Google adding native “help page” interface on its Android apps


If you’ve ever needed to go to the “help” section in an Android app by Google, your usual course of action would be to head to the hamburger menu on the left side of the screen, and click on the “Help” tab. Once you tap on it, you are directed to a web page.

It’s a bit old-fashioned to be directed to a web page from an app, and it’s especially old-fashioned if Google is the company that developed the app. In an effort to update things, Google will soon direct users to a native help page within both the Google Wallet and YouTube applications.

How do we know this? There are some relevant strings found in the APK files of the apps:

<string name=”gh_help_suggestions_title”>Suggestions</string>
<string name=”gh_help_browse_all_articles_title”>Browse all articles</string>
<string name=”gh_help_recent_articles_title”>Recent Articles</string>
<string name=”gh_help_search_title”>Search results</string>
<string name=”gh_help_topics_all”>Help Topics</string>
<string name=”gh_menu_phone”>Call support</string>
<string name=”gh_menu_click_to_call”>Request a call</string>
<string name=”gh_menu_email”>Email support</string>
<string name=”gh_menu_help”>Help</string>
<string name=”gh_menu_feedback”>Feedback</string>

<string name=”gh_menu_play_store”>View in Google Play Store</string>
<string name=”gh_menu_print”>Print…</string>
<string name=”gh_menu_clear_history”>Clear help history</string>
<string name=”gh_search_on_web”>Search the web</string>

<string name=”gh_cuf_rating_selection_prefix”>Your rating: </string>
<string name=”gh_cuf_required_field_description”>* Required field</string>
<string name=”gh_cuf_add_additional”>Add Additional</string>
<string name=”gh_cuf_confirmation_message”>Your message was received. Thanks for contacting Google!</string>

We don’t know when the functionality will be added, but you can expect it to come soon, and also expect similar functionality to come to all Google apps. It’s not a major change but it’s nice nonetheless.

Source: Android Police

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