Motorola’s MOTOLUXE budget smartphone heads to the UK

2012 promises to be an interesting year for Motorola. Ever since Google confirmed their buyout of Motorola Mobility back in Q.3 last year, Android enthusiasts worldwide have been speculating what may come from the partnership. Already this year we’ve seen seen confirmation of the much anticipated Droid 4 and next up is the cheap and cheerful, MOTOLUXE.

Motorola is touting the Motoluxe as an affordable handset for the fashion conscious. This Android 2.3 handset sports a 4″ screen with a resolution of 480 x 854. There’s an 800 mhz processor and 512mb of RAM in the engine room. There’s also an 8mp camera on board to make sure you can get a quality HD snap of that new Prada outfit you’ll no doubt be ordering alongside the phone.

Amazon and Clove are Motorola’s partners of choice for this red-carpet ready beauty, with prices starting from as little as £250!
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White HTC Sensation XE to Land in the UK on Feb. 20

We’ve already heard plans for a white HTC Sensation to launch in parts of Europe next mont, but now it appears that the larger version, the white Sensation XE, will be heading to the UK as well. UK retailer Clove will begin selling the SIM-free, alabaster XE from February 20, for £408 ($640) .

In case you had forgotten, the HTC Sensation XE comes equipped with a faster 1.5GHz dual-core processor (compared to the Sensations 1.2), a larger 1730mAh battery, a 4.3 qHD display, and an 8MP camera capable of recording 1080p video. Beats Audio has been integrated into the device and it comes with a pair of in-ear Beats Audio headphones. HTC has also mentioned that the XE will be getting the Android 4.0 update sometime in the coming months as well. Currently the device is running Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

If you are in the UK and are looking to purchase a new dual-core Android phone, I must say this device isn’t a bad choice. One thing to keep in mind though, if you’re the type of person who always wants the latest and greatest I suggest waiting to see what HTC has up their sleeves for Mobile World Congress at the end of this month. Stay tuned as we will be giving a full report as the event unfolds.

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BaconReader App Updated To Version 1.25


One of the best Reddit clients has just gotten a big update which brings some significant improvements. BaconReader has been updated to software version 1.25 and features some performance improvements and scrollable widgets for HoneycombICS devices. Users of the app can also look forward to the following:

  • Beautiful, intuitive interface
  • Full user profile support
  • Color coded comment threads
  • Easy to use, full featured inbox
  • Rageface and look of disapproval support
  • One-tap access to your favorite subreddits
  • Search for new subreddits based on name or keyword and subscribe to them

If you don’t use BaconReader now, be sure to give it a whirl today— especially if you’re an owner of a Honeycomb or ICS device. You can find the app at the Market link below or using the QR code. Let us know how you like the updated version in the Comments section below.

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Android Kernel Source Released For HP TouchPad Tablet, Hackers & Developers Now Licking Their Chops

The HP TouchPad continues to get a new lease on life– this time receiving a test version of the Android kernel. HP (which has long been a supporter of the Android development community) released information and other components to the CM developers working on the CM9 port for the TouchPad. Here is some insight HP’s support and a possible backstory of the TouchPad’s development from Rootz Wiki user Green:

“HP supports the community and was kind enough to provide us with the Android kernel source and some other GPL components that they modified for the few Touchpads that were accidentally released running Android… What’s interesting about this kernel is it seems to be a totally separate development from the webOS kernel (this was suspected from the very beginning), but now the comments in the code seem to imply that HP had another team working on Android port to Touchpad and that team appears to be totally separate from the webOS team. I wonder if that means there was a plan to ship the Touchpad with Android that were then preempted by webOS plans after Palm purchase.”

While there’s no WiFi support for the HP TouchPad as of yet, the developers hope it will be on the horizon. The CM9 port for the TouchPad certainly is shaping up to be one of the more anticpated ports around.

source: RootzWiki

LG teases the Optimus VU, Features a 5-inch 4:3 IPS display [Video]

LG teases the Optimus VU - 5-inch 4:3 IPS Display

Mobile World Congress won’t have the Samsung Galaxy S III, but there’s no question we’re going to see some interesting stuff. For example, the LG Optimus VU just showed up on LG’s YouTube channel so it’s probably a good bet that it will be unveiled next month at MWC. This one features a 5-inch IPS display, which doesn’t seem all that out of the ordinary, but the dimensions do. It’s a 4:3 display, which we don’t see too often anymore.

Other unofficial specs include a 1.5 GHz dual-core Qualcomm WPQ8060 processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of internal storage, 8MP camera, and Android 2.3. Checkout the video and we will let you know more soon.

