HTC Velocity Receives ICS Update in Australia, One User Gives Us a Demo [Video]

Reports are showing that the HTC Velocity is starting to receive the Android 4.0 ICS update in Australia as we speak. In case Velocity doesn’t ring a bell, it is known stateside as the HTC Vivid and is currently available through AT&T. Aussie carrier Telstra has begun to push out the update to the device and Reddit and YouTube member demomanca has provided us with a nice little demo video of what ICS and Sense 3.6  look like running together. If you own a Velocity but reside in other parts of the world, I presume your carrier should be rolling-out the update soon. The HTC Velocity also takes on the name HTC Raider in Canada.

As far as when the update will arrive here in the states, well that’s entirely in AT&T’s hands now. Now that we know HTC has done there part lets hope AT&T doesn’t take too long to complete their testing period. Jump past the break to see ICS and Sense 3.6 working together in harmony. I must say, though, not too bad for a manufacturer UI overlay. 
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Xperia Sola Sports a Glove Friendly Touch Screen

A hands on with the freshly announced Xperia Sola has found its way online. As we mentioned earlier, this device features a technology Sony refers to as “floating touch.” What this does is allow the phone to track your finger movement above the screen. It also allows you to use the device with non-capacitive input or more commonly, gloved fingers. See it in action just past the break.  
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Samsung Galaxy S III Design Is Official And Ready According To Source

Looks like we’re getting more juicy details for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone. While we previously reported the device would feature a ceramic body instead of the usual plastic we’ve become accustomed to on the GSI and GSII phones, there are new reports the device will not only highlight a ceramic body— but the final design of the GSIII smartphone is complete, which indicates the phone is all set for production. This is already on top of the mouth-watering specs we previously reported which includes a rumored 4.8-inch screen with HD resolution, 8MP camera and quad-core processor for starters. Looks like the phone may very well be on its way folks.

Oh and for anyone interested: there are added reports the phone should be out by June of this year. That’s only 3 months away folks. Are any of you planning on breaking open the wallet or purse for the fancy new smartphone from Sammy?

source: Eldar Murtazin Twitter
via: Phone Arena

Kernel Governors, Modules, I/O Schedulers, and CPU Tweaks – The Master List

Whether you’re a novice or a pro, when it comes to rooting and flashing things to your phone it seems there’s always something new to learn. The topics in the title are often the least understood and yet the most sought after enhancements to our devices. That being said they generate a lot of questions and typically few concise answers. For instance, have you ever wondered any of the following?

  • “OK I have flashed this xyz kernel. What’re all these governors? How do I know which one is the best for me? How do I tweak them to bias their characters towards Battery-life/Performance/Balance between the Two?”
  • “What’s this about these modules that come with the kernel? What are they? How do I use them. Are they any good? Is it OK to neglect them?”
  • “What roles does an I/O scheduler play? How do I choose a reliable I/O scheduler?”
  • “Can I have more control on CPU? Can I get more info and tweaks on dual core CPU, bus frequency, etc?”
If so, you should check out droidphile‘s post over on XDA’s forums. Droidphile writes,
“Hope this thread could give you answers for all these questions. We’re covering governors, modules, i/o schedulers that comes with Siyah kernel, plus more. That should cover almost all the popular governors/modules/io schedulers! Many people seem to get lost in Kernel dev threads without getting answers about governors and such.”
The thread is extensive! 18 popular governors are finally clearly defined. Sample Governor tweaks are given. INIT.D scripts are explained. A comprehensive list of modules and there functions are listed, and so much more. Hit the source link to be taken to a treasure trove of Android knowledge.

source: XDA

Capcom to unleash zombies in Manchester, Bristol, and London as part of an Augmented Reality hunting celebration

To celebrate next week’s release of Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Capcom will unleash a bunch of Zombies onto the streets of Manchester, Bristol, and London. Don’t panic the world isn’t coming to an end, we are talking about augmented reality. To play you will need to live or physically be in the cities mentioned and download the Operation Raccoon City – UK Takeover app for either Android or iOS. Then you will simply hunt down zombies that will most likely be hiding or running around in various locations within these cities. You will of course need your phone and GPS to find them.

Right now there aren’t a lot of details, but in order to have a chance to play, you must head over to Capcom’s Facebook page (source link) to get signed up. It all starts on March 22 and should run through the weekend.

“We are all positive that Operation Raccoon City is going to be another successful branch to the franchise, enticing not only Resident Evil fans but also those new to the franchise,” Adam Merrett, Capcom’s PR manager, said.

