Xiaomi wants to tackle the US market “in the near future”


We might finally see Xiaomi take a legitimate stab at the US market, according to Hugo Barra. He’s talked about the US smartphone market before, citing that subsidized flagship phones make it very difficult for a mid-range brand like Xiaomi to compete. It’s a sensible reason, but with the rise of device payment plans and the death of two-year contracts, things might have shifted in Xiaomi’s favor. Read more

Lyft approached Google and Apple for a buyout, but no one placed a bid


Now that General Motors decided not to take over the company, Lyft is continuing to shop itself around for a buyout. There’s still trouble for the ride-sharing service, though, as none of the expected potential buyers submitted offers of their own. Lyft went knocking on every buyer’s door on the West Coast and no one answered.

Hit the break for details.

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Samsung reported to begin selling refurbished smartphones in 2017


Samsung makes a lot of profit from its mobile division selling its high-end Galaxy S and Galaxy Note phones, as well as a confusing smörgåsbord of lesser devices, which has led to the company being criticized over its scatter-gun approach to developing handsets. So how does the Korean electronics giant come up with a new stream of revenue that won’t saturate the market even further? One way is to have an official refurbishment program which could be officially unveiled in 2017. Read more

Re-carrier: Trickery is T-Mobile’s strategy with the not-so-unlimited One plan


Since May 2013, T-Mobile has prided itself on being the revolutionary carrier the wireless industry in the United States needed. That’s why this carrier started positioning itself as the Un-carrier, creating separation from juggernauts and thus a positive image with consumers. Even I, a former longtime Verizon loyalist, switched to T-Mobile last year after being intrigued by the benefits offered just for being a customer. The carrier created incentives to switch and immense value to stay. Now it’s going to reverse everything done when the T-Mobile One plan goes live.

Everyone at T-Mobile wants you to think this is the direction in which all carriers need to go, but the simple truth is that T-Mobile One strips away choice and forces you to pay for the things you need.

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Honor commits to 24 months of software and security updates for new phones


When we shell out our hard earned dollars on the latest smartphone we expect that phone to be updated to Android’s latest and greatest into the foreseeable future. Not only is it gratifying to have the newest software on our device, but with ever increasing threats from malware, such as this new Google Adsense bug, there is also a huge security risk to having outdated software. Unfortunately, getting devices onto the newest software still remains a huge problem for the Android ecosystem. Just take a look at the latest Android distribution numbers and you’ll see what I am talking about. Huawei sub-brand Honor is looking to help ameliorate those problems a little bit with all its newest phones. According to a Huawei’s Taylor Wimberly, Honor is going to begin delivering an enhanced software experience for the latest Honor devices.

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