Check out the 920 locations where T-Mobile supports LTE-A

Merger or no merger, T-Mobile is still heavily investing in their own network, and it’s paying off. They’ve recently crossed a milestone of over 920 locations around the US that support LTE-Advanced, and 430 of them support the trifecta of carrier aggregation, 4X4 MIMO, and 256 QAM.

920 is pretty obviously too much to list in a single blog post, and I’m not going to try to blow up your smartphone or web browser with that. However, if you’re really interested in everywhere that’s in the supported areas, T-Mobile’s CTO has released a massive list of all locations in a PDF on Twitter that you can download and check out for yourself.

Let us know if you’re somewhere that’s made the cut!

source: Neville Ray (Twitter)

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