No early release for the Samsung Galaxy S8


The year 2016 will not be remembered as the best year for Samsung for reasons we are all too familiar with at this point. So now the attention has turned to next year and what the South Korean company may have planned for the upcoming Galaxy S8. But don’t get your hopes up for an early release as Samsung has announced that their next Galaxy will follow the same schedule as their previous phones.

Join us after the break for the details.

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Smartwatch vendors reportedly shipped 51.6% fewer units in Q3 2016


With many on the fence as to the usefulness of smartwatches, it seems that this skepticism, as well as a lack of new models, is impacting on the sales of smartwatches, with the news that sales are reportedly on the decline. According to the IDC (International Data Corporation), the number of units shipped has dropped by 51.6% in the third quarter of 2016.  Read more

Xiaomi announces the massive 6.4-inch MI Mix concept phone with a 91.3% screen-to-body ratio


With the general consensus being that smartphone development has hit something akin to a plateau, it’s a little difficult to fall in love with new handsets as they often aren’t terribly much different than the model they’ve replaced. Sure, they are often a little quicker, perhaps a little brighter or thinner, but there’s often not much to jump and shout about nowadays. Unless you have skipped a couple of generations before upgrading, or perhaps looking at Xiaomi. Why Xiaomi? Well, after announcing the fairly standard Mi Note 2, the Chinese handset maker went on to announce a new concept phone called the Mi Mix featuring a massive 6.4-inch display, ceramic body, and a crazy screen-to-body ratio of 91.3%. Read more

Android Pays joins up with Visa and Mastercard to make online checkouts easier


Google has kicked off a new partnership with both Visa and Mastercard that should make your online payments go a little bit smoother from here on out. If you regularly buy things online you’ve probably used either Visa Checkout or Masterpass, or at least seen them offered on some sites. They’re both simple ways offered by the bigger credit card companies to quickly fill out forms and make purchases on websites with a single sign-in. Read more

[TA Deals] Become an Android Developer with this bundle for just $19


Want to jump right into the world of Android development? It’s a great aspiration, as making your own Android apps can be a ton of fun and even make you a ton of money. And today, we’re offering a practical way to get you on the path to learning everything you need to know about Android development. With this Complete Android N Developer Course taught by famed online instructor Rob Percival, you’ll be learning how to make your own apps in no time, even if you have no coding experience!

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LG V20 suffering from bad camera cover glass?


As smartphone manufacturers continue to push materials and construction in hopes of one-upping the competition, the potential exists for embarrassing defects to surface. A new one that is cropping up in recent days involves the LG V20, the company’s latest flagship level device that they hope to use to overcome disappointment from LG G5 sales. Unfortunately, reports have started to surface indicating the glass cover over the rear camera module is prone to cracking. Read more

Best OnePlus 3 cases


Over the years the designs of our smartphones have become just as much of a buying factor as the specifications. From crystal clear and shatter resistant glass to smooth aluminum finishes, many manufacturers have been utilizing premium materials in the industrial design to not only provide a comfortable handling experience, but to have their device stand out from the competition as part of its brand identity. With all that said, no one likes their shiny new smartphone to get damaged or broken if it drops on the ground, so most of us elect to put on cases to add protection and also contribute their own design flourishes.

The OnePlus 3 is a sleek phone with an aluminum build and a glass front that slightly curves into the sides and it looks pretty great on its own. However, as is typical with aluminum phones, it is a rather slippery device and using a case will add the grip needed to help keep it in your hand and the shock absorption if it happens to fall to the ground.

If you want to go the case route, let us provide some help and share with you some of our favorite cases for the OnePlus 3

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