What to expect at IFA 2016 this week


Now that we’re exiting the summer months of the year, it’s time for everyone to get ready for the fall season and holidays when new products and services go live. At IFA 2016, big announcements are expected from the world’s top companies in consumer technology. Expect the unexpected in addition to what we already have an idea about because these multi-day events are never predictable.

Hit the break for the schedule and what to expect.

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[TA Deals] Master Android Programming with this course (79% off)


Learning how to program for a mobile platform has never been easier. With so much information out there, even beginners who’ve never touched programming before can get an Android environment up and running in no time. Unfortunately, after you move past those beginning stages it’s difficult to find solid information for advancing.

That’s why you should check out the Mastering Android Programming course over on Talk Android Deals. Not only will it take you step-by-step in building an Android app, but it’ll also teach you how to stay on top of all the new technologies.

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Rumors suggest ‘Nexus’ brand may be retired for new Google smartphones


In what will probably be seen as a major change for Google and their efforts to provide hardware to consumers, sources are indicating that the company may be abandoning the “Nexus” brand for the next round of smartphones slated for release this fall. According to a variety of sources and leaks, Google is planning to move their own brand to the forefront, although it is unclear whether “Google” will take the place of “Nexus” or some other brand will be used. In any case, indications are that the Android purists’ favored brand is on the verge of retirement. Read more

Best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 cases


It goes without saying, the Galaxy Note 7 from Samsung is an expensive investment. Coming in at a whopping $850, it can be nerve-wracking taking it in certain environments. Thankfully, there are plenty of cases out there that can ease that nervous energy by keeping your Galaxy Note 7 fully protected.

Not sure what case to get? Be sure to follow along, and we’ll show you our favorites.

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Samsung’s newest processors have full network connectivity built-in

samsung exynos 7570

Say hello to Samsung’s latest in-house¬†processor, the Exynos 7570. It’s a quad-core 14nm processor that effectively falls into the budget-friendly range, but it stands out for a few reasons. It’s the first time we’ve seen a non-flagship processor using 14nm manufacturing, and it’s the first Exynos chip that has all of the necessary smartphone connectivity options baked in. That’s a big deal for many reasons. Read more

[APK Download] Google Contacts 1.5 update adds several new features


Android device owners who try to use the Google Contacts app on their mobile device are probably acutely aware of the limitations of the app. This includes shortcomings like lack of support for switching between accounts quickly and easily like so many other Google apps and some missing features compared to the web interface. Google is addressing some of those concerns with a new update that takes Google Contacts up to version 1.5 and includes new features and changes to the interface. Read more