New LG G6 Second Year Promise extends warranty coverage to 24 months

LG has announced a new program to try to improve the deal for consumers buying a new LG G6 smartphone. Extending the manufacturer’s warranty to a full two years, the new LG G6 Second Year Promise program is designed to shift “the definition of ‘quality’ to one that includes not only device specs and build, but also the peace of mind consumers experience using them, particularly during long term ownership” according to Chang Ma, President of LG Electronics MobileComm U.S.A.

Google updating Drive to full-fledged backup system

Google has announced an update to their Google Drive for Mac/PC client giving it a new name and new capabilities. On June 28, 2017 the product will become Backup and Sync from Google. In addition to replacing the Google Drive for Mac/PC application, the Google Photos desktop uploader will also be integrated into the new platform. For users who already use Google Drive for Mac/PC, the new application will respect their existing settings.

Roaming charges have been abolished in the EU

One of the great pains of traveling in Europe has been the often exorbitant charges that networks charge just for the privilege of using one’s own SIM card in a different country. Thankfully, except for a few bit part players, the European Commission has forced networks to abolish roaming charges when you are using traveling within the EU so long as you are using a SIM card issued in Europe, which means you can ‘Roam Like at Home‘.

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Google Now may get a transparent background overhaul

Technically it is a product that no longer exists, but the Google Now pane that is available to users who make use of the Google Launcher could be getting an interesting update. Google Now has been replaced by the Google Assistant and for their own Pixel devices, Google switched the interface to the Pixel Launcher and now calls Google Now the Google Feed. Whatever the name may be, despite a lack of activity for the tool, it appears Google is testing a possible change to the interface to make the background transparent.

Sprint gets aggressive and offers free year of service to switch to their network

Sprint may be feeling a bit stressed out despite still being considered one of the big four wireless carriers in the U.S. Although they are a top carrier, in recent years they did see their position slip down to the fourth spot and where they used to be the potential buyer of T-Mobile, the roles have reversed. Sprint has taken to employing many of the same tactics as T-Mobile with unlimited data plans and aggressive pricing to try to overcome their relatively weaker network coverage. Their latest move though may be the most aggressive one yet as they target Verizon customers with free unlimited data for one year for customers who switch.

[Deal] Go buy the Nextbit Robin for $117 on Amazon

Though Nextbit still exists, the Robin is a discontinued product. Razer purchased the company six months ago and restructured it into an independent division. We haven’t seen what either is working on for the mobile industry, but last year’s phone just received its biggest discount yet.

All retailers are trying to dump any inventory left as the Robin continues aging, and the current price on Amazon is just $117.

U.S. unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ receive minor software update, includes June 2017 security patch level

It’s the same software update you heard about recently but without the long wait.

With the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+, you’re getting one of the best Android phones today. Samsung went all-in on design, performance, and software. Not everyone wants to be chained down by a carrier, though. So, like it did in 2016, the company released an unlocked model that’s free to move between networks.

The new Fi Fit Quiz tells you if Project Fi is, well, a fit

You’re not going to choose a wireless plan in the blink of an eye, but you can easily educate yourself on whether or not a particular carrier offers what you want. It’s possible one of the carriers you consider will be Project Fi. To help you know about its sole wireless plan, Google has created the Fi Fit Quiz.

All you have to do is go through a couple of questions and you’ll know if trying Project Fi would be worth your time.

[TA Deals] Snatch this 2-year subscription to Private Access VPN for $60

Your data is valuable, and it’s not just valuable to you. Companies, hackers, and law enforcement all want to get their hands on information about who you are, where you’re from, and what you own. These days it’s wise to have a virtual private network (VPN) service masking your behavior online.

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