What’s in a name? HMD Global hopes a lot in Nokia


Though it seems hard to imagine in this day and age, there once was a time when almost everyone who walked into a cellular phone store did so to buy a Nokia phone. The company once ruled the market – until they missed the boat on the shift to smartphones. Since then it has been an up and down, but mostly down, ride for the company. With a new deal and funding in place from HMD Global to use the Nokia name on new Android powered devices, there is hope that the company will make a comeback in 2017. Read more

iClever BoostCare Reindeer Headphones review


Christmas is just around the corner, and what better a gift than their very own pair of headphones? They can stop using your pair, and listen to their YouTube videos or music quietly with their own. But, there’s one pair you might specifically want to check out, especially with the holidays being almost here. iClever’s BoostCare Kids’ reindeer-inspired headphones are the perfect pair for any parent wanting to find some kid-friendly headphones that not only fit well, but let you control the volume as well.

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Giveaway: Win an InvisibleShield Glass+ for the Google Pixel!


The Google Pixel is an expensive device, and we know that you want to protect your phone with a quality screen protector. So you could put an InvisibleShield Glass+ on your Pixel to keep the screen clear and free from scratches, smudges, bubbles. It’s a high-end screen protector for a high-end phone. Everything about the Pixel’s beautiful display remains while adding a layer of protection.

Now you can get a world-class screen protectors for free.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2016: Best Android phones


With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about presents for loved ones and friends. And what better a gift than a brand new Android phone? Of course, there were tons of new and highly-anticipated releases this year from many different companies, so it might be difficult to choose the right phone to throw under the Christmas tree this year. With that in mind, we’re going to show you some of the top releases this year from big companies like Google and Samsung to hopefully help you make an educated buying decision.

Join us after the break to see what’s on our holiday shopping guide for the best Android phones!

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[TA Deals] Get fit for the holidays with the Striiv Touch! (70% off)


Chances are you’re trying to look your best right now as it’s the holidays, and there’s no better way to whip yourself into shape than with an activity tracker that syncs with your phone. It’s fantastic to just wear an activity tracker and have all of the important information about your health and wellness organized in a single app that you can view in real-time as it updates.

On Talk Android Deals, the Striiv Touch is waiting for you with a $29 price tag. That’s 70% off what other retailers are asking for. This is actually a more intriguing activity tracker as Striiv added smartwatch-like capabilities to allow you to receive messages, emails, calls, and other notifications from your wrist.

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Fitbit is eyeing a Pebble acquisition

pebble 4.0

Company acquisitions are pretty common, especially in the tech sector, and they can happen for all sorts of reasons. The bigger company wants the talent, like many of Google’s purchases, or they want to bring the platform under their own management, like Facebook’s Instagram and WhatsApp buyout. Sometimes the smaller company’s features and technology simply gets folded into another product, like Songza into Google Play Music. Read more

“Ok Google” hotword finally on its way to Android Auto

android auto chevy

It’s certainly a little strange that Android Auto hasn’t had the “Ok Google” hands-free voice detection available, especially when you consider how dangerous it is to fiddle with your smartphone while driving. But, it looks like that’s all changing now. While no official announcement has been made yet, it seems that Google is rolling out the hands-free voice detection over the coming weeks.

Join us after the break for details.

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