Asus Campus Life Shows off Android x86 ICS Running on Eee PC

Ever heard of the Android x86? It’s a team project devoted to porting Android to x86 computer architecture, which pretty much covers most PCs, like for instance Asus Eee PCs. I loaded Android x86 on my former Eee PC back when the project featured early builds of Honeycomb. Now, the project has moved on to Ice Cream Sandwich and the result looks sweet.

Realize this isn’t an official release by any means and Asus doesn’t endorse doing this, but even they think it’s pretty cool to try given you take backup precautions. Give the video a look see and if you’d like, download Android x86 from here. By the way, you can install Android x86 to a flash drive. I’ve got an Android installation on my key ring, do you?

source: Asus Campus Life

  • Mizdoc

    All I saw in the video was him playing music.  We can already do that thru android.
    I’d need a lot more info before I’d try installing it.