[Deal] Grab a SIM-free Huawei P9 from GiffGaff for just £369

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You’ve probably read a lot about Huawei and its latest flagship, the P9, in recent weeks, since its launch in London on April 6th. Featuring a dual-camera setup and a superb fingerprint reader on the rear, the P9 is proving to be quite impressive as we work up to typing out our review of the handset. The Huawei P9 launched in the UK with an official SIM-free price of £449, but if that proved a little expensive for your pocket, how does £369 plus £10 a top-up sound? Join us for more details after the break. Read more

The Galaxy S7 Lens Cover kit is now available in Europe for €149


The Galaxy S7 is known for having a great camera, whether it’s used taking images in low-light or making a lovely panorama shot, it will deliver a great image for a smartphone. But what if you want to take even better photos, perhaps zooming in at a distance that would normally require a telephoto lens, or take an image with a wide-angled viewpoint? Well, Samsung teased us with the Lens Cover kit for the S7 back in February, and now it seems the Korean handset maker is finally making it available through its online stores.  Read more

OnePlus 3 to have 3500mAh battery and Oppo’s fast charging?


While we’re still about a month away from seeing the handset launch, the OnePlus 3 is becoming a familiar item in the daily news cycle. OnePlus’ next flagship is appearing in rumors and leaks with increasing frequency. Most recently, potential RAM and pricing became hot topics around the world. OnePlus definitely wants to ensure this is an actual ‘flagship killer’ unlike the misdirected OnePlus 2 that came in 2015.

On Wednesday, multiple reports surfaced regarding the OnePlus 3’s battery and charging.

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[TA Deals] Pay what you want for the Ethical Hacker and Pentester Pro Bundle


Whenever you hear a story about hacking, it’s understandable to assume that the hacker is on the wrong side of the law, probably trying to steal someone’s identity, or to tap into someone’s bank account without permission. However, there’s a whole different type of hacker out there, trying to make the internet secure for Joe Public. If you’d like to find out more, learning how to hack for good doesn’t have to cost an arm and leg. Thanks to Talk Android Deals, you can grab this Ethical Hacker and Pentester Pro Bundle by paying as much as you want. Read more