Alexa can now work inside of your Plex library

Plex has a pretty big announcement that will bring your media library into the world of connected gadgets; you’ll now be able to control your Plex setup with Alexa through any of Amazon’s compatible products. Considering how flexible and powerful Plex is, this is a game changer for home media enthusiasts.

This integration goes much deeper than just using voice commands to play specific songs or movies, though. The Plex Skill for Alexa brings conversational options to your media library, so you can ask Alexa to play party music, find you something to watch, or just ask for suggestions to keep you entertained. It’s as robust as anything else Amazon has offered, and since it’s backed by Plex’s incredibly powerful media setup, this is just begging to be the centerpieceĀ of your media experience.

On top of the Alexa integration, the Plex team has also announced some new features in the form of web hooks that will tie into home automation. You can configure smart lights to dim when you begin watching a movie, for instance, or schedule tweets when you finish watching an episode of your favorite show. These are just some basic examples of what Plex can offer, but like any other automated connected home device, there are a million and one possibilities here.

So in case you needed a reason to binge out on some shows and movies this weekend, these new Plex features should definitely be worth testing out.

source: Plex

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