Mystery HTC Phone Says Hi To The Blurry Cam, Flaunts Its Thin Bezel In The Process


Well friends, it looks like we’re getting a little closer to seeing what’s going on with HTC. After getting specific instructions to mark September 19th on our calendars, there has been rampant speculation as to what HTC has up its sleeve. Naturally when a major manufacturer has an event planned, it almost always means a new toy is on the way and we have some news to possibly highlight the very thought. Chinese website Techorz has obtained an exclusive blurry photo of an upcoming smartphone and highlights a specific noteworthy feature. Despite the blurred photo, you can clearly see the horizontal bezel is a bit on thin side, which likely indicates a smartphone with a bigger screen.

The mystery device also has attractive items as well. Techorz reports it will feature a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU, 2GB of RAM, Jelly Bean and a 1080p or 720p display. All in all, the site mentions this mystery device could in fact be the “Endeavor C2″— though the “Endeavor C2″ is likely a different smartphone altogether,  especially considering it’s supposed to have a Tegra 3 processor and not a Snapdragon S4. Hopefully whatever the mystery device is, more specific details will surface— especially as September 19th draws near.

source: Techorz
via: Android Central

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 review: This time it’s a tablet

The Galaxy Note was a huge success despite many critics saying it was too big. Many wondered if it was a phone or a tablet. Some even called it a phablet, but it didn’t matter because sales were much stronger than anticipated. It’s no surprise that Samsung would try to capitalize on that success by coming out with a full-fledged tablet. Samsung is promising the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet is a multitasking powerhouse with features you won’t find on any other device. Is it original enough, do these features actually work, and do you need them? Hit the break to find out, but you can also check out our hands on from the launch event here.

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Could this Samsung SGH-T889 leaked image be T-Mobile’s Galaxy Note 2?


Looks like this screenshot image could very well be T-Mobile’s upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The image shows SGH-T889, Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean and the UA proof also tells us it has a display of 1280×720. Let’s keep in mind that T-Mobile’s original Note was dubbed as the SGH-T879, so it wouldn’t be inconceivable that this slightly higher number will be the Note 2.

According to TMONEWS, T-Mobile’s Note 2 will keep the powerful quad-core Exynos processor made by Samsung and will run on the 42MB HSPA+ network. This would be great considering it will be one of the rare Samsung US devices that is able to retain the Exynos rather than using the Snapdragon processors.

I’m actually quite surprised that a leak of this magnitude (if legitimate) has surfaced so quickly. Perhaps this is the reason T-Mobile’s original Note was short lived. Either way I’m excited for this device to hit T-Mobile sometime this Fall. Would the Note 2 be something you guys wait for, or is the Galaxy S III powerful enough for you?

source: TMONEWS

Galaxy S III 4G coming to Telstra and Optus with quad-core chip and Android 4.1

A minor iteration of Samsung’s flagship smartphone will soon be making its way to Australian carriers Telstra and Optus with 4G LTE in tow. Dubbed the Galaxy S III 4G, it will be the first LTE-version of the device to launch outside of Korea with the company’s very own quad-core Exynos processor on board. If that isn’t enough, users will have access to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out of the box.

The 4.8-inch superphone will launch on both carriers in October with two color options for each network — white and blue on Optus, and grey and black on Telstra. Optus notes that customers who pre-order the GSIII online can expect to receive theirs by September 20th. Hit the source links below for the full low-down.

Source: Optus, Telstra

Samsung and Android Still King According To ComScore Numbers

Well, folks, the July 2012 ComScore numbers are in and we’re seeing more of the same… Samsung and Android are both still leading in market share. Sammy posted a 25.6 percent lead in the U.S. market, down 0.3 percent from April, but still dominant overall. Samsung nemesis Apple went up 1.9 percent for a total of 16.3 percent in the U.S.

On the OS front it’s what you’d expect… Android is up 1.4 percent to 52.2 percent overall and Apple is also up 2 percent to 33.4 percent overall. Microsoft dropped 0.4 percent and owns 3.6 percent of the market, and poor RIM took the biggest hit with a 2.1 percent drop and holds only 9.5 percent of the market.

Really no surprises here. The trends continue. For a more detailed analysis, hit the source link.

source: comscore

T-Mobile and Walmart team up to offer Galaxy S II for $300 off-contract

T-Mobile and Walmart have just announced an exclusive retail offer for the Samsung Galaxy S II, giving customers the option to purchase the device outright for $300. Because it’s contract-free, subscribers can take advantage of T-Mobile’s Monthly4G plan, which offers unlimited data, unlimited text and 100 minutes of talk time for just $30 per month.

