New Samsung Gear S3 Classic model coming with LTE support

The Samsung Gear S3 Classic is a feature-packed and stylish Tizen OS smartwatch that combines a beautiful display with the best of Samsung’s ecosystem. One very noticeable omission, however, was LTE support forcing the user to always have their smartphone nearby in order to have the full software experience. That will soon change as Samsung has just announced a new model of the Gear S3 Classic coming soon with LTE built right in.

Misfit’s Vapor will ship this summer with Android Wear 2.0, priced at $199

When it was announced at CES 2017 in January, Misfit’s Vapor didn’t have an operating system that we were familiar with. The Fossil-owned subsidiary planned on shipping a smartwatch running in-house software. Doing so would allow Misfit to create a device tailored for its own needs and cater to specific consumers. Well, those plans are gone. Misfit is moving forward with a platform that already exists, is developed by a company for the masses to use, and just experienced an overhaul.

The Vapor from Misfit will be powered by Android Wear 2.0 when it arrives later this year.

[TA Deals] Dive into Android development with this bundle for $39

There was probably a time when you wanted to create you own Android apps. Let’s be honest, though. It’s just too difficult to jump right into without any prior knowledge of programming. So, on Talk Android Deals, our deal of the day is on the Ultimate Android N Development Bundle. It’s a five-course package that starts with the absolute basics and escalates the difficulty as you become ready. Then, at the end, you’re ready to develop and publish apps for Android devices.

Best apps for educators

If you’re an educator, you’re familiar with all that you have to keep up with in that field of work. While from afar it may seem that some teachers just “teach,” they do so much more than simply that. Not only do they teach, but they also have school requirements they have to meet (one often being keeping up with each student individually). And beyond that, most teachers work extremely hard to go beyond the books, desiring to make a lasting impact in their student’s lives, because it’s not merely about their classroom, but about their community, and even the world as a whole.

That’s why today, we’re bringing you our top 5 app picks for educators. These apps have a variety of different purposes, and yet all have one thing in common: improving the education of students everywhere so that they will one day go out and make positive impacts in their relationships and in their communities. So whether you’re a teacher struggling to keep track of everything, or you’re just looking for a fresh way to present coursework, here’s our top 5 favorite apps for educators.

Google communicates some Allo and Duo updates in Brazilian remarks

The mass of updates for a wide variety of communication platforms continues for Google. In remarks today at an event in Brazil, Google revealed their latest focus for updates and improvements to their communications platforms targets the Allo and Duo apps. The pair of apps have been widely panned since their launch last year and while the new features revealed today are nice, they probably will not silence the critics wondering just what the purpose of these apps is within Google’s portfolio of messaging platforms.

Verizon’s packaging for the Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks

Just one week remains. This time next week we’re going to find out exactly what Samsung’s next flagship offers. It’s the phone of 2017 that millions of people are waiting for, especially since the Galaxy Note 7 was pulled from the market as fast as it arrived. A lot is riding on the Galaxy S8 as Samsung hopes it’ll regain the trust of consumers and have a global success on its hands.

Today, another leak occurred. It’s a set of two images showing the packaging Verizon will use for its model of the Galaxy S8. Because of the leak, we know the packaging Samsung will use in the United States for all carriers and retailers. Samsung goes for a streamline look with its packaging.

You can watch Honor launching a new phone via livestream on April 5th

In a welcome change from reporting about some new phone that is due to be Unpacked on March 29th, Huawei’s budget e-brand, Honor, is going to unveil a new handset on April 5th via a virtual launch, or live stream rather. It’s thought that the event will see the wraps being taken off the Honor V9, which could be known as the Honor 8 Pro in the west. Join us after the break for details.