Prepare to buy the Huawei Mate 9 on January 6 in the U.S.


After introducing the Mate 9 last month, Huawei is getting ready to enter the phone into new markets. The United States, one of the fiercest markets due to its domination by two companies, is among the locations Huawei wants to insert its latest flagship. It’s just not known when the Mate 9 will be available in the U.S. since Huawei is staying quiet.

Now there’s a pretty reputable source revealing when Huawei is going to begin selling the Mate 9 in the U.S. alongside rival devices like the Google Pixel and Apple iPhone 7.

U.S. carriers respond to Samsung’s kill switch for the Galaxy Note 7

01_Galaxy Note7_black

Because not everyone in the U.S. returned their Galaxy Note 7, Samsung is rolling out a lethal software update to disable the phone from being used again. It’s up to individual carriers, though, to send the software update to customers. So it’s interesting to see the differing takes on whether or not a kill switch should be implemented.

Hit the break to see what the U.S. carriers are doing.

These are the most viewed ads of 2016 on YouTube


It’s been a wild year full of laughing, shouting, crying, and every other emotion-induced action you can think of. Many of them are noticeable in advertisements. When they click with you, they likely click with millions of others worldwide. That’s why viewership on YouTube for ads is as strong as it is. People from every part of the world can find and watch the ads everyone is talking about.

A list compiled by YouTube shows us the most viewed advertisements of 2016.

Latest Galaxy S8 rumor: all screen, no more home button


Samsung’s iconic home button on their devices has been a point of contention for years. Some customers love it and won’t use anything else, while other Android purists hate the idea of physical buttons instead of Google’s vision of on-screen keys. 2017 might be the year that Samsung puts the physical home button on the chopping block, if the latest batch of rumors ends up being true.

Conversational Actions for Google Assistant are now live for third-party services


It doesn’t matter what kind of platform you’re talking about, pretty much any developer ecosystem is DOA without third-party support. Android needs developers on the Play Store to thrive, just as much as Microsoft needs developers making games for the Xbox brand to survive. The next platform for Android is in the form of Google Assistant, and just like all its competitors, Assistant will only succeed if other developers board the ship.

Best video editing apps


With so many fantastic cameras being released on Android devices, you can get some pretty great, smaller shots that look sleek and professional without having to own or lug around a larger camera if that’s not your thing. But you’re not only limited to some photos here or there, because your smartphone camera can take awesome video shots as well! That means you never have to miss another moment pulling out and starting up the camera.

When it comes to getting those video shots of your family, an event, or just something awesome, you can keep it efficient by utilizing some of the Android apps out there for video editing. While classic computer software isn’t bad, it’s expensive and can be a challenge to learn if you’re not yet familiar with it. With video editing apps on your phone or tablet, you’re free to efficiently edit a video or experiment to see if it’s something you enjoy doing without having to spend a whole lot up front. Quick and easy, here’s our top video editor app picks for Android.