A wish list from LG in new teaser video for LG G6


Likely timed specifically up against HTC’s announcements of new devices today, LG released a new teaser video for the forthcoming LG G6. We previously reported on a move by LG to get away from the modular design of last year’s LG G5 for their new device. Replacing that will be increased focus on aesthetics and usability. To help drive home this point, LG’s new teaser video covers a wish list of what consumers are believed to be interested in when shopping for a smartphone.

HTC U Play specifications


Earlier today HTC launched their new U line of devices, which currently consists of two smartphones. Heading the field for HTC is the HTC U Ultra which appears to be their new flagship device. The other smartphone is the HTC U Play, a smaller, less powerful device that appears to be positioned below flagship level phones, but perhaps ahead of the typical mid-tier phone. With the right pricing, the HTC U Play could be an attractive target for buyers.

If you are willing to give up a little horsepower and oomph in order to save a few bucks, you can check out the full set of specs for the HTC U Play after the break to help you decide whether it may be the right device for you.

The HTC U Play is a watered-down U Ultra for the rest of the world


If the United States gets the U Ultra, the rest of the world gets the U Play. HTC’s new U line is official today with two new devices, which are very similar, heading to different regions. The U Play looks just like the U Ultra, but this is one of those upper mid-range phones that will end up being a terrific value at the right price. It’s essentially a watered-down U Ultra to lower the price.

Hit the break for details on HTC’s U Play.

HTC U Ultra specifications


In 2017, HTC wasted no time in rolling out a flagship-level phone. The U Ultra, which is definitely all about you, makes its way to markets around the world in a different appearance than we’re familiar with from this company. HTC’s U Ultra is made mostly of glass rather than metal, and it has two displays. And the internal specifications are made to go head-to-head with the best of the best.

Hit the break for the spec sheet.

HTC U Ultra officially launches with dual displays and new AI assistant


Have you been on the hunt for a new smartphone that’s “All about U” and “Puts U on Top?” HTC has got you covered as they just officially announced their new 2017 flagship, the HTC U Ultra. As previous leaks suggested, it comes with powerful specs, a small secondary display on top and the new AI assistant, HTC Sense Companion, all in a smooth and sleek “liquid surface” that’s available now for pre-order.

Join us after the break for the details.

Google dials up February release date for Android Wear 2.0


After some hiccups during the latter half of 2016, Google appears to be on the verge of releasing Android Wear 2.0 and resuming the push to get Android powered devices onto the wrists of consumers. The last update to Android Wear 2.0 came in December when Developer Preview 4 was released. At that time, Google indicated a Developer Preview 5 was the next step. However, it now looks like Google may skip that and go straight for the official release. At least, that is the message being shared with app developers.

Google imposes strict requirements for Android’s notifications


Over the years, the relaxed handling of Android has changed. It’s been tightened to the benefit of users who want a similar experience across different devices. Everyone gets similar experiences while benefiting from features Google believes are essential and necessary on every phone and tablet in the world.

Recently, Google quietly imposed strict requirements for its hardware manufacturers when it comes to notifications. Viewing, updating, removing, and replying to notifications will need to be done the way Android’s maker wants.

Huawei P10 may appear at MWC 2017?


CES 2017 recently wrapped up with some nice smartphones being announced, but no major flagship phone announcements. Tomorrow we are expecting something from HTC although it is unclear whether they will announce a flagship level device. Much later than normal, Samsung plans to announce the Galaxy S8, likely delayed while the company takes their time to make sure everything is just right after the Galaxy Note 7 failure to launch. In between, that leaves MWC 2017 for companies hoping to make a splash. TalkAndroid will be in Spain to bring you coverage and one of the companies that will have a major announcement is Huawei.

Best icon packs


Icon packs are a dime a dozen, and more are being added to the Play Store everyday. Unfortunately, many icon packs aren’t known very well, as they’re overshadowed by many of the big dogs. Not only that, but it’s already difficult to get discovered with just how saturated the Play Store is with icon packs. The sheer amount available is insane.

In this edition of Talk Android’s favorite icon packs, we’re going to show you some of our favorites as well as some little known, but quality options out there. Join us after the break!