Potential Google Pixel XL 2 benchmark confirms Snapdragon 835, ultra tall screen

Before a device really makes its rounds through the rumor mill, we’ll typically see some benchmarks or very early reports bearing the new name or model number. In this case, we’re getting a glimpse at the Google Pixel XL 2, which we aren’t expecting very soon.

With that being said, the benchmark seems mostly plausible, even by rumor standards. The device has a 5.6-inch display, 4GB of RAM, and a Snapdragon 835, all of which could very realistically define Google’s next flagship. That 5.6-inch display has an aspect ratio of 2560×1312, however, which is a pretty weird resolution for a phone, unless you’re going for a taller aspect ratio to increase the screen size while keeping the phone thin, just like Samsung pulled off with the Galaxy S8. It worked well for Samsung, so I could see that becoming the norm for flagship smartphones.

Other details from the benchmark are a little less convincing. The device reportedly has 100GB of storage and is running Android 7.1.1, none of which scream fake but do seem off. The storage listing could be an unimportant typo, but I would think if Google was prepping their next phone to launch with Android O, it should be running some kind of developer or internal build of Android O, not a current build of Android Nougat.

Weirdness aside, this very well might be our first actual look into what to expect from Google at the end of 2017.

source: GFX Bench
via: Phone Arena

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