[Deal] – Geek Squad certified refurbished 16GB Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5-inch WiFi tablet on sale for $239.99


If you’re in the market for a new tablet you may want to check out eBay or Best Buy. Currently they both have the 16GB Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5-inch WiFi tablet on sale for $120 cheaper than they normally are. That’s right instead of $359.99 you’ll get the tablet for $239.99. However there’s just one small detail you’ll need to know. Read more

Samsung starts distributing Lollipop update for the Galaxy Note 4 in Croatia


Samsung has now begun pushing out the long-awaited Android 5.0.1 update to all unlocked variants of the Galaxy Note 4 located in Croatia. In terms of added functionality, this upgrade transports the latest build of Lollipop to the handset, in addition to a multitude of bug fixes and stability improvements.

Hit the break for the full changelog.

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Leo’s Fortune is now just $0.99 on Android and iOS


To celebrate Leo’s Fortune’s first birthday, the developers over at 1337 & Senri have slashed its price on both Android and iOS from $4.99 to just $0.99. In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, Leo’s Fortune is an extremely fun and interactive game in which you assume the role of Leopold, a once rich engineer who has had his fortune stolen by a sneaky thief. It’s your job to get back what’s rightfully his by chasing after the culprit and navigating through different platforms.

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Verizon bringing back some promotional More Everything plans


Although Verizon CFO Francis Shammo just recently indicated the carrier was not planning to chase after price-sensitive consumers in response to pressure from T-Mobile and Sprint, the company is still making moves to entice new subscribers with some special promotions. The company is bringing back a couple promotions for their More Everything shared data plans. Read more

Nokia smartphones to rise from the ashes in 2016 with Android


In years past, Nokia was one of the biggest players in the cell phone market. As the world started to move away from regular cell phones to smartphones, Nokia got left behind, but started to claw back with the mobile Windows platform and some dabbling with Android-powered devices. All of that came to a grinding halt though when Microsoft bought out Nokia’s mobile device division. In a speech concerning a new R&D center for Nokia, Nokia China president Mike Wang appears to have confirmed that Nokia will return to the smartphone market in 2016 with Android-powered devices. Read more

LG Watch Urbane launches in Korea for slightly more than LG G Watch R


LG is poised to launch the LG Watch Urbane next week in 13 countries through the Google Play Store, but buyers in Korea get a little hometown advantage as LG has started selling the device in that country through the major carriers starting today. One of the big questions about the device is what the selling price would be given that it is a slight step up from the LG G Watch R. In Korea at least, the answer is about $30 more, which is not quite a ten percent increase. When launched, the LG G Watch R sold for $332 in Korea and the new LG Watch Urbane is listing at $365 today. Read more

Samsung Galaxy S7 could sport dual rear cameras


It’s earnings season, and that means that future plans of various companies are sometimes divulged during conference calls or reports. Samsung Electro-Mechanics recently had an earnings report in which they stated that they have a dual-camera prototype that features two sensors and lenses. A prototype doesn’t necessarily mean it will come to market, but they said that it would be ready for the first half of 2016. That implies that it will come to market, and the first half could mean that we will see it on the Galaxy S7.

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Google admits that Nexus devices aren’t selling so well, but that’s not what they said 3 months ago


Well how things can change in 3 months time. In an earnings conference call back in January, Google CFO Patrick Pichette stated that they couldn’t keep up with Nexus 6 demand. That implied that the demand was so unbelievably high, but as we have learned with supply and demand, even if demand is low, supply could still be an issue. When I reported that story, I titled the post….They have to be kidding: Google admits they can’t keep up with Nexus 6 demand….because it was obvious that the Nexus 6 couldn’t be selling that well.

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