Best tower defense games

We can all agree on one thing: tower defense games never get old. But, with so many out there, where do you begin? And if you’ve been playing them for awhile now and find most of them to lack a whole lot of challenge for you, what do you do then?

Today we’re bringing you 10 of the best tower defense games for Android users. In these games, both new players and the more seasoned of tower defense players will get the most out of their downloads. From apps that allow you to go solo to apps that have you joining guilds and playing against others, there’s something for everyone, young and old. So without further ado, here’s our top 10 picks.

[Deal] LeEco’s Valentine’s Day flash sale covers phones, TVs, and accessories

Love is in the air! LeEco is celebrating Valentine’s Day with a special flash sale that includes items you and that special someone can enjoy together. There are televisions, cables, earphones, and a wireless controller taking part in the promotion. All of these things can be used together for a romantic date night at your place.

Verizon’s unlimited plan returning causes T-Mobile One changes

Respect between U.S. carriers doesn’t exist anymore. When John Legere assumed responsibilities as T-Mobile’s leader, the wireless industry had no idea what was coming. Now there’s a much different landscape than a few years ago. One carrier makes a move, the others follow. It’s usually T-Mobile that alters its strategy and gets everyone else to do the same; however, Verizon did something this week that caused even Legere & Co. to improve its own offering.

What we’re seeing from Verizon and T-Mobile, despite being messy on social media, is widely beneficial for consumers.

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[Deal] Buy a Moto Z, get a free Moto Mod for Valentine’s Day

A special deal for the Moto Z is live on Motorola’s site right now, but it’s only going to last for the next two days. Lenovo’s Valentine’s Day celebration is including a free Moto Mod with purchases of any member from the Moto Z family. That means you could potentially save hundreds of dollars while getting of the best phones around.

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Giveaway: Win a case for your LG V20 from Caseology!

Among the very best phones right now is the LG V20, and we want you to be able to keep your device looking stylish while staying protected. So we’ve partnered with Caseology to host a giveaway for three cases made specifically for LG’s late 2016 flagship. These cases from Caseology and its Parallax line feature a comfortable grip, a dual-layered design, and drop protection.

If you’re in need a stylish protection for your V20, head down below and enter our giveaway.

Huawei Mate 9 review: Huawei’s best phone yet

When you think of the Huawei brand, you may be reminded of a Chinese company that produces great hardware that is burdened with a heavy-handed interface known as EMUI, right? Well, it may be time to rethink that opinion. With the release of the 5.9-inch Mate 9, Huawei also launched EMUI 5.0, a much lighter, cleaner, and easier-to-use version of its user interface, which combined with the new Kirin 960 processor, offers a slick, mature experience. You get the feeling that Huawei is finally getting it, that slightly less is actually a whole lot more, and that they don’t need to throw in the kitchen sink to offer a full-featured smartphone.

After the Galaxy Note 7 disaster, the market for big-screened handsets was left wide-open for other manufacturers to grab some market share. Samsung customers who would have normally upgraded to the latest in the Galaxy Note series were left with options such as the Google Pixel and the LG V20, although LG shot itself in the foot when it decided to only launch the V20 in select markets.

Could the Huawei Mate 9 be the big-screened savior many of us were looking for? Join us after the break to find out.

Battery life on Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge is reportedly 10% down after Nougat update

Samsung has been rolling out the Android 7.0 Nougat update to the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge in recent weeks, the product of its beta testing program that began in November 2016. While it’s always good to see a handset updating to the latest version of Android, it has been reported that the Nougat update for the Galaxy S7 could have an adverse impact on battery life.

Google’s Valentine’s Day doodle is all about love and pangolins

When it comes to special occasions or events, we’ve come to expect Google offering something a little different in the form of its Doodles, and today (tomorrow as well, presumably), the search giant is all about love, in celebration of Valentine’s Day tomorrow. This latest Doodle brings us the Pangolin game with two star-crossed lovers that are oceans apart with one of the pangolins traveling the world learning how to express its love in a variety of ways to prepare for the first date.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 is rumored to be code-named ‘Baikal’

Last year’s Galaxy Note 7 was on course to be named as the smartphone of the year until production was discontinued and units were recalled due it’s flawed battery design. As a result, there was major doubt whether Samsung would continue the Note series at all, but it was confirmed back in January that the Korean handset maker would indeed be producing a 2017 edition, and it seems that its internal codename is ‘Baikal’.