Install Android 3.2 Honeycomb on Laptops, Netbooks and PC’s

It seems that developers are becoming more and more interested in bringing the Android operating system to more devices than just smartphones, tablets and recently TV’s. You can also find car stereos that operate on a specialized version of the OS and even in a self contained, dual-core USB stick. Currently there is an open source project going on named, Android-x86, that aims to get Android up and running on your laptop or PC. People are already successfully running Android 3.2 Honeycomb on their computers via this new project.

Most people are reporting easier success with ASUS products and is as simple as downloading the Android ISO and by using UNetbootin you can install the image to a USB stick or SD card. Once complete, just throw that puppy in your computer and you can now run Honeycomb from the comfort of your desk or lap. Most hardware is fully functional, including Wi-Fi, and you can even download the Android Market and various apps. Jump past the cut to see some guy’s rather lengthy, sometimes comical, Youtube video showing Android 3.2 running on his Eee PC netbook. With the recent release of Android 4.0 I can only imagine that developers will soon try and climb that mountain as well. Super exciting!

[via Android-x86 from Phandroid]



About the Author: Stacy Bruce

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  • Installed fine on my HP DV6-1030US. Wifi is borked, but that’s kind of to be expected since it was built for Asus hardware.

    • Deadseth

       ok. i doubt there will be any response here but im going to attempt anyway. i have a dv9408nr and its able to run the xp drivers for the generic dv9000ctz? i think thats it. but i am having issues with it even wanting to boot on that, or this newer hp g71.. and help

      • Fuad Ikhwan

        install android on my Asus eeepc 1225B everything work except sound

  • Thetimo

    Is it needed to have a newish pc or can I try to install it to my Fujitsu Lifebook running WinME?

    This is kinda tempting…

  • this guy really knows about android hahah

  • Pretty interesting. I want to revive an old DV1000 that I have, throw 3.2 on it :D

  • Ankit

    hey guys pls tell me that it will work or not on my dell inspiron 15r laptop

  • This is a bullshit link … SPYWARE!!

  • tim

    tryin to load this on my touchsmart tx2 1274dx

  • it wont break it its fun

    I installed the os to{unetbootin} a 2gig sd card works its to an eeepc 101 that the hdd failed, an there is no easy way i can find to acess it so put the 4.0 to the sd n it works fine there are some crashes but that could be the small sd card,even if i put it my xp prof restart works great my 2007 tosh laptop works fine,jus follow instructions