Chrome apps may soon work without the entire Chrome process running


A new report by The Next Web hints at Google working towards minimizing the API needs of Chrome web apps. This means that the web apps can be used without requiring the the whole Chrome process to run.

The Next Web discovered an experimental project called app_shell which indicates that Google is working on a minimal environment where Chrome apps can run by using only the Chrome elements that are required by the app to work. The “[App Shell] Add README” includes the following description about the project:

app_shell is an experimental project to build a minimal environment like content_shell. The goal is to be able to run a v2 app and supply most of the chrome.* extension APIs without running the rest of Chrome.

app_shell is only officially supported on Chrome OS.

#How to run
app_shell –app=/path/to/extension

This means that Google is not happy with how the web apps depend on Chrome and we might soon see lightweight Chrome packaged apps that won’t require the whole Chrome process to work in the background.

Source: The Next Web