Snapchat redesigns its app from the ground up to be more user-friendly

It’s no secret that Snapchat has been under increasing pressure from Instagram and Facebook and that its app was not the easiest to navigate, especially since becoming a publicly traded company. One way to garner some press coverage and get users excited about the social media service is by redesigning the app’s user-interface, which is exactly what the latest version of the Snapchat app offers. After this latest update, the app now separates content created by friends from the content from professional content creators. 

As Snapchat says, the redesign separates the ‘social from the media’, which means that users will no longer have to scroll through tons of content from publishers just to find their friends post showing off their new hat. To view friends Chat and Stories, users simply have to swipe left-to-right to access the new ‘dynamic’ Friends page which arranges content according to Snapchat’s new ‘Best Friends’ algorithm. Taking video is still front and center while checking out content from professional creators on the new Discover page is a right-to-left swipe with Stories organized according to a personalized algorithm.

The redesigned app was announced a couple of weeks ago, with Snapchat promising to rebuild the app from the ground up. This comes after the company was reported to have thousands of unsold Spectacles sat in warehouses after its launch strategy failed to deliver.

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Source: Snapchat

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