Dennis Woodside: “Motorola Invented The Technology That Underpins The Mobile Industry… That Is Not Debatable”


Dennis Woodside of Motorola is highlighting the success of the Motorola brand. He starts by highlighting its history developing the mobile phone as we know it by describing the DynaTac, which was a 2.5 lb device that allowed for 20 minutes of actual talk time in 1973. He also talks about the big bets for Motorola: speed, power management (knowing how to get the most power out of thin devices) and of course, Android (turn-by-turn nav, multitasking, etc.).

Any questions that the new Motorola devices are intent on revolutionizing the smartphone… again? After all— “the new Motorola starts today”.

Google Chairman Highlights Success Of Android Platform, Claims “1.3 Million Android Activations” Per Day


Motorola is already seeing a heavy hand from Google as Chairman Eric Schmidt is giving the keynote at the Motorola event today. He continues to highlight the success of the Android ecosystem by confirming there are “1.3 million Android activations” per day in reference to Android smartphones, while adding Android tablets are also growing at a tremendous pace.

Looks like Google is saying any remaining or lingering doubts about Android’s success can now be put to rest.


So These Must Be The Stars Of Motorola’s Show Today: Say Hello To The DROID RAZR M And DROID RAZR HD Smartphones


We don’t need to live in suspense anymore gang. After anticipating what was thought to be a breakthrough device with a certain edge-to-edge screen at the upcoming even, we now know what Motorola has concocted for consuming pleasure: the DROID RAZR M and DROID RAZR HD smartphones. The DROID RAZR M smartphone is confirmed to only have a qHD display, while the DROID RAZR HD will almost certainly have a larger screen (along with ColorBoost technology, perhaps?).

So now that the cat is out of the bag, it shouldn’t be too much longer before we know the complete details of each device headed to Verizon stores.

source: evleaks (Twitter)
via: Droid Life

Nokia sends out mysterious tweet, hints at possible Android hardware

Nokia may be dedicated to Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform, but the Finnish company sent out a rather interesting tweet earlier today, hinting at the unlikely possibility of new Android hardware.

The tweet reads:

“Breakfast in New York on a big day for us! Today we dine on Jellybeans”

Does this mean the company is going to unveil an Android handset at its New York City event today? Probably not. But, with the company losing valuable market share and its Symbian platform quickly (and painfully) dying out, it would make sense. Instead, it seems as though the company is teasing us Android fans.

Even if Nokia doesn’t announce some new Android-based hardware in the Big Apple today, we’ll be there for Motorola’s press event. So, stay tuned for the latest coverage.

Source: Twitter

Amazon inks new Prime Instant Video deal with EPIX

On the eve of a major product announcement scheduled for September 6th, Amazon and EPIX released information today regarding a new content deal for Amazon Instant Prime Video. Amazon Instant Prime Video is available to Amazon Prime members and gives them access to instantly download movies, television episodes and other events at no extra cost. The new deal with EPIX studio partners will provide access to titles from Paramount Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pictures, and Lionsgate. New releases like The Avengers, Iron Man 2, and The Hunger Games will be available along with other titles in the library like Paranormal Activity 2 and The Lincoln Lawyer. TV shows include titles like Parks and Recreation, Numb3rs, and Fringe, though “day after” episodes of titles should start to appear when the fall TV season launches.

In the year since launching the Amazon Kindle Fire, Amazon has doubled the titles available in their Prime Instant Video service to more than 25,000. Moves like this will help them compete with popular services like Netflix. Hit the break for the full press release.
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Google ready to move Google Fiber beyond Kansas City

In late July, Google rolled out their new Google Fiber product to Kansas City. According to Capstone analyst Rory Maher, Google is now ready to expand to new locations. In a report on Business Insider today, Maher indicates he has been in contact with sources close to the Kansas City project and they are telling him “more cities will likely be bidding for Fiber soon.”

Google Fiber is Google’s entry into the physical plant side for television and Internet connections. Fiber gives them the opportunity to serve the “last mile” – the term used for the physical connection people use to access the Internet. The product itself includes HD quality television, a beefed up DVR capable of recording up to 500 hours and access via iOS and Android apps, and high-speed Internet service.

Is the Google Fiber product something you would be interested in coming to your location?

source: Business Insider

Google Achieves Multiple User Face-To-Unlock Patent

With all the recent hubbub about patents, it’s only fitting the Mountain View giant is in the news as it recently achieved a big goal. Google recently won a face-to-unlock patent which is likely to allow multiple users share one “computing device”. In theory, it works in a simple way too. A user would point your face at a device’s built-in camera which allows for access to a personal profile. Once one user is finished and another wants to access the device, he or she can do the same action. Hmmm… sounds a little familiar, doesn’t it?

Looks like Android is aiming to become much more interesting folks.

source: USPTO
via: Engadget


Mystery HTC Phone Says Hi To The Blurry Cam, Flaunts Its Thin Bezel In The Process


Well friends, it looks like we’re getting a little closer to seeing what’s going on with HTC. After getting specific instructions to mark September 19th on our calendars, there has been rampant speculation as to what HTC has up its sleeve. Naturally when a major manufacturer has an event planned, it almost always means a new toy is on the way and we have some news to possibly highlight the very thought. Chinese website Techorz has obtained an exclusive blurry photo of an upcoming smartphone and highlights a specific noteworthy feature. Despite the blurred photo, you can clearly see the horizontal bezel is a bit on thin side, which likely indicates a smartphone with a bigger screen.

The mystery device also has attractive items as well. Techorz reports it will feature a quad-core Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU, 2GB of RAM, Jelly Bean and a 1080p or 720p display. All in all, the site mentions this mystery device could in fact be the “Endeavor C2″— though the “Endeavor C2″ is likely a different smartphone altogether,  especially considering it’s supposed to have a Tegra 3 processor and not a Snapdragon S4. Hopefully whatever the mystery device is, more specific details will surface— especially as September 19th draws near.

source: Techorz
via: Android Central

Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 review: This time it’s a tablet

The Galaxy Note was a huge success despite many critics saying it was too big. Many wondered if it was a phone or a tablet. Some even called it a phablet, but it didn’t matter because sales were much stronger than anticipated. It’s no surprise that Samsung would try to capitalize on that success by coming out with a full-fledged tablet. Samsung is promising the Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet is a multitasking powerhouse with features you won’t find on any other device. Is it original enough, do these features actually work, and do you need them? Hit the break to find out, but you can also check out our hands on from the launch event here.

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