YouTube Preview Image

source: engadget

Guide: What is a QR Code? (Beginners)

First of all, I’d like to tell you that you made the right choice grabbing an Android device. So, let’s get down into just what your new Android smartphone can do for you. The best way to do that is to grab the apps that get you up and using the power of Android quickly, without causing too much reading. Let’s be honest here, you don’t want to read a novel on how to use your smartphone, you’d rather take the knowledge in doses so you can get back to the 108th level of Angry Birds. If you’ve had an Android device for some time, pass this information around to other Android newbies you know around you.

A question many people have when they look around in stores and websites now, is what the heck are those black and white squares for? Those are called ‘QR Codes‘ (quick response code), and your Android device has the ability to scan them and display information. Until the past year or so, QR codes didn’t really take off into mainstream advertising. Now, you see them everywhere from Real Estate, Starbucks, and the latest Best Buy flyers. They can do much more than just display websites and facebook pages though, with the right app, you can easily share your installed apps, contact information and clipboard to anyone with a QR code scanner too. (The other person will need an Android device to grab your shared application though).

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Size Matters: Who Wants a Phablet?

When mobile phones first became ubiquitous, the best phones were the smaller ones. Every new model got smaller and smaller and would sell better than the bigger, clunkier models. Then, in 2007, Apple introduced the iPhone…a phone that was all touch screen and was meant to be looked at as much as be held to one’s ear. Suddenly, the tiny phones of the past seemed severely inferior, and the shrinking trend halted and began to reverse.

Product Identity
Fast forward a few years and the trend continues. The proliferation of Android devices flooded the market with devices of varying shapes and sizes. From the iPhone-esque 3.2″ HTC Hero, to the beefy 10.1″ Xoom tablets, Android ran the gamut of sizes. When Dell came out with the 5″ Dell Streak, people didn’t know whether it was a large phone or a small tablet. The common belief of why it ultimately failed was exactly that…product identity.

Samsung has done well with its 5.3″ Galaxy Note overseas, and is about to make a splash with it stateside. But shouldn’t it succumb to the same fate as the Dell Streak since it’s nearly the same weird size? I don’t think so, and here’s why:

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LightSquared Requesting the FCC Require Stricter GPS Device Standards

LightSquared, the company which has spent billions of dollars developing a whole-sale only wireless broadband network, filed a document with the FCC regarding stricter standards of GPS devices. LightSquared believes that signals that are used as part of GPS bands are the culprit of interference on the spectrum that they’ve chose to use for their services. Originally, that spectrum was supposed to be a satellite-only type of deal, but the FCC cleared it for terrestrial use back in 2005. The FCC also granted the company a waiver so LightSquared could run a terrestrial-only network.

Now, due to Sprint delivering an ultimatum, LightSquared is pressed for time in achieving a resolution for all these interference issues. Losing a long-term multi-billion dollar deal like the one struck with Sprint could be potentially catastrophic for LightSquared, especially when you couple it with LightSquared’s largest investor, Harbinger Capital Partners, who last year reported a whopping 46.6 percent value loss. Although the potential of LightSquared can be valued quite high in my opinion, it seems that if it can’t strike a deal with the FCC, we might be seeing a little more sinking than swimming.

Source: CNET

Seesmic App Receives update, Includes Bug Fixes and Drops Google Buzz support

For those of you heavy Twitter and Faceboook users, I am pretty sure you have heard of Seesmic, the app that allows you to post to multiple social networks at one time. While Seesmic is a great outlet for your accomplishing your social networking needs, it’s been a really long time since it has seen an update. Today, the app finally received an update that the developer describes as follows:

This version addresses various bug fixes and minor updates including:

  • Updates to address issues with Trending Topics
  • Support for links
  • Bug fixes based on feedback
  • Dropped Google Buzz support

As you can see, not much has changed. Regardless, though, it’s always nice to know that the developer is going to continue with maintenance and support. If you have yet to receive the update or want to give Seesmic a try, hit up one of the links below. They must be doing something right because the app has maintained a 4 1/2 star rating out of over 120, 000 reviews.


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MotoActv update coming March 7th – Supports more sports and other capabilities

MotoActv owners can look forward to an update on March 7th that will bring over 40 new activities to the little unit including yoga, pilates, dancing, and martial arts. Moto has also went ahead and tweaked the functionality of the MotoActv in this update. For instance, you’ll be able to activate the display with a flick of the wrist and they moved WiFi setup onto the device itself. No more messing with the phone if you don’t want to. The last thing they mentioned in their official blog post related to the MotoActv Training Portal. Specifically, the update will allow you to hold competitions against others using the service, almost Xbox Live style.

That seems like a pretty hefty update, and yet, Moto teases, “and this is just a sneak peak – look out for more details of further new additions.”

We’re looking forward to seeing what all is in store when the update drops worldwide, March 7.

source: Motorola