Specifications for new Pixel 2 devices, Taimen and Walleye, revealed

Rumors about the next generation Google Pixel phones to be released later this year continue to ramp up as we hit the summer months. The latest round comes from an unnamed source who is described as “familiar with the matter” and who “spent time with at least one of these phones” who has shared some of the specifications for the devices. Consistent with previously leaked information, this source indicates there are only two forthcoming Pixel 2 devices, a smaller unit codenamed Walleye and a larger device codenamed Taimen. If accurate, the descriptions of the devices also reveal some significant differences brought about by Google having two different manufacturers for this year’s devices.

Oatmeal Cookie or Oreo? Android 8.0 name guessing heats up

With the official launch of Android 8.0 drawing closer, perhaps only a couple months away, there is not much not already known about where Google is going with the next version of their mobile operating system. Developer previews are already available for Android O with only one round left in July if all goes as planned. As in the past, one of the items that remains shrouded in mystery is what confectionary treat the new version will be named after. The next version should be named for something that starts with the letter O. A popular choice seems to be Oreo, but a new contender has emerged as the potential for Oatmeal Cookie gains some traction.

Snapchat lets you share your location with Snap Map

Snapchat has just added a new feature called Snap Maps that lets you keep track of what your friends are doing, viewing and sharing Stories even if they are half a world away. In addition, you can also share your own location with friends so they can see which milkshake joint you are at. Snap Maps also shows public stories of events such as concerts, fairs, and gatherings that are happening near your location.

Samsung working on a super-high resolution Gear VR device

According to Korea Economy, Samsung has commissioned their Samsung Display business unit to develop a super-high resolution OLED display to be used in the next generation Gear VR. Reports indicate that device will be a standalone virtual reality headset as opposed to Samsung’s current method of having users insert their smartphone in a headset. The resolution for the new OLED screen is targeted at an eye-popping 2,000 pixels per inch.