MightyText Lets You Send Text Messages From Any Web Browser, is Mighty Useful

MightyText is an incredibly useful app for those of us who spend a lot of time in front of a computer all day.  The app allows you to receive and send sms messages from within your web browser using that nice big keyboard sitting right in front of you instead of pecking away at the phone.  This is not only faster, but allows you to stay somewhat focused on whatever it is you’re supposed to be doing when you’re not texting.  

Now, this may seem eerily similar to Google Voice, the difference here is that (1) you don’t need Google Voice, and (2) you can use any phone number.  The system works by running the MightyText app on your phone. This app acts as a go-between, sending your incoming messages from the phone to the web app and down to your browser, and vice-versa.  It’s simple to set up, and worked flawlessly when we tried it.  If this sounds like something you’d like, grab it from the Play Store below.


Play Store Download Link

 source: MightyText

About the Author: Brian Kramer

Brian Kramer is a photographer in St. Louis. He has been interested in mobile devices and technology since the WinMo 2003 era and has been using android since the HTC Dream came on the scene. Rumors are he even owned an iPhone for a while, but these rumors cannot be confirmed.

  • Greg

    Would this not kill your battery? Or data usage? Or both?

    • I use it from time to time and battery life doesn’t seem to be an issue with it.

    • BK553

      If you’re using a computer, you can plug it in. For me, this is most useful when in meetings, as I can reply to people in every way but actually talking.

      • Greg

        Thanks for the reply both BK553 and Jack Holt. Any word on data usage though? Seems like that would definitely take a hit more than battery life.

        • BK553

          Yeah, that’s something to consider. SMS and mms aren’t charged as data by your carrier when your phone received them, but uploading the data to the MightyText server would. SMS messages are very small though. MMS w/ pictures or video would use a bit more.

        • swtrainer

          you most likely would use this from your pc not from your phone, so data plan i wouldnt think Would be affected unless you were tethered.


    so, what came first…Mighty Text or Zipwhip? I use Zipwhip and love it…syncs across phone,tablet and pc.

  • Ben

    You should also consider Browser Texting. I initially used Mighty Text but switched over to Browser Texting as it seemed more polished at the time (although this was over 6 months ago)

  • i have installed and am looking forward to using this…. my question: do my phone and pc have to be locally connected? i.e. if my phone is at home can i text from the computer at my workplace?