OnePlus One dressed in Kevlar pictured


Pictured above appears to be a OnePlus One with a StyleSwap cover made of Kevlar. In fact, it looks a lot like the DROID Turbo’s ballistic nylon that features Kevlar underneath.

Unfortunately, it’s unlikely we will ever see this option since OnePlus put the kibosh on StyleSwap covers until probably the next  generation phone. However, this cover isn’t all that surprising since they did say they would offer a variety of StyleSwap textures such as silk, sandstone, denim, and yes, Kevlar. So this is likely a prototype cover that will never get released, at least for the OnePlus One.

One more pic after the break.

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HTC ekes out a small 3rd quarter profit


HTC made a profit for the second straight quarter, which is something we haven’t seen in a while. They just reported 3rd quarter results which showed NT 0.6 billion ($19 million) in net profit after taxes. Interestingly enough this small profit is lower than the last quarter, which came in at NT 2.3 billion ($75 million). So I am not sure the trend is all that great, but a profit is a profit right? Revenues were also down from the previous quarter, NT 41.9 billion ($1.38 billion) vs NT 65.1 ($2.17 billion).

HTC said that the One (M8) did well “despite stiff competition,” and they expect revenues to go up slightly in the 4th quarter.

Is HTC back or is this going to be short-lived?

source: HTC (PDF)

Rovio’s Angry Birds Transformers is in the Play Store


The Angry Birds franchise will never fade away. Why? Because just when there seem to be no ideas left, Rovio shows that there is more. The latest game is done with the Transformers franchise. Angry Birds Transformers unleashes Autobirds onto your device to protect Piggy Island from the EggBots. Fortunately, the Deceptihogs join forces with players to fight the EggBots. The game is full of animated chaos. And for the first time ever, the arms and legs are featured because it is necessary when transforming.

So Angry Birds meets Transformers. Are you excited? It is certainly an entertaining combination.

Hit the break for the video, gallery, and download links.

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TalkAndroid Daily Dose for October 30, 2014


With hectic schedules, it can be hard to keep track of everything in your news feed. That’s why we created the TalkAndroid Daily Dose. This is where we recap the day’s hottest stories so you can get yourself up to speed in quick fashion. Happy reading!!

Android Wear

Google Camera update adds ability to take photo from Android Wear


djay 2 app spins up for Android app gets major update focused on collaboration

Google Play Books gets an update to help users skip around

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Android co-founder Andy Rubin leaves Google to start a technology incubator


Sad news today. Andy Rubin, who co founded Android is leaving Google to start an incubator for startups. Rubin was in charge of the Android division until March of last year, when he shifted to the lead of the nascent robotics effort.

Google acquired Android back in 2005, and Rubin was instrumental in building it to be the most widely used mobile operating system in the world.

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Tablets see 11.5% growth in third quarter of 2014, Samsung still top Android tablet manufacturer

tabletShareThe back to school shopping season gave tablets a pretty solid boost in the third quarter of the year helping manufacturers to ship 53.8 million tablets over those three months. Tablets still seem as if they have more room for growth than smartphones do in an overly saturated market, although smartphones are still an extremely valuable commodity.

Year-over-year, those 53 million tablets helped market share for the devices grow about 11.5% from last year. Compared to the second quarter of 2014, tablets also saw an 11.2% sequential growth. 
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LG announces 5.3-inch HD smartphone screen with incredibly small bezel

LG small bezel screenLG has always been proud of the small bezels on their devices, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to stop trying to shrink them even smaller. Today, the company has announced a full HD 5.3-inch smartphone display that has the world’s narrowest bezel on a screen that size. The bezel comes in at just 0.7 mm, and as you can see from the picture above, it’s ridiculously slim. For reference, LG mentions that a credit card typically has a width of about 0.8 mm.

LG is citing their “Neo Edge” technology as the reason why this slim bezel is possible. The display uses adhesive instead of double-sided tape to attach and seal the internal hardware to the backlight unit, which removes the need for a plastic guide panel. It’s some pretty sophisticated technology that LG is no doubt very proud of.
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