Samsung is taking audio seriously with AKG by HARMAN partnership

It’s easy for Samsung to brag about the high quality of their displays for smartphones and tablets, and how great they are for consuming media because of their bright, crisp colors, but the screen isn’t all there is to watching a movie or TV show. Sound quality is often an overlooked feature in smart devices as they get thinner and thinner, but it’s just as important for creating an immersive media experience. Samsung is working on fixing that.

Now, it’s not fair to say that Samsung has never cared about audio with their devices. They’ve never released flagship devices with terrible audio, but they’ve never punched out anything close to HTC’s Boomsound speakers, either. Starting with the Galaxy Tab S3, Samsung will be offering a tablet with quad stereo speakers tuned by AKG that should eliminate distortion and provide an immersive experience for watching movies and other media.

In addition to just sounding better than your average speaker, the software in the Tab S3 will automatically adjust the speakers depending on whether the device is in portrait or landscape mode.

This partnership starts with the Tab S3, but both companies are excited to start bringing the technology to Samsung smartphones, too. If that’s not an implicit admission that those leaked Galaxy S8 specs are accurate, I don’t know what is.

Audio usually isn’t a selling point for most devices, but when your devices are nearly top of the line in every other category, you have to make improvements somewhere.

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About the Author: Jared Peters

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    No they’re not, if they was it would have had dual speakers.