“This real-world game is the perfect opportunity to bring the horror, drama, and edge-of-the seat gaming out into the real world. Operation Raccoon City – UK Takeover promises to be one the most memorable weekends of 2012.”

source: Capcom Facebook


Sony Xperia U Available For Pre-Order (Video)

The folks over at Sony have now made the Xperia U device available for pre-order should you want to get your hands on one of Sony Mobile’s newest iteration to the Xperia lineup.  The device is one of Sony’s more budget friendly handsets but offers plenty of competitive specs.  The device sports a 1 GHz dual-core CPU, a 3.5-inch “reality display” and Android 2.3 Gingerbread.  The handset will also sport a 5 meg camera also capable of capturing HD video, HDMI out and 4 GB of on-board storage.  Like all of the other Xperia devices we’ve seen from CES and on, this too will sport the cool new transparent color bar which changes according to what’s on the screen.  In addition, the exterior of the handset can also be modified with colorful caps that can be interchangeable on the device.  The phone is now available for pre-order on O2, T-Mobile UK and Three UK.  So far, it looks like the cheapest you can snatch the handset up for is on a 24 mo plan for £16.17 ($25.36) per month.  Check out the video below from Sony to get a better look at the device.  Feel free to leave your thoughts on the comments below.

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Nokia Maps Officially Launched As Web-Based App


Nokia has officially released an interesting alternative to various map applications for Android devices called Nokia Maps. Using its Nokia Conversions blog site, Nokia highlights the the app is web browser-based, so by simply going to on your smartphone browser, you’ll find immediate a complete navigation system identical to that of Google Maps. That means you’ll find navigation for whether you’re driving, walking or even bus/train support— which is handy for folks like me who live out in the New York City area. In addition, you’ll see satellite views of maps, public transport routes and oh— live traffic view too. The web-based navigation app also includes support for audio as well which is supported for walking directions for the time being. By simply downloading a small file (2MB), you’ll find your standard voice giving the usual turn directions available as well.

Naturally Nokia Maps isn’t as detailed as what’s found in Google Maps yet, but it’s pretty solid for being not only being a newly released app, but a web-based one at that. If you’re on an Android 2.3+ device and feel like trying something new, give the app a try by heading on over to using your web browser.

source: Nokia Conversions
via: Slash Gear

Leaked Benchmark: Pantech IM-A830S sporting a 720p display, Snapdragon S4, and ICS

Pantech might be one of those quite companies, but I suspect they will be a little louder by this time next year. With phones like the Pantech Burst, which carry some decent specs for the right price, you can see these guys are headed in the right direction. We just got word of another upcoming device from a benchmark leak. The model is IM-A830S and it will sport a 720p display (possibly 4-inches), a 1.5 GHz dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8960 processor, and Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich.

It looks like this one might be headed to Asia and South Korea at first, but details are still very sketchy. I’m sure we will hear more soon. I would love to hear from any Pantech Burst owners with their thoughts. I spent a little time with one and thought it was awesome for the money.

source: androinica


“Watch The Future” Concept Device Would Be An Awesome Companion To Your Smartphone If It Ran Android

Straight out of the left field of concepts comes this “Future Watch” caught over at f-bertrand.  A device that is a cross between a bracelet and a smartphone, there are quite a few features to speculate over.  The site doesn’t state what OS, in particular, would grace it but you know us here at TA.  We’re thinking some form of Android on this bad boy would compliment our smartphone just fine.  Check out some of the pics below courtesy of the creator of this crazy concept device.  Think it could give the Nike Fuel Band a run for its money?  Feel free to let us know what you think of it in the comments below.

And thanks to Google Translate (site was in French) we can see some of the features a device like this could sport.  Gallery of more pics after the break.


  • Tactile watch – Check your applications of your smartphone from your watch:
  • Weather – Stock Exchange – GPS – FBook – SMS – Running – Compass – Music – Contact …
  • The orientation of icons adapts depending on the position of your wrist
  • for easy reading in any position (bike, car, scooter).
  • A link option lets you track your pulse
  • through your pulse and also reveal your emotions.
  • 4 links home + many options

Square Enix Launched Final Fantasy III RPG Game… For Japanese Android Devices

One of the best RPG games ever is officially on Android devices… well in Japan at least. Famed developer Square Enix has not only brought Final Fantasy III to Android, but it has brought with it stunning 3D graphics, an improved UI and controls specifically customized for touchscreens. The game has successfully transitioned from being dated and has become modern folks. For those of you who are worried about the original story being lost or changed also fear not— the story seems to be entirely intact from the original.

As indicated at the beginning: while this game is out on Android devices, it’s only available in Japan at this time. Here’s hoping Square Enix comes to its senses and releases a English version for the rest of us who love the game. Be sure to check out some of the screenshots below.



source: Droid Gamers