Moto Mods Development Kit announced


This past summer saw two smartphone manufacturers try to incorporate some modular concepts into their flagship phones with LG and Lenovo employing the strategy. In the case of LG, the implementation of modules was fairly slick for the LG G5, but the company dropped the ball on items like availability, pricing and building an ecosystem. Hoping to avoid that same fate, Lenovo has announced the availability of a development kit geared toward enabling anyone to create a Moto Mod that will work on a Moto Z device. Read more

[TA Deals] Get setup and working in Angular 2 with this bundle


Angular has been a popular JavaScript framework for sometime now. Maintained by Google and a community of developers, Angular is supposed to solve many of the frustrations and pitfalls of developing single page applications. And thanks to its wide popularity, there’s a successor: Angular 2. The successor to Angular isn’t that popular yet, as the original framework is still heavily supported and used regularly. However, Angular 2 is the future of the Angular framework.

If you want to prepare yourself for that future and stay relevant, it’s totally worth picking up this immersive Angular 2 bundle from our online store. You’ll learn everything you need to know about Angular 2 and even grab hands-on experience by building 10 applications with the framework. Hit the break for details.

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[Video] Google Allo vs. Google Hangouts


Google has launched a variety of messaging services, with Hangouts being its best attempt. The recently launched smart messaging service Allo was another recent attempt, but has so far, has fallen short of what many of us want out of a messaging application, such as basic things like actual SMS support and the ability to use it to replace our default text messaging.

With that in mind, we’ve decided to pit Hangouts and Google Allo against each other. Is one better than the other? Find out in this epic face off after the break.

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