Now you can buy LeEco’s phones, televisions at multiple U.S. retailers


Now that it’s in the United States with a family of connected devices, LeEco is expanding distribution to increase brand awareness and, ultimately, sales.

On December 1, LeEco’s phones and televisions go live in stores and online at multiple U.S. retailers.

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The retailers joining in offering LeEco phones and televisions nationwide include Amazon, Target, and Best Buy. Only Best Buy, however, will be putting the products in retail stores for in-person shopping. Both Amazon and Target are keeping the Le S3, Le Pro 3, and televisions exclusively online at this time. You can, of course, still buy anything LeEco offers from its own store, LeMall, to get steep discounts during flash sales.

Danny Bowman, LeEco North America’s Chief Revenue Officer, said this about the expanded distribution:

“We’ve had tremendous success with our direct-to-consumer ecommerce site,, but we’re thrilled to be working with the top retailers to make our products more accessible.”

Getting into retail and online stores should prove to be a big help for LeEco as it puts products consumers would likely never come across right in front of them during their regular shopping activities. This couldn’t have happened at a better time since its the holidays and people in the U.S. are shopping on a daily basis.

If you do choose to buy a LeEco product during the holidays, you’ll get free access to AT&T’s DirecTV Now. All purchases made before January 5 will get you 3-12 months access to the live television streaming service. Then you can take the channels airing your favorite shows everywhere you go, whether that’s on a television like usual, on a media player like a Chromecast, or on a mobile device.

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