Verizon Droid MAXX now available in high gloss red and black with chrome accents

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Verizon Droid Maxx

Verizon has announced that they’re adding two new color schemes for the Droid MAXX to their phone lineup. You’ll now be able to purchase the long-lasting device in high gloss red and black with chrome accents. The black looks pretty similar to the current color offered, but the chrome accents make a very nice touch, and the red is a relief from the usual black and white colors we see on devices. » Read the rest

Updated WatchOn app for Galaxy S 5 now available in Play Store

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Samsung has uploaded a redesigned version of their WatchOn application to Google’s Play Store. Samsung doesn’t use the Play Store to distribute as many apps as, say, Motorola, but we do see the occasional app hosted on Google’s store front.

The redesigned app features a ton of purple and fits in with the flat aesthetics of the Galaxy S 5, and is, of course, available only to the Galaxy S 5. If you like the newer design of TouchWiz, you’ll definitely like this update. If you’re not crazy about the flat, colorful design? Well, you may want to pass on this one.

To see more, hit the gallery past the break.

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Google holding internet scavenger hunt for a chance to attend I/O in June

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An internet scavenger hunt is right up Google’s alley. And that is what the company is doing to give people a chance to attend Google I/O in June. The company has deployed links through its developer site and finding one will either reward you with a spot in the Google I/O lottery or a pleasant rejection message. The spot in the Google I/O lottery will provide an opportunity at purchasing a $900 ticket for Google’s showcase.

For an example, click here to see a link that is taken.

Source: Android Police

Hulu Plus, Crackle, and Showtime to be added to Amazon Fire TV voice search this summer

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Currently, Amazon’s Fire TV’s unified voice search feature only includes a few content catalogs, limited to Amazon’s own catalog and VEVO’s selection. The feature is great, but to be truly successful, it’s going to need more than two content providers to make it stand out. To fix that, Amazon has announced today that Hulu Plus, Crackle, and Showtime Anytime will be added to the unified voice search feature this summer.

The addition of three major content providers is nice, and since it’s happened so quickly, it (hopefully) shows that Amazon is going to work hard to get a ton of partners on board as quickly as possible.

Hit the break for the full press release. » Read the rest

Over one-third of Galaxy S 5 upgrades were by iPhone users

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A good measure of how impressive a device is is to count how many users switched to it from another brand of smartphone, such as switching from a Motorola device to an HTC device or from an Apple iPhone to a Samsung Galaxy device. If we’re measuring a device’s merit based on how many users it pulled from another camp, early reports say the Galaxy S 5 is a hit.

According to a trade-in website, ComparyMyMobile, about 38% of all Galaxy S 5 upgrades came from iPhone owners. We already knew the S 5 was showing very strong early sales, but being able to pull in so many former iPhone users is an impressive feat.  » Read the rest

TalkAndroid Daily Dose for April 17, 2014

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With hectic schedules, it can be hard to keep track of everything in your news feed. That’s why we created the TalkAndroid Daily Dose. This is where we recap the day’s hottest stories so you can get yourself up to speed in quick fashion. Happy reading!!


HTC One (M8) Review: The Rolex of smartphones


Location suggestions and autocomplete now a thing in latest Google Calendar update

Flickr update introduces complete redesign

MLB.TV knocks it out of the park with Chromecast support

Facebook introduces new Nearby Friends feature for location sharing

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Image of OnePlus One internal components leak

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What you are looking at are some internal components for the upcoming OnePlus One. On the left, however, looks like a display. The image comes from, you guessed it, @evleaks. His rather funny comment attached is “OnePlus One, not quite ready to debut.” That is what it looks like here! Luckily, OnePlus has until next week on Wednesday to get it all together. » Read the rest

Gameloft’s The Amazing Spider-Man 2 swings onto the Play Store

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Spiderman 1

Gameloft is famous for releasing movie tie-in games for mobile devices, so of course they were tasked with bringing The Amazing Spider-Man 2 to the big small screen. The game features a sprawling open-world New York environment, filled with tons of events and missions to complete as Spider-Man. The game even features characters and villains from the Marvel comic book, going beyond what’s seen in the movies. The combat system is also fully fleshed out with tons of fluid animations and combos. » Read the rest

Motorola celebrating fifty application updates with a Hangout full of questions

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The Moto X and Moto G have garnered a ton of positive attention since being released in last August and October, respectively. Motorola, too, has gotten great feedback from everyone because of their timely software updates for devices and applications. In fact, Motorola has updated fifteen of their apps for fifty total updates. To celebrate, Motorola’s Punit Soni will be leading a Hangout next Wednesday to field any questions thrown at him. There, Soni will answer questions and take feedback from everyone involved.

To RSVP for the Hangout, click here.

Source: Motorola

‘Easy Unlock’ feature for Chrome OS leaks, could unlock a Chromebook with a nearby smartphone

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Chromebooks keep getting better and better. They are a great alternative to a full laptop if you are already connected to all of Google’s offerings. And now it looks like Chrome OS, the backbone for a Chromebook, is getting an expanded layer of security. The people over at Android Police found a feature titled Easy Unlock in the Chrome OS development channel. Easy Unlock would unlock a user’s Chromebook and smartphone are within a reasonable range from one another.

The feature is not yet ready to be fully used; however, the reason for that could be since an official application is going to be released.

Would you use Easy Unlock as a way to easily access a Chromebook?

Source: Android Police