Samsung’s S Health app will soon allow you to check-in with your Doctor via video


Keeping track of your health is easier than ever now with most smartwatches and smartphones counting the number of steps you make each day as well as keeping tabs on your heart rate. There’s a veritable host of fitness and health apps to choose from, with Samsung’s S Health app being one of the most installed examples thanks it being pre-installed on the huge number of handsets that the Korean electronics giant ships. S Health is an app that Samsung strives to improve each year, and this year we can expect the app to receive a major update. 

According to SamMobile, we can expect to see services such as WebMD and Amwell integrated into the S Health app, allowing users to research their ailments, check symptoms, and even book online appointments with their doctors. Getting an online appointment means that you’ll chat to the doctor via video day or night, and you’ll even get a list of nearby pharmacies. Once you’ve finished with the appointment, you’ll be able to rate the doctor’s performance.

The update also allows you to store your appointment details, including your symptoms, any photographs that pertain to the ailment, as well as the resulting prescriptions. As you might have guessed, the service isn’t free, and charges can be paid via the app using your bank card. Finally, if the doctor advises you to phone for an ambulance, you’ll be able to dial 911 from within the S Health app. It’s thought that this latest update will launch around the same time as the upcoming Galaxy S8, which could be on March 29th.

Source: SamMobile

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