s CEO tried to back up some of the changes, like wanting to fully separate your friends’ content from celebrity and publisher content. These changes weren’t totally random, and they do have some rational explanations, even if they are a bit uncomfortable.

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via: MSN