The deal is enticing, but for just $50 more you can purchase an unlocked Galaxy Nexus on the Play Store. And, while the Galaxy S II may have seen the last of its updates, the Galaxy Nexus will continue to live on for quite some time thanks to its Nexus branding. However, if you’re the kind of person who goes nuts for TouchWiz, then be sure to catch the full press release after the break.
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HTC announces September 19th press event, new hardware is inevitable

HTC has just sent out invitations to members of the press for an event scheduled for September 19th in New York City. Not to be overshadowed by the likes of Nokia, Motorola and Apple, it is expected that the company will unveil brand new hardware.

Rumors strongly suggest that HTC could very well be prepping a new Windows Phone 8-based device. Although it’s possible that the manufacturer could be showing off its most recently leaked 10-inch tablet. Additionally, the event may have nothing to do with either of the aforementioned rumors, and could inevitably provide a better look at the elusive black and red-colored One X lookalike destined for Verizon Wireless we saw last week.

Without any relevant details, it looks like we’ll have to wait patiently to find out what HTC has up its sleeve.

Source: Engadget

Apple v Samsung jury foreman answers more questions, admits no review of patents

Following up on his television interview last week regarding the Apple v Samsung case, earlier today the jury foreman agreed to field live questions on the Gizmodo web site. In the course of the interview, he admitted the jury never considered the validity of the patents claiming Judge Koh instructed the jury not to consider the validity and instead to assume their validity.

A quick read of the jury instructions shows just how mistaken the foreman was. On line 7, page 35, Judge Koh’s instructions state, “the decisions regarding infringement and invalidity are yours to make.” Further, entire sections of the instructions deal with determining the validity of patents. Instruction No 33 involves utility patents and obviousness, while instructions 43, 48 and 52 all deal with the validity of design patents. Lengthy guidance is provided regarding the standards the jury should apply in deciding whether the patents are valid, since an invalid patent would provide a defense for either party against the allegations of infringement.

As the Groklaw site suggests, the foreman’s reasoning creates a never-ending circle of passing the buck on deciding whether patents are valid. The USPTO issues patents on the assumption their validity will be reviewed by the courts while courts would operate on the assumption the USPTO issued a valid patent. No one ever decides whether the patents are actually valid though, as appears to have happened in this case.

What Samsung can do with these statements now is unclear, but there is probably a good chance you may be seeing them again in future filings as part of Samsung’s appeal.

source: Groklaw

AT&T Branding Revealed on Sony Xperia T in UK Promo Shot

Last week we were hit with a triple-shot of news from Sony at IFA regarding their upcoming devices, and one of those devices was the announcement of their flagship phone – the Xperia T. While the beans were spilled at IFA regarding the specs for Sony’s upcoming beast, we were left wondering about specific U.S. release information. Well, today that picture became clearer by way of a promo shot posted on a UK retailer’s product page for the Xperia T. In the shot, you can clearly see the AT&T logo below the Home key on the phone. On the product page itself, there are three images used in the description of the phone. The first two images simply show the same “Xperia” logo that we saw at IFA, however the last image replaces the Xperia logo with the AT&T logo. AT&T hasn’t released an official comment regarding the image, but we’ll keep you posted if they release a statement regarding the revealing shot.

source:  Phones4U






Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE Review: Hands-Down The Best QWERTY Slider Phone Available On Sprint’s Network


As Sprint has launched bigger and better smartphones for 2012, it’s only natural that we see an entrant in the QWERTY arena and that’s why Sprint decided to bring its customers the Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE smartphone. Now many of you are thinking wait a minute— the original Photon 4G was neither an LTE smartphone nor a phone with a slide-out keyboard. While those two points are certainly true, the 2012 refresh of the Photon Q certainly has a lot going for it. There’s a fast processor, gorgeous ColorBoost display and a pretty slick design. Moreover, it doesn’t hurt the physical keyboard is possibly one of the best keyboards on an Android phone.

The Photon Q has internals that competes quite nicely with other premium phones, but the phone is priced at a princely sum of $200. That’s certainly a far cry from Motorola’s Atrix HD which is essentially a premium smartphone priced at $100. Then again Sprint’s other QWERTY smartphones currently in its lineup are the Samsung Epic 4G that is priced at $100— despite it being a two-year old device and the Kyocera Rise smartphone priced at $20. So in essence, the Photon Q certainly has an edge over the other QWERTY devices because of the fact that well, there’s virtually no other phone to compete with in Sprint’s lineup as far as pure specs and raw power. So is Sprint’s newest Motorola toy worth the price? Join us after the break to see if the phone is indeed worth the money.

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