Get ready to take flight with help from Google


In years past Google has made a point to roll out some enhancements to their services in connection with the holiday travel season and this year appears to be no different. In a post today, Google revealed they have made some new improvements to the Google Flights service to help consumers find great deals for their airline trips and they have tweaked the hotel search feature in the Google Search app as well. Read more

Best note-taking apps


Think about the number of notes you take on a daily or weekly basis. In everything from listening to podcasts, sitting in meetings, quickly scrawling something on a sticky note so you don’t forget, or taking inventory of the pantry and what you need to grab at the store, let’s face it: we all take a lot of notes.

Where do most of those notes end up? Hardly in the place we need them to. The second we need to look back on them, they’re hardly ever in sight. They end up everywhere — in the mail pile, under the couch, in the car, at work when you’re at home. Just never the place you need them. Thankfully we live in a time when that hassle can be a thing of the past. With so many note-taking apps out there, there’s no need to be scouring the house for those notes anymore.

If you just so happen to be in the market for one of those apps, we’ve conveniently compiled a list of our favorites for you to take a look at.

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[TA Deals] Develop for Android and iOS with the Xamarin Cross Platform Bundle (96% off)!


Xamarin is a neat cross-platform development tool, allowing you to develop for both Android and iOS without ever having to pick up and learn Java or Swift. With this tool, you can learn and build apps with C# for both Android and iOS at the same time! And for a limited time only, you can grab the Xamarin Cross Platform Development Bundle from our store at a severely discounted rate!

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Showcase for Huawei’s holiday lineup is next week in New York City


While it’s probably not a traditional launch event, Huawei is hosting a two-day showcase in New York City on October 27-28. Talk Android was sent invitation to a showcase for its 2016 holiday lineup that will include “new surprises” the world hasn’t seen before. Considering the company is hosting this at a very luxurious venue, Huawei is sure to impress with present and future products on display.

We’ll be there live in New York City next week to see what Huawei is showing off.

Verizon will offer unlimited data sessions with PopData


Verizon is bringing back unlimited data to its customers!*

There’s a big asterisk, though; the new feature is called PopData, and it will allow you to pay for a short session of truly unlimited data on your phone line. It’s not a monthly plan, but rather a prepaid feature that you can start when you need it to download huge files over Verizon’s blazing fast LTE network. Read more