These are possible specs for Sailfish, one of HTC’s Nexus phones


When the calendar turned to 2016, a rumor came out saying HTC would be making two Nexus phones for Google later in the year. Now we’re nearing the usual September/October/November launch for Nexus devices and information regarding Google and HTC’s plans is coming out.

The phones, known internally as Marlin (M1) and Sailfish (S1), will be just like last year’s Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P representing different segments of the market. While Marlin will be a high-end phone, Sailfish will tone things down only slightly to give consumers an attractive price for a phone from Google.

Today, we’re telling you about specifications for Sailfish.

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Located in the NYC Metro Area? Join Talk Android!


Hello there! Have an interest in everything related to Android? Find yourself spending a large portion of your day reading blogs and news sites? Maybe it’s time to start writing about Android yourself.

We’re looking for a talented, responsible, and driven writer to from the New York City Metropolitan Area — who will be working remotely — to join our team.

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Google’s #prideforeveryone campaign brings the parade to you


Around the world, this month is LGBT Pride Month where celebrations are held for people to just embrace who they are and continue embarking on the journey for equal rights. Cities across the United States, along with those in other countries worldwide, hold parades where people from all different backgrounds can come together and represent unity.

Google, a longtime supporter of LGBT rights, is bringing the parades to people who cannot attend this year. The company wants you to enjoy these events whether your missing out because of strict laws, social stigma, or something else. Courtesy of Google, you can put on a Cardboard viewer to participate in Pride parades around the world. It’s part of the company’s new #prideforeveryone campaign.

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[TA Deals] Keep everything forever with this G Cloud subscription


On Talk Android Deals, G Cloud with unlimited cloud storage for 5 years is today’s daily deal with a massive 93% off discount. G Cloud is a secure and reliable cloud storage service that allows people to back up files, contacts, messages, photos, videos, and a whole lot more from their phones. And it’s backed by Amazon AWS Cloud, meaning you’re getting a very safe place to put your personal information.

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[TA Deals] Get the ReactJS Programming Bundle for 91% off


If you’re already proficient at JavaScript, you might be interested in adding another library to your arsenal of skills. ReactJS is an open-source JavaScript library for creating user interfaces. Facebook built React wanting to solve the problem of building large-scale applications with data that changes over time. React makes the process so much easier, as it’ll automatically manage all of your UI updates as underlying data changes.

React does have a bit of a learning curve and can seem a little crazy at first. That’s why we’re offering a ReactJS Programming Bootcamp over on Talk Android Deals. These courses will not only show you how useful React is, but how you can implement in your own applications.

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Getting the best iOS 10 features on your Android device right now

apple iOS 10

Apple ended its WWDC 2016 keynote with the most amazing, fantastic, and beautiful refresh to iOS yet, and Tim Cook doesn’t know how you ever lived without it. It’s loaded with new features and tweaks, and, to Apple’s credit, some of them are actually some really nifty additions to mobile software.

There’s just one catch: you’re going to have to wait until this fall to take advantage of Apple’s latest iOS software. Like always, the new version of iOS will officially launch with the new iPhone around August or September, so until then you’re stuck with iOS 9. Unless, of course, you have an Android phone and would like to go ahead and snag all those useful iOS features for your smartphone right now. Fortunately for us, there are enough apps and software adjustments on Android to get pretty much every cool feature Apple announced without iOS 10 or an expensive iPhone. Read more

Nextbit wants to “save your battery before it needs saving”


There’s not a person in this world that hasn’t had their phone abruptly shutdown because of lacking power. These days, mobile devices just demand so much power that it can be tough for the average battery to keep up. Nextbit believes it can figure out a way to lengthen battery life on its own phone at the very least.

Later this year, battery life could be drastically improved for the Nextbit Robin. The company is working on a way to maximize the longevity of power by studying the technology that hasn’t kept up with the times.

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