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LG could offer a fingerprint sensor on both the G2 Pro and G3


Well it appears that fingerprint sensors are going to be the rage this year. Apple kicked things off last fall, followed by HTC shortly after. Samsung appears to readying something similar for the Galaxy S 5, and now LG might join the party with their upcoming G2 Pro and G3.

LG will probably implement their sensor on the back of the device, which isn’t surprising since they implemented power and volume buttons on the backside of the G2.

Speaking of the G2, it was LG’s plan to implement a fingerprint scanner on that phone, but just couldn’t get it done in time.

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Samsung, Sony, and Microsoft score higher than Apple in customer experience survey


For many years, Apple has been the envy of every other tech company, but kinks in the armor are starting to appear. Forrester Research just posted the results of their third study regarding customer experiences for electronics companies, and things didn’t go so well for Apple this time around.

For the first time, Apple fell below Samsung, Sony, and Microsoft. Interestingly enough, Amazon has led this category for the Kindle line of tablets since 2012.  This year, they got their highest score ever of 91, which lands them in the “Excellent” category. Second place went to Sony with a score of 83, and Samsung and Microsoft tied for third with a score of 82. Apple wasn’t far behind at 81. All four of these companies are in the “Good” category.

Now these scores are all pretty darn close, but it is the first time that Apple is this far back. Are you guys surprised with the results?

source: WSJ


New Nexus 8 Information Surfaces: To Debut Mid-2014 and Will Be Made by Asus

nexus_8_promotionalShortly after the release of the Nexus 5 and Android 4.4, news circulated the internet suggesting that Google was working on an eight inch Nexus tablet. This news was all but confirmed with a photo that was found online. Google quickly squashed rumors though with a touched up photo that made it look like a Nexus 7. The idea of the Nexus 8 was dead. However, if current rumors are correct, it may have risen from the grave.

If recent reports are any indication, Google is taking a hit on the second generation Nexus 7 due to competitors having lower-priced devices. That hit, may have pushed Google to consider a bigger Nexus. According to supply chain sources, Google may debut an eight inch Nexus by mid-2014 (typically the time frame the Nexus 7 debuts). Asus would also be making this tablet and it would run on Intel’s Bay Trail-T platform. More information regarding the new Google tablet is said to be unveiled over the next month.

Of course, it’s good to remain skeptical given the back and forth this tablet has already had. We’ll update you as soon as we know more.

source: DigiTimes

Beats Music officially kicks off today in the U.S., AT&T customers get an extended free trial and Family Plan


If you find yourself bored with the plethora of music apps available on Android (and iOS), then you might want to check out Beats Music. It’s finally available today, but unfortunately for the U.S. only.

Beats Music appears to be taking the Slacker approach by adding curators to make your music experience better. There is even an option to tell Beats where you are or how you’re feeling so that the service can delivery a unique stream for you, which is similar to Slacker’s “My Vibe” option. There are over 20 million songs with no ads, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding what you want to hear.

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Samsung Galaxy S 5 said to be announced February 23, just before Mobile World Congress, with an April launch


Samsung’s Galaxy S 5 is seemingly going to be announced next month. Eldar Murtazin, the man who correctly claimed the Galaxy S 4’s announcement date last year, says that Samsung will be holding a “pre MWC” launch on February 23 in Barcelona. He even gave the exact time — 18:00 local time. As for the price, he says it will remain exactly the same as the GS4. And the release date will be sometime in April.

Murtazin includes “new touchwiz” and specifications that he claims we know already. The new Touchwiz likely packs the previously leaked home screen and Google Now-like service. Murtazin adds that “Galaxy S5 software is a next step in touchwiz evolution.” For consumers that stayed away from Samsung due to Touchwiz, this could be bring them in.

When one follower on Twitter asked if Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 805 would be packed inside with a 2K display, Murtazin responded with multiple smiley faces, saying “or” with another smiley face. So yes, the Galaxy S 5 is coming sooner than we think.

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Photos of Midnight Black Oppo N1 leak

Oppo N1 midnight black

Want a unique version of the Oppo N1 that’s not the crazy Pepsi-edition? You’re in luck. Some pictures have leaked of the N1 in Midnight Black as opposed to the plain white color that it normally ships with. Aside from the new paint job, the device is exactly the same as the standard Oppo N1. No Cyanogenmod preinstalled here, unfortunately. Still, the black does look pretty slick.

You can check out the rest of the photos at the source.

source: Gizchina

Sony blocks AnTuTu benchmarking app from being installed on prototype devices

sony_antutuIf you’re reading this site, chances are you like a good leak. Well, Sony doesn’t, and they’re blocking the AnTuTu benchmarking app from even being installed on prototype devices. If you try, you’ll see the popup above, which isn’t just a warning, but actually forces you to uninstall the app. This surely won’t stop leakers, but they’ll have to find a way around it.

Source: Xperia Blog

Want to share 250MB? Now you can with Verizon’s Share Everything plan’s latest addition for just $20 per month


If you find that Verizon’s Share Everything plan offers too much data, Big Red has added a choice for cheapskates people who do not need a lot of data. For just $20 per month, customers can have a 250MB shared data plan. For many people, this is something that would never work. But there has got to be someone that wants it, right? Perhaps people that are always connected to WiFi will find this suitable.

The new $20, 250MB Shared Everything plan will become available to Verizon customers starting tomorrow, January 21.

Source: Verizon

Sony Xperia Z1 gets photographed next to its successor, Xperia Z2 (D6503)


The Sony Xperia Z2‘s (D6503) specifications leaked this morning followed by a flood of screenshots in the afternoon. So it is no surprise that someone managed to photograph the handset next to Sony’s current flagship, the Xperia Z1. In the image above, the Xperia Z2 sits on the bottom and the Z1 is up top. The handset seems to have a notification light hidden near the top. In one of the images after the break, you can see that the location of the light becomes hidden when unlit.

The handset, codenamed Sirius, is slated for an announcement at Mobile World Congress next month. Read more