Zolo’s Google Assistant Bluetooth speaker is now up for pre-order

Anker is using their sub-brand Zolo to sell their new Google Assistant speaker, and it looks like one of the more promising entries into the quickly growing smart speaker space.

Anker is known for quality products, but they’re stepping up this offer by including three months of Spotify and Pandora premium with a purchase of the Mojo Bluetooth speaker.

You can use the Mojo as a powerful Bluetooth speaker, if that’s what you want, but it’ll also essentially work like a portable Google Mini, a la the TicHome Mini and other similar speakers. It still supports being paired up with multiple speakers to play music and answer questions all throughout your house, but it works on its own, too.

The pre-order price for the Mojo is just $49.98, including that free music promotion to get you started.

source: Zolo

  • Ben Kingery

    What is the advantage of this over something like Google Home?