[Deal] Every Spigen case for the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ is discounted on Amazon

We already shared our picks for the best cases a few weeks ago, but all of Spigen’s cases for both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ are discounted on Amazon. So we have to tell you that now’s the time to get a high quality case for your phone. It’s literally every case Spigen makes for Samsung’s 2017 flagship that’s eligible for a discount of up to 50% off.

Camera Shootout: BlackBerry KeyOne vs OnePlus 3T vs Apple iPhone 7

If you’re like the average smartphone buyer, the camera on that shiny new device is probably one of the biggest deciding factors on what you go with. There’s nothing wrong with that, either; manufacturers spend more marketing time with the camera than most other pieces of the smartphone, and for good reason. Your phone captures your memories as you hang out with your friends, or watch your kids grow up, or, if you’re like me, way too many pictures of your pets.

TYLT Flipstick review

TYLT is known for its stylish-yet-functional products, and the Flipstick is no different. It’s a portable charger that’s, you guessed it, shaped like a stick. And the “flip” part of my name comes from it’s two integrated cables that are reversible. Because the battery is only 3350mAh, this is a one-and-done portable charger. You can charge your phone a single time on a single charge. That’s part of the Flipstick’s beauty.

New Google Allo features go live today

Last month Google started rolling out an update to their messaging app, Google Allo, that included code for several new features. As was noted at the time, Google had written things so that new features could be turned on via the server side instead of relying on users repeatedly update their app, although it appears these latest changes may require a client update. The fruit of all this work was realized today as Google announced two of the new features were going live along with another one that had not been identified or discussed earlier.

Sprint’s Magic Box is a quick and small solution to building out their network

Sprint talks up their reliability next to Verizon, but when it comes to coverage and speed, it’s really tough to spin Sprint’s network as anything but mediocre. They’ve struggled to build up their network to stay competitive with the big guys, and T-Mobile has overtaken them from behind. Despite all of that, however, Sprint might have just found a magic bullet for its wireless woes.

HTC U Ultra review: HTC is almost back in the game

The U Ultra might not be HTC’s flagship for the year, but it’s still a high-end device you should pay attention to. The company vowed to switch its focus to premium hardware in 2017, and the U Ultra is just one culmination of the efforts. It really is a premium device with most everything you’d expect out of the a flagship — powerful hardware, a gorgeous display, a large battery and so on.