Best medical apps

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While it might not come to mind all that often when you or someone you know is struggling with health issues (or is joining the medical field), there are, indeed, apps for that! If you or someone you know wants to keep better track of their medications, visit a doctor virtually through there phone or tablet, check their temperature, or works in the medical field and wants to glean advice from their peers, we’ve compiled a list of fantastic apps to make their lives just a tad bit easier.

With these apps, you can say goodbye to trying to keep track of medications, trying to find the lost thermometer, and even risking sitting in the waiting room hoping your child doesn’t pick up something terrible on top of their current bug. Here’s our top 5 medical app recommendations for Android users.

Xiaomi grew too big too quickly, wants to pace itself in 2017


Xiaomi is probably the best example of a small company exploding in growth thanks to smartphones around the globe and in emerging markets. They started as a relatively no-name company, moved on to selling their devices exclusively online (and being completely unable to keep them in stock for more than a few seconds) and becoming one of the hottest names in the smartphone market in just a few years. There has been much anticipation on Xiaomi officially bringing devices to the US, growing into other tech segments, and continuing their exponential growth, but 2016 turned out to be a bump in the road for the little Chinese company that could.

Early case concepts may serve as tip-offs to Samsung Galaxy S8 design


The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S8 may still be 2.5 to 3 months away, but component manufacturers are not the only ones trying to ramp up production. Accessory makers are also trying to get things going in hopes of capitalizing on the market created by buyers of the new device. One subset of accessories may be of note for us – case makers. We look to these companies for clues about the upcoming devices since they have early access to dimensions and specifications and they like to produce renders of the their cases on the new device.

Lyft revenues improve in 2016, but company still operating at a loss


Companies like Lyft and Uber are still younglings in the business world, so it should be no surprise to see losses racking up while they try to establish themselves and prove their idea makes sense. That is certainly the case for Lyft which is not projecting profit until 2018. Until then, Lyft hopes to continue to show things are headed in the right direction and that seems to be the case for 2016.

[TA Deals] Pick up Zendure’s 26,800mAh power bank for $65! (48% off)


On Talk Android Deals, Zendure’s massive power bank is on sale with a discount that’s nearly half-off of its retail price. It’s a power bank perfect for anyone seeking to charge up to four devices simultaneously with consistent charging speeds. Rather than going light to keep the price down, Zendure inserted Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 to ensure everything gets power as quickly as possible.

Hit the break for details on this deal.

A wish list from LG in new teaser video for LG G6


Likely timed specifically up against HTC’s announcements of new devices today, LG released a new teaser video for the forthcoming LG G6. We previously reported on a move by LG to get away from the modular design of last year’s LG G5 for their new device. Replacing that will be increased focus on aesthetics and usability. To help drive home this point, LG’s new teaser video covers a wish list of what consumers are believed to be interested in when shopping for a smartphone.

HTC U Play specifications


Earlier today HTC launched their new U line of devices, which currently consists of two smartphones. Heading the field for HTC is the HTC U Ultra which appears to be their new flagship device. The other smartphone is the HTC U Play, a smaller, less powerful device that appears to be positioned below flagship level phones, but perhaps ahead of the typical mid-tier phone. With the right pricing, the HTC U Play could be an attractive target for buyers.

If you are willing to give up a little horsepower and oomph in order to save a few bucks, you can check out the full set of specs for the HTC U Play after the break to help you decide whether it may be the right device for you.

The HTC U Play is a watered-down U Ultra for the rest of the world


If the United States gets the U Ultra, the rest of the world gets the U Play. HTC’s new U line is official today with two new devices, which are very similar, heading to different regions. The U Play looks just like the U Ultra, but this is one of those upper mid-range phones that will end up being a terrific value at the right price. It’s essentially a watered-down U Ultra to lower the price.

Hit the break for details on HTC’s U Play.