$20 Android Tablet Introduced in India

Yes, you read that correctly. The device dubbed, Ubislate 7ci, rocks a 7″ screen, runs on Ice Cream Sandwich, and one version is WiFi only while another is a data version. It’s manufactured by the Canadian company Datawind which dabbled in low-cost devices in the past but never really caught on in the U.S. due to its slow data speeds. The company saves costs by making its own LCD panels in Montreal and having the circuit boards manufactured in China.

Apparently they can sell it so cheap due to those efficiencies along with cutting a deal with the Indian government in mass quantities. The deal includes Datawind selling hundreds of millions of units to the Indian government for about $40 a piece. The Indian goverment then turns around and sells them to schools for $20 each. The government and schools are pumped about this new kind of learning since it’ll streamline lessons and create a learning consistency for all students, while providing a technology that wouldn’t normally be available.

source:  Business Insider

  • Dr ankur gupta, India.

    Its cheap on every aspect cost, resolution, non efficient touch screen, build and battery life.truth revealed by an Indian.trust me.

    • its not the tablet for ‘the upper crest’ its for the people who are going to use computer for the first time, and for them things you mentioned won’t matter.

  • Hello!? Specs?

  • Jad

    Do You delevir To lebanon ?

  • Adil

    what can one expect in 20 $ tablet ? its ridiculous to even think about it.