Quick Look at Today’s Free Amazon App: Elecont Weather

by Joe Sirianni on
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As there is no shortage of weather applications in the Android Market today, there are few who offer the service in style, accompanying rich and stylish graphics with its application and widgets.  The app offers you weather in the form of hourly and daily updates ranging all the way up to a 10 day forecast as it pulls its data from trusted sources like Intellicast and Foreca.  With 130,000 locations around the world available at your fingertips, you’ll be in the know how for weather conditions no matter where you are and where you go.  In addition, the app supports a plethora of widget sizes for your home screen’s real estate  convenience as well as alerts and warnings for your local area.    The app touts to offer one of the most accurate forecasts around as it works in conjunction with your device’s GPS to pin point your precise location.  Furthermore, the app offers some extra added features like a world clock, barometer which trends daily air pressure, sunrise and sunset times for most major cities, moon phases as well as set and rise times, multiple location monitoring support and the ability to notify you of temp, moon phase and other conditions directly in your Android device’s notification bar.  And lastly, here’s one thing you don’t see often in a weather application:

As a final touch, the Elocont Weather app even includes earthquake information. No, it can’t predict earthquakes (yet), but it does list all the recent seismic activity in a given area (that you can adjust). Call up a detailed list of recent quakes–including size on the Richter scale, location, and exact time–and, with one touch, see them plotted on a map.

Ready for the download?  If you don’t currently have the Amazon App Store side  loaded onto your device you can grab it by going here and entering either your phone number or email address in the upper right hand corner where you’ll be able to obtain a download link.  Be sure to check off “unknown sources” in your system’s settings.  The application would normally run you $3.00 so take advantage of today’s free offer while it lasts. Hit the break to check out some more screen shots and to hit up the quick whopping almost 9 min video of the app in action.   » Read the rest

[Leak] LG Optimus Note press shot and blurrycam photos appear

by Robert Nazarian on
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It looks like LG will come out with an Optimus Note, which shouldn’t be confused with the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Note. The Optimus Note is a QWERTY slider with a 1.2GHz dual-core Tegra 2, a 4-inch 800 x 480 NOVA display, 5MP rear camera, VGA front camera, 8GB storage, and Android Gingerbread. It comes in at 12.3mm thick to accommodate the four-row slider.

One has to wonder if the Optimus Slider LS700 headed to Sprint will be similar. Hit the break for a couple of blurrycams:

[via engadget]

HTC Rezound passes DLNA certification, possibly another Beats phone

by Robert Nazarian on
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Yesterday we saw the HTC Rhyme get DLNA certified, and today we have the HTC Rezound. This is another device that we have no information other than we expect it to be an Android phone.

The name hints that it might be part of the Beats by Dr. Dre lineup. I am sure more information will leak sooner rather than later.

[via dlna]

Apple sues Samsung in Japan for patent infringement

by Robert Nazarian on
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It’s just another day in the Android world and that means another lawsuit. Today’s news is out of Japan where Apple is suing Samsung seeking suspension of the Galaxy S, Galaxy S II, and the Galaxy Tab. The first hearing took place yesterday in the Tokyo District Court. Of course it is no surprise that the Galaxy S outsold the iPhone from January-March.

Apple and Samsung are involved in suits in the U.S., Australia, Korean, and Europe. Samsung filed a suit against Apple in Japan in April, but Apple countersued on August 23rd. Apple is seeking 100 million yen ($1.3 million) in damages and a sales ban.

[via reuters]

DROIDAX to release a Samsung Galaxy SII Power Pack to increase battery life by as much as 300 hours in standby

by Dustin Karnes on
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Looking at getting a Samsung Galaxy SII in the near future? Fine and dandy, but what about those who need more battery life? Fortunately, DROIDAX will have you covered. The company will be releasing  a compact power pack for $49.95, that will give you:

  • as much as seven hours extra talk time
  • as much as six hours extra Internet time
  • as much as 10 hours extra movie time
  • up to 40 hours extra music time; and
  • 300 extra hours on standby.

On top of that, the power pack will let you charge the phone and pack without removing the phone from the pack itself, as well as use LED light bars to show you mow much pwer your pack currently has.

The power pack is slated for release on 9/14/11.

Be sure to hit the break for the full presser, and let us know what you think of this upcoming product in the comments below.

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Google Offers expands to Austin, Boston, DC, Denver, and Seattle

by David Laborde on
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Google Offers first trial was launched in three cities: The Bay Area, NYC, and Portland.  Well, the trial must have been successful as Austin, Boston, Denver, Seattle, and Washington D.C. were added to the list today.

Shoppers in those areas can sign up and get to purchasing immediately!

Do you live in one of the areas listed above?  Let us know what you think of Google Offers in the comments!

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Velocity Micro Announces Two New Gingerbread Tablets, Cruz T408 and Cruz T410

by Harold Williams on
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Velocity Micro has two new tablets on the way running some Gingerbread love. Both the Cruz T408 and Cruz T410 are packing the same specs inside including a 1GHz Cortex A8, front cameras, 802.11n WiFi, and Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The T408 will be an 8-inch version with a nice price tag of $239.99 and the T410 a 10-inch selling for $299.99. The $239 price tag seems about right, but with dual-core tables edging down to the $300 rage, the T410 may get passed up for something better. Hit the break for the full press release and don’t forget to share your comments.

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Samsung Transfix with QWERTY keyboard for Cricket Wireless

by David Laborde on
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It wasn’t known what the Samsung Transfix was when they filed for a mobile phone trademark, but it appears to be another Android smartphone for the pay-as-you-go carrier.  The model number of this device is SCH-r730.

With the Samsung Vitality having a model number of SCH-r720, the Transfix may be the exact same device except for the addition of the QWERTY keyboard.  The Vitality is a mid-range handset with an 800MHz CPU, 3.5-inch HGVA touchscreen, a 3.2MP camera, and Android 2.3.  There is no word yet if the Transfix will have the same specs.

Keep checking back as we’ll be sure to post updates as we receive them!

Image courtesy of our friends at phandroid.

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Citrix Brings GoToMeeting to Android

by Harold Williams on
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Citrix has made remote access incredibly easy and their flagship software GoToMeeting is no exception. Now available for Android, you’ll be able to access meetings on your Android device and even be able to pinch to zoom content that you see from the meeting. You can even connect to the meeting’s audio with your device’s mic and speakers. Hit up the break for a full breakdown of features, supported devices, and QR code with market link. Enjoy being away while you can until your boss discovers that this exists.

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Judge overseeing case against AT&T/T-Mobile orders settlement talks for September 21st

by David Laborde on
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The federal judge overseeing the Justice Department’s lawsuit against AT&T has asked both sides to discuss the prospects of a settlement on September 21st.

Judge Ellen Segal Huvelle signed an order on Monday asking the Justice Department, AT&T, and Deutsche Telekom (parent company of T-Mobile) to file a joint plan by Sept 16th on scheduling and managing the case.  Judge Huvelle sits in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.

The Justice Department filed an antitrust lawsuit on August 31st saying the acquisition would  “substantially lessen competition” in the wireless market.  AT&T said it would contest the litigation and is reportedly as working on a two track plan to address any merger concerns.

While the government’s criticism of the deal was harsh, officials have also suggested there was room to negotiate.  Sharis A. Pozen, the acting assistant attorney general, said at an August 31st news conference:  ”We apprised them of our serious concerns.  And as any party can do, our door is open”.

People briefed on the matter have said that AT&T also expects to enter in discussions about a possible solution.

[via dealbook]