Google Classroom introduces themes and mobile app improvements


Making the Classroom experience more unique, Google has provided themes for teachers and their students. Teachers can go ahead and upload personal images as themes. Google Classroom will offer cropping options for perfect dimensions so nothing is cutoff or distorted. In the event that a personal image is not available or needed, Google has nearly fifty options to use as a theme. Classroom matches relevant themes with class titles when a teachers cannot decide upon themes for themselves.

Hit the break to see what Google has going on with the mobile side of Classroom.

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Microsoft releases Keyboard for Excel that works across all apps


Tapping out numbers on any tablet keyboard can be tedious. Think about having to work on a spreadsheet with a tablet. Constantly, you will have to go between the letters and the numbers/symbols. Microsoft Garage, which allows for the fostering of new ideas from within the company, has produced Keyboard for Excel. The keyboard layout is optimized for the use of numbers. Keyboard for Excel offers a number bad on the far right just as many full-sized physical keyboards do. Although the keyboard is tailored for Microsoft Excel, it is capable of operating in other apps.

The following are the key features listed by Microsoft:

  • Keyboard layout optimized for numbers
  • Excel operators prioritized in the keyboard layout
  • 10-key number layout for fast number entry
  • Tab key for quick navigation across columns

Hit the break for the gallery and download links.

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Oculus offering up a $1 million prize pool for Gear VR development challenge

samsung_gear_vr_officialOculus has announced a new competition for developers with a fairly massive prize pool for great games or experiences. The challenge is focused around Samsung’s Gear VR, and the prize pool totals up to $1 million. There a few different awards, with the top game netting 200k, the top app or experience taking home 100k, and a few steps below that with different variations of prize money. Games are obviously the central focus here, but quality apps are still getting some recognition, which is good to see.
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HTC will be streaming the new HTC One M9 unveiling online

HTC_One_M8_Back_HTC_Logo_TA_01We know the HTC One will be announced this Sunday, but watching that unveiling would be tricky if you weren’t at MWC. Fortunately for those of us that can’t make it HTC has updated their website with links to watch the show this Sunday, bright and early at 10 AM Eastern time. The site details what time the event will happen, depending on where you are in the world, and it’s even got a nifty little link to add it to your Google calendar so you don’t miss it.
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Revamped Android Pay will be announced at Google I/O

google_wallet_softcard_picture1With Apple Pay off to a solid start and Samsung working on a better competitor to the service, it would make sense for Google to push their own mobile payment system front and center to stay competitive, and some rumors are pointing at that happening at I/O later this year.

This new service, called Android Pay, will actually be separate from Google Wallet. Android Pay will supposedly allow vendors to integrate the service into their Android apps so customers can quickly buy things without having to put in their debit or credit card information over and over. On top of that, retailers will also be able to set up tap-to-pay transactions in physical locations using Android Pay. 
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AT&T Moto X (2nd Generation) receiving Lollipop OTA now


If you’re on an AT&T plan and own a 2014-edition Motorola Moto X, you’ll be happy to know that Lollipop is rolling out now in an over-the-air (OTA) update. This update will bring your current version of Android to 5.0.2.

Motorola recommends that your device has at least a 50% charge and is connected to WiFi.

If you want to know what you can expect to see in your Android update, check out the source link below for Motorola’s synopsis of Lollipop.

Source: Motorola

DOM Distiller now available for all channels of Chrome, mobile included


Document Object Model (DOM) Distiller for Chrome is now available for all channels of Chrome, including your Chrome browser on your smartphone or tablet. This feature is basically “reader mode” and it modifies a webpage to bring you the meat-and-potatoes of that page’s content front-and-center.

In a Google+ post, Chrome developer Francois Beaufort talks about the new addition to Chrome, as well as how to enable it on your devices. Click after the break to read the post in its entirety. 
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Alleged Samsung Galaxy S 6 prototype spotted in bubble wrap


Did anyone predict that the Galaxy S 6 would be photographed in bubble right? Probably not. Earlier today, the image above was posted on the XDA Forums. It shows the upcoming Samsung flagship in white while covered by pink bubble wrap.

The shot on the left shows the camera and LED flash. Nothing too surprising there. The center shot shows what looks like the metal that everyone has been waiting years to see Samsung utilize. And on the right is the front of the Galaxy S 6. The main portion to notice on the front is the home button. It seems slightly taller than previous Samsung devices and that could be to house the improved fingerprint scanner.

Hit the break for a description from the source.

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