Bestek is running a holiday giveaway with fast chargers and gift cards

The holidays are great times for giveaways (and we’ve run a few ourselves here at Talk Android) and Bestek wants to join in on the fun. They’re offering up a few prizes in celebration of Christmas and New Years, including a fast charger and some pretty big gift cards.

They’re giving away 100 fast chargers with three USB ports plus a USB-C port and worldwide compatibility, and one $500 gift card and one $1000 gift card. That’s a pretty generous giveaway, even if you only come away with a fast charger. You can never have too many of those.

All you have to do to enter is follow the link below and enter through Rafflecopter or Bestek’s site. You’ll need to register through Bestek’s site directly to be eligible for the gift cards, although both giveaways will enter you for a chance to win the fast charger.

source: Bestek