YouTube’s new monetization policies are cracking down on smaller channels

YouTube is a strange beast, even in the modern age of entertainment and media consumption. There’s a ton of money and success to be made on Google’s video network, but due to its monetization structure that’s totally different from your traditional cable network or Netflix, it’s had plenty of bumps in the road. Google’s trying to start 2018 by knocking out one of those bumps, but it’s making many creators mad in the process.

Previously, in order to monetize your videos and join YouTube’s Partner Program, you needed 10,000 lifetime views. That wasn’t a particularly difficult milestone to hit, but Google felt it allowed enough time to properly evaluate a channel. Well, Google’s mind has changed, and they’re raising those requirements.

Now in order to be eligible for the YPP, you’ll need at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watchtime within the past 12 months. That’s considerably stricter than the previous goal, although that’s intentional coming from Google.

The point behind these new rules is to weed out low effort and spam creators and to make things a little more even for YouTube creators. It’ll block out potentially inappropriate videos from becoming monetized, which spooks advertisers and in turn hurts monetization for the legitimate creators.

Are these changes really going to help things? It’s hard to say. However, it’s pretty apparent that tons of smaller channels are displeased. Twitter has been full of complaints and retweets about the policy, so Google’s definitely going to be facing some backlash before it’s all said and done. Current creators have a 30 day grace period to try and meet those requirements to stay in the YPP, but if they miss it they’ll have to wait until they can clear the goal before they can start earning money again.

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source: YouTube

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