Google updates Chrome OS to version 40, most changes in the background


Google has started pushing out an update to the Chrome OS taking it up to version 40. As is usual for an update to a major system like the OS, Google has included a host of bug fixes, security updates and feature enhancements, most of which are under the hood or run in the background. However, users will see a few changes in the look of the desktop on Chrome OS.

The changes that will be most noticeable involve the default wallpaper, which has been updated to reflect a Material Design. If users happen to own more than one Chrome device, the wallpaper, including custom wallpapers, will now be synced across their devices. If users enjoy using emoji in their communications, they will find a new emoji palette has been added to give users quicker access.

If you have a Chrome OS powered device, be on the lookout for the update to be available to you soon.

sources: Chrome Releases Blog

Remotr brings PC gaming to your Android device [New App]


A new app in the Google Play Store says it can bring your PC games to your Android mobile device with the same performance and video quality as if you were playing on your PC. The Remotr app runs on your mobile device while users have to install the Remotr streamer on their computer to get everything working. The streamer portion can be downloaded from Developer RemoteMyApp has included several preset control configurations for titles like Diablo III, League of Legends and TrackMania. Users can also customize their own controls for their games.
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Details about HTC One M9 speakers panels revealed


As images of the HTC One M9, or Hima, have been leaking out leading up to the device’s expected reveal at MWC 2015, you may have noticed some subtle differences to the front of the device. One of the hallmarks of the HTC One M7 and the HTC One M8 have been the BoomSound speaker grilles located above and below the display on the front of the device. These gave HTC’s flagship a unique look relative to other smartphones and the front-facing speakers were a selling point as well. For the forthcoming HTC One M9, HTC has retained the front-facing speakers, but there are some differences in how they appear along with other elements of the front of the smartphone.
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Tipster claims Samsung Galaxy S6 will have interchangeable back covers, bringing differing perks to phone


Polish Android website claims it has gotten its hands on some insider information that details Samsung’s newest venture with the S6: interchangeable back covers that bring an aspect of modular design to the 2015 flagship.

The site’s author, Lucas Spider, says his source states that we could see a back cover that expands the functionality of S Health, a Yota Phone-like e-ink display, advanced camera options, and a back cover that serves as an attachment to fitness machines. Just when you thought your treadmill couldn’t get more exciting, right?
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Twitter Adds Group Direct Messages and Mobile Video


The express-something-as-succinctly-as-possible market continues to evolve, with Twitter feeling plenty of pressure from Instagram, which recently passed Twitter in total users, and Snapchat, which, for some reason, a slew of adults actually use, as though channeling their inner fourteen-year-old, lamenting that they were forced to pass dirty notes in high school as opposed to sending dirty pictures.

Alas, in an effort to continue diversifying its portfolio, Twitter has added two new functionalities: group Direct Messages and mobile video camera.

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T-Mobile unleashes Super Bowl ad starring Kim Kardashian West


In case you didn’t know it, the Super Bowl will take place this Sunday. Depending on how the games does, the commercials sometimes gets even more attention. T-Mobile has been a marketing juggernaut lately so it’s no surprise they will have a Super Bowl ad again this year. Remember last year’s Tim Tebow ad?

Last night’s Conan show debuted this year’s ad, which features fellow Armenian Kim Kardashian West making fun of her own online habits such as selfies in order to promote T-Mobile’s new Data Stash option. T-Mobile will also air a spot on NBC’s online stream as well as launch a website during the game with behind the scenes content from the commercial shoot. You can expect Kim to be Tweeting a lot during the game as well.

Hit the break for the 30 second spot.

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LG could sue Qualcomm if they give Samsung a modified version of the Snapdragon 810


Yesterday’s report that Qualcomm will deliver an updated version of the Snapdragon 810 to Samsung has fueled speculation that LG might sue Qualcomm.

LG has contended that there is no overheating issue with the said chip, but there is also a belief that LG has made certain modifications on the G Flex 2. Now the Korea Times is reporting that LG will sue Qualcomm if they update the 810 because it’s basically admitting the overheating issue exists.

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Exynos vs Snapdragon: Samsung wants to enter into a war with Qualcomm


Samsung has been making homegrown Exynos processors for a few years now, but they still used the Snapdragon for most of their devices. The reason usually involved LTE compatibility, but production capacity could have also played a part. Now recent reports of the Snapdragon 810 overheating has fueled speculation that Samsung will ditch Qualcomm in favor of their own chip on the Galaxy S 6, but other analysts contend the Exynos isn’t ready for primetime yet. However, overheating or no overheating, it appears that Samsung might not be making this decision based on that. It appears that Samsung is ready to expand the Exynos to not only most of their their devices, but hopefully with other manufacturers, thus entering into a war with Qualcomm.

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Huawei may announce the Ascend Mate 7 Compact at MWC 2015

huawei ascend mate 7Huawei may be bringing a smaller version of its Ascend Mate 7 to MWC this year, if rumors about the mini phone are true. While the Ascend Mate 7 features a massive 6-inch screen, the Compact may shrink down just a 5.5-inch display. It’s tough to call that a compact device, but it’s still technically smaller than the larger variant.

The rumors don’t suggest anything else about the device, such as the processor or screen resolution, but it’s possible it’ll carry similar hardware as the normal Ascend Mate 7. MWC 2015 isn’t too far off, so hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to find out.
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