Google’s latest open-source software makes it easy to create huge, interactive displays

google anypixelGoogle has announced some new software called AnyPixel.js that’s designed to make it easy for anyone to create a large, interactive display. kind of like a really cool, really big Lite Brite. The idea came after trying to figure out what to put in Google’s New York office where the company pieced together 6,000 light-up buttons with a web page controller. Read more

Samsung’s Gear Fit 2 fitness wearable and Gear IconX wireless earbuds are now official


Samsung took the wraps off two new products at an event in New York last night, the Gear Fit 2 fitness wearable and the Gear IconX wireless earbuds. It was quite the high energy affair with both Diplo and Gwen Stefani making appearances. Join us after the break for more information on the two new products.  Read more

AT&T announces new program to thank their customers


AT&T announced today a new appreciation program called AT&T thanks designed to show their customers “how much they mean to us.” Customers with AT&T do not need to do anything to participate in the program. There are no sign-ups required, no fees or waiting periods. Perhaps not surprising given moves to acquire DirecTV and with more involvement in content, the new AT&T program is entertainment-centric. Read more

Samsung Pay enters the market in Spain


Samsung continues to expand the footprint for their Samsung Pay mobile payments platform with the announcement today that they are entering the European market by making the service available in Spain. This follows successful deployment of the service in South Korea, the United States, and in China. Besides representing Samsung’s initial foothold in the European market, Samsung Pay is also the first mobile payment service from any provider available in Spain. Read more

[TA Deals] Grab the Complete Product Management Bundle for just $44.99


It’s easy enough to buy something these days without even leaving the safety of your couch, but how do these products make it to the consumer? It’s all well and good coming up with a concept, but there’s a lot of steps to take before the idea becomes a product that can be sold to the masses. That’s where the Product Manager’s role is so important and highly valued because a good product manager will take the fledgling product and nurture it all the way through to its conclusion. If you’d like to know more about the role, you are in luck, because TalkAndroid Deals has the Complete Product Management Bundle available for just $44.99, giving a saving of 79% over its normal price. Read more

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 ranked highest by owners in the U.S.


We are all familiar with the passion of Apple fanboys and fangirls for their iPhone devices. However, a new study released by the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) shows there is at least one smartphone out there whose owners are more loyal and passionate about their devices than any iPhone model. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 notched a score of 86 to put it on top of the rankings for 2016. Read more