moves forward with Material Design, list sharing, full tablet support, and more


The next major version of is arriving right now for Android (including tablets) and Chrome devices, bringing with it an entirely new look and set of features. Version 3.0 reinvigorate the app with Material Design throughout. Navigation has been modified for effectiveness and fluidity while themes now add some personalization. The new features include list sharing, Date and Priority filters, and a default list option.

The changes are seamless across all platforms, and’s subscription is discounted to celebrate the update. The monthly fee for has been lowered to $2.99 while a yearly subscription is $26.99.

Hit the break for the gallery and download links.

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LG G4 shows its leather back in new teaser image


Now the cat is out of the bag. On Facebook, LG Mobile posted a teaser image (seen above) that confirms the upcoming LG G4 will be available with a leather back. The leather material spans across the entire back panel with stitching going down the center vertically. The camera trim and rear button setup are highlighted with gold.

The copy of the Facebook post reads the following:

Always have authentic luxury in hand.
The brand new LG G4 with vegetable-tanned leather cover.
See the great, feel the great.

The LG G4 will be announced on April 28.

Source: LG Mobile (Facebook)

Recon Instruments’ Jet smart glasses starts shipping this week


This week, consumers that ordered the Recon Instruments Jet smart glasses are receiving shipping confirmations in their inboxes. Recon Instruments confirmed that their smart glasses have started to ship and will arrive on consumers’ doorsteps within the next few days. The Jet is built for those with active lifestyles and only displays information when necessary. It has a decent amount of useful features including point-of-view recording and navigation. Since the Jet will likely be used by cyclists and other people who move with great speed, Recon Instruments used durable materials to maintain its quality.

The Recon Instruments Jet is available in black or white for $699.

Source: Recon Instruments

Google Carboard transitions to an open source platform


Google Cardboard, the virtual reality platform introduced at Google I/O 2014, now exists as an open source platform. Today, Google announced that it would begin to issue certifications to hardware from manufacturers that meet its criteria. The certification allows consumers to recognize that a particular Cardboard viewer is aligned with Google’s vision for the platform. Cardboard apps and games work perfectly with certified hardware.

Consumers and smaller manufacturers putting together their own Cardboard viewers are being helped, too. Define the key parameters and place a QR code on the Cardboard viewer. The official Google Cardboard app then recognizes the key parameters and tailors the experience for all apps and games.

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T-Mobile’s Legere steps up the rhetoric against idiotic overage charges


The recent Twitter flap with Donald Trump must have really gotten John Legere’s hackles raised. However, the T-Mobile CEO decided to take out his wrath on his competitors through a new video he posted slamming them for their overage charge policies. The video comes a year after Legere challenged AT&T, Sprint and Verizon to abolish “predatory” overage charges.
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Certain Microsoft apps won’t be preloaded on the AT&T and Verizon Galaxy S6

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge (48)Surprise, surprise. AT&T and Verizon are altering what software ships on the Galaxy S6, limiting some of the preloaded Microsoft apps available. When it was first announced, the S6 was supposed to ship with Skype, OneNote, and OneDrive pre-installed. No one likes bloatware, but Skype and OneNote are actually pretty useful apps, and Samsung and Microsoft were tossing in 100 GB of free space of OneDrive storage, so it wasn’t an awful deal. In fact, it was probably one of the better app/service partnerships we’ve seen on a device.
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Field Trip app updated with Android Wear support

FT_BayBridge (3)Google’s Niantic Labs development team has been responsible for the Field Trip app that keeps you updated on important info about your surroundings. The team is updating the app today, bringing support for our favorite wearable tech platform.

Field Trip now how full Android Wear support, so instead of having to pull out your phone for local information, you can just glance at your wrist. The app detects when you’re near an interesting location and displays a relevant card on your Android Wear watch.
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