ZTE can continue U.S. trade through end of August with latest extension


Earlier this year ZTE found itself on the wrong side of the friend or foe line with regard to the U.S. government. After allegations surfaced that ZTE was channeling technology to Iran contrary to U.S. export-controls, the Commerce Department proposed what would have been some of the toughest trade sanctions ever levied by the U.S. against a company. Shortly after that, a reprieve was issued based on ZTE’s interest in cooperating with the government’s investigation. That reprieve was scheduled to end on June 30th, but a statement issued by the Commerce Department on Monday¬†indicates the government is extending relief through at least the end of August. Read more

New Google Cast SDK Version 3 released


Although much of the attention surrounding Google Cast seems to focus on hardware, like announcements of new TVs that natively support Google Cast, an important part of the platform’s ecosystem is the tools made available for developers. At Google I/O 2016, it was announced that a new set of tools was ready to launch for developers who wanted to implement Google Cast in their apps. Google made good on that with today’s release of the Google Cast SDK Version 3, which not only eases the job for developers, but also brings some new features as well. Read more

[Video] First look at TouchWiz for the Samsung Galaxy Note 7?


A new video surfaced via Italian site HDBlog.it that appears to show the new TouchWiz user interface that will be launched on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in August. With the launch of that smartphone a little over a month away, this is likely a beta build of the interface, although it should be pretty close to being a final version. The video shows several features of the interface layer like a new notification shade, new device toggles and the theme management system. Read more

Google announces several new tools with the educator in mind


Google has been making huge inroads into the education sector in recent years. Those efforts will likely continue based on several expansions and new tools that Google announced today during the ISTE education technology conference. The tools will not only make learning a better experience for students, Google hopes their efforts will help teachers focus more on educating and less on wrestling with technology. Read more

Google CEO Sundar Pichai latest exec targeted by OurMine


Earlier today it was discovered that a group called OurMine, variously described as hackers or a security firm depending on your frame of reference, managed to hack into the Quora account for Google CEO Sundar Pichai. In addition to the Quora account, the group also managed to establish a connection to Pichai’s Twitter account, which they then used to publicize the success of their efforts. Read more