Qualcomm releases more info about upcoming Kyro architecture, Snapdragon 820


As top-tier smartphones equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 get closer to hitting the market, Qualcomm has released some new information on the capabilities and benefits their new chip will bring to the smartphone market. According to Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 820 will offer two times the power efficiency and performance when compared to the Snapdragon 810 chipset. At least a part of that gain is due to Qualcomm switching to a 14nm manufacturing process for the Snapdragon 820. Read more

NVIDIA is behind schedule shipping SHIELD Tablet replacements after issuing worldwide recall


Nvidia issued a voluntary, worldwide recall for its SHIELD tablet at the tail-end of July that applied to devices with the ‘Y01‘ battery installed. The recall was issued because the ‘Y01′ battery had been found to overheat, thus posing a potential fire hazard. The way that Nvidia immediately issued a worldwide recall, along with a definitive strategy of making it right by collecting and replacing the affected devices, garnered the company some well-deserved compliments. As is often the case, though, even the best-laid plans can suffer from snags and glitches when exposed to real-world conditions, as shown by the email that is being sent to customers.

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Check out the first Moto 360 (2015) ad here!


Following the Moto 360’s (2015) unveiling earlier today, Motorola has just released its first promotional advertisement for the brand new smartwatch. In the minute-long clip, the Lenovo-owned company shows off the beautiful wrist adornment from all angles and demonstrates its notification and fitness tracking functionality.

Check it out after the break.

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