Samsung patents home-screen backup and sharing among your devices, possible new feature to Samsung SideSync


In a new patent filed by Samsung, the tech giant is taking a page from third-party launchers: saving and transferring your home-screen designs to be used later on the same device or porting it over to a different device altogether.

Samsung is wanting to add in the extra benefit of making all of this cloud-based, something not really offered by other custom launchers.
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Qualcomm confirms a key customer dropped its Snapdragon 810 processor


Annually, flagship smartphones in the United States and other countries launch with processors designed by Qualcomm. Look at any flagship smartphone released in the last few years and it is almost guaranteed that a Snapdragon processor is inside. The Snapdragon 810 was expected to be the go-to processor for hardware manufacturers this spring, but reports of technical difficulties including overheating caused some to believe otherwise. Today, the company confirmed that a key customer has walked away from using the Snapdragon 810.

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Chrome figurine unveiled by Dead Zebra


Another day, another Android figurine unveiled by Dead Zebra. And this member of the Android Mini Collectible Series 05 was designed by Google itself. The fourth series featured gold and chrome green figurines and here we have a true chrome variant. Apparently, there was a substantial demand for a true chrome. The Chrome figurine is shiny and reflective all around.

Here is a recap of the previous Android Mini Collectibles Series 05 figurines:

Hit the break to see another picture of the Chrome figurine.

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Verizon increasing upgrade and activation fees to $40 in February

2000px-Verizon_logoBad news, Verizon folks. The carrier is upping their activation and upgrade fees to $40 starting February 5th. The current activation fee is $35, while the upgrade fee is $30. If you’ve been considering upgrading your device and want to save a few bucks, you may want to go ahead and knock that out in the next week.

Verizon isn’t the only carrier that charges upgrade fees, and AT&T’s have been sitting at $40 for a few months. You can avoid these activation fees if you go onto an installment plan like Verizon Edge or AT&T Next, anyway, so if you’re on one of those programs, this news may not affect you at all.
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FTC rules that throttled data plans no longer count as unlimited data

tracfoneThe FTC has ruled against TracFone in a case involving their “unlimited data,” forcing the prepaid company to pay out $40 million to customers that were mislead about just how unlimited TracFone’s data actually is. Like tons of other carriers, TracFone offers an unlimited data plan that’s throttled after a certain cap is hit. The FTC isn’t particularly fond of those kinds of plans, which they’ve mentioned in the past.

According to the FTC, data speeds were slowed down between 1 and 3 GB and were sometimes completely cut off once customers hit the 5 GB limit. The FTC might have been more lenient if TracFone wasn’t cutting data off completely and just sticking to throttling, but it’s a tough call knowing that the FTC dislikes throttled data plans anyway.
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Carphone Warehouse to sell the LG G Flex 2 on March 19, pre-registration now open


Mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse, based in the United Kingdom, has launched a pre-registration page for the LG G Flex 2. The page has a form to enter personal information to be notified when the handset is available to pre-order. Those interested can choose how they would like to buy the G Flex 2 (monthly or SIM-free) and which network. The exact date for pre-ordering to start is February 28. Then, the G Flex 2 will be available for sale on March 19.

Source: Carphone Warehouse
Via: Android Central

Samsung Gear VR now available through Best Buy


Hot on the heels of their latest promo video, or perhaps in conjunction with the new video, Samsung has expanded availability of the Samsung Gear VR headset. Best Buy is now listing the device as available for order on their web site for a price of $199.99. That is the same price that you will find it for on the Samsung site or through AT&T. With free expedited shipping, buyers could have the device in their hands, or strapped to their head, by this weekend. That does assume they already own a Samsung Galaxy Note 4, or plan to get one in the next couple days, since that is currently the only device that the Gear VR is compatible with.

The expansion to Best Buy is certainly going to put the Gear VR in front of a lot more consumers. That will be especially true if they get a few units to have available in the Samsung Experience areas of Best Buy retail locations.

source: Best Buy

Leaked Samsung Galaxy J1 specs and press render appear online


Earlier this week, Samsung trademarked four new names for its latest line of entry-level smartphones it’s preparing to launch in the US, and today we’re looking at our first leaked image starring one of the devices. The snapped handset is the Galaxy J1, which is said to be the most affordable of the J-range, and from what we can tell, it seems to be a great little budget-friendly device.

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