Huawei planning jump to P20 for next flagship as part of 2018 product road map

This week Huawei representatives were in Israel providing updates for some of their partners on what to expect for 2018. The product road map that was shared shows Huawei making a number jump with their flagship device for 2018, opting for the Huawei P20 instead of P11 as the successor to the P10 series of smartphones. The roadmap also indicates Huawei is planning to front load their product channel in 2018, so there will be lots of news on Huawei coming out over the next few months.

The big news from these briefs for fans of Huawei devices appears to be the shift to the Huawei P20 name for 2018. This is not entirely a surprise since Huawei was spotted registering the P20 trademark earlier this year. Based on the roadmap, Huawei appears to be planning to release a P20, P20 Plus and P20 Lite. Those are all scheduled to be available during the second quarter of 2018. However, sources think Huawei will announce the new flagship lineup at MWC 2018. Huawei did not reveal any details about the P20 devices. Earlier information from Huawei for a “P11” device – now believed to be the P20 – indicating a standard size full HD display, which would be underwhelming in today’s market. Huawei has been known to engage in some diversion though, so we will keep an eye on this.

Huawei’s other major device is the Mate series of smartphones. This year they are in the process of releasing the Huawei Mate 10 and a couple variants of that show up in Q1 of 2018. The next iteration is shown with a fourth quarter release in 2018. For purposes of the roadmap, Huawei has not provided a model number opting instead for the generic “Mate Pro” and “Mate Lite“.

The roadmap also shows a couple devices that only garner codenames for now to be released during the first quarter. Those devices include the Maya and Salina. Sources believe these will be mid-tier or even budget devices. Primarily in the first quarter Huawei also has plans to release some smartphone market related devices including new wireless routers, a new smartwatch/activity tracker called the Huawei A2 Band, a new scale and a new 360 camera.

Running throughout the year, Huawei’s Honor division is also planning to release a continuous string of new devices each quarter of 2018.

source: Gadgety, Roland Quandt (Twitter)

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