More details on HTC Volantis surface, Boomsound speakers 64 GB of storage on board

HTC volantis

More details have surfaced about HTC’s rumored upcoming Nexus tablet. The rumors confirm a few things we’ve already heard, but don’t match up with others. According to @evleaks, we should expect the Volantis to launch with an all-aluminum body and Boomsound speakers, both of which are HTC’s biggest marketing features right now. The screen resolution is also pegged at 2560 x 1600, which is a much more common aspect ratio than what we previously heard.

Under the hood, HTC is planning on launching this device with NVIDIA’s K1 CPU, although they’re testing and prototyping the device with a Snapdragon 810. The camera is expected to be 8 megapixels, but in testing it’s only 5. The leak also says that HTC is working with a crazy 5 GB of RAM right now, but that’s non-final, so I seriously doubt we’ll see that much excess RAM stuffed into a tablet. On the storage side of things, it looks like they’re shooting for 64 GB of internal storage, which is a great option.

Still no exact word on pricing or a release date, but there’s a strong possibility we’ll see this device launched alongside Android L later this year.

source: evleaks

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