Every car is now a potential Android Auto


Over the past couple years Google has slowly been working to build out their Android Auto ecosystem. This includes developments to the user interface and perhaps more importantly, obtaining agreements from auto manufacturers to make Android Auto available as a user interface on the screens in new vehicles. Obviously there is one big shortcoming to these plans – all of the vehicles on the road that were produced before Android Auto was ever available. To get around that, Google announced today the ability to run Android Auto on any Android 5.0 or higher smartphone, meaning all vehicles could potentially have the system running as they scoot on down the road. Read more

[Video] Unboxing the Huawei Mate 9


We were in Munich last week covering the launch of Huawei’s latest flagship, the Mate 9 and came away with a solid first impression of the aluminum-framed handset with its 5.9-inch Full HD display and dual camera setup. We are busy putting the Mate 9 (specifications here) through its paces ahead of its review, but here’s our unboxing video to whet your appetite in the meantime. Check out our Mate 9 unboxing video after the break. Read more

[TA Deals] Save big on subscriptions to Brain.fm


It’s pretty easy to get distracted when you’re trying to work on something, especially with smartphones and tablets laying around everywhere and the growing appeal of social media and sites like Reddit. Doing something like listening to music can help to drown out some of the distractions and keep you focused, but sometimes that only makes things more difficult. That’s where Brain.fm comes in. Read more