HTC’s Android 5.0 update roadmap leaks


HTC has already confirmed that they’re planning on getting the Android 5.0 update out to the HTC One M7 and M8 within 90 days of receiving the code from Google. However, they haven’t clarified anything about other devices, but fortunately a leaked roadmap has shed some light on what devices will receive the update, and when that will happen.

The M7 and M8 are still slated for what will probably be a January/February release. The Google Play Editions of those devices are probably going to see an update much earlier, though, with a release date pegged for late November or early December. 

Other devices, including the dual-SIM versions of the M7 and M8, plus the Desire Eye, Butterfly 2, and the HTC One E8 are all looking at launch windows of January to March. The HTC One Mini 2 and Desire 816 are slated for a March/April update, and the One Max, original One Mini, and the Butterfly S are all looking at a March to May timeframe.

HTC is pretty committed to getting their devices updated, but there are tons of variables that go into these updates, so there’s no 100% guarantee that any of these devices will actually get the update. Still, HTC has done a much better job than most OEMs, so keep an ear out for any more details as we get closer to next year.

source: G for Games

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