OnePlus unveils StyleSwap covers for its upcoming ‘One’ smartphone


OnePlus just unveiled another feature of its upcoming One flagship. The company has announced that the device will support StyleSwap covers.

StyleSwap covers allow the user to customize the appearance of their device while still maintaining the protection. The covers will come in a variety of colors and textures including Silk, Sandstone, Denim, Bamboo, and Kevlar. The Kevlar, Denim and Bamboo covers will be made out of their original material.

This is an interesting addition by OnePlus to its upcoming device though the company hasn’t yet to unveil the cost of the StyleSwap covers. We’ve seen other manufacturers offering their devices in a variety of colors. HTC offers their own unique Double Dip cases while Moto G users can replace their device’s rear cover with a differently color.

Source: OnePlus

Leaked specs for HTC’s All New One may finally confirm dual-camera resolutions

All New HTC One

HTC’s All New One has passed through Chinese TENAA certification, and the listing finally confirms the last thing we didn’t know about the device; the megapixel count of the two cameras on the rear of the device.

The TENAA listing has reported two resolutions for the All New One, one of which is a 16 megapixel shooter, and the other is listed as a 4 megapixel camera. That makes it pretty clear HTC is going to try a 3D photo gimmick with this device, so the next reasonable explanation would be mixing the 4 MP Ultrapixel camera with an uber-high resolution 16 MP camera. In low-light situations, the Ultrapixel camera can take over for sharp shots, and in brighter situations, the higher resolution camera can take the crystal clear shots. Read more

Highlights and Video from the Moto 360 Hangout


After a little bit of a delay (Difficulties with Google+ Hangouts), Motorola’s Jim Wicks was on a YouTube live stream to discuss the Moto 360. Jim is the chief designer of the Moto 360 and he was interviewed by Motorola head of social media, Barbara Liss. They also took some questions that were submitted beforehand.

We have the highlights from the interview as well as the full video after the break.

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Pandora announces subscription pricing changes


Pandora, the popular music streaming service, has announced some changes to their pricing for Pandora One subscription plans. In a nice nod to their existing customer base, they indicate that active monthly subscribers will not see a price increase, keeping their monthly fee at only $3.99 per month. Users that have an annual subscription for $36 per year will see their costs go up a bit as they will be transitioned to a discounted $3.99 per month plan when their renewal period rolls around. Pandora indicates they will no longer offer annual subscription plans. The monthly cost for new subscribers will increase to $4.99 per month starting in May. Read more

First gen YotaPhone now available in UK


Although YotaPhone recently demoed their second generation YotaPhone during MWC 2014, the new device is not expected to be available until much later this year. For buyers in the U.K. who are interested in the dual-display form factor that YotaPhone has developed, they do have a new option available. The first generation of the YotaPhone can now be ordered from the company’s web site for £419 ($694 USD). If you want to get used to having a second screen on the back of your smartphone, snapping up one of these devices may be the way to go. Hit the source link below if you are interested in placing an order.

source: YotaDevices
via: Engadget

Buying a Chromecast in the UK? BBC iPlayer already supports it


We have good news for those of you in the UK. As you know, the Chromecast is now officially available in the UK, among other countries. It was already reported that the BBC iPlayer app would support the Chromecast soon, but it’s already working.

Apparently you don’t even need to update the app. You will be looking for the standard Chromecast logo at the top of the app. It might take a minute to show up or you might need to close the app and relaunch. Once you see the Chromecast logo, you are good to go. Just cast away.

If you haven’t grabbed your Chromecast yet, you can do so at Google Play, Amazon, PC World, or Currys for £30. BBC iPlayer download links after the break.

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Samsung has an 8.4-inch AMOLED tablet in the pipeline


At some point this year, Samsung is going to reveal tablets that feature an AMOLED display. We already reported on at least one such tablet, but we didn’t know the display size. Thanks to GFXBench, we now know that they will at least offer an 8.4-inch version.

It goes under the model number of SM-T700 and will sport an AMOLED 2560 x 1600 display. This is a pixel density of 359ppi, just like the IPS-LCD TabPRO version that is available now.

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Godzilla – Smash3 game coming to mobile devices this May


One of the most anticipated movies (at least for me) of the year is coming this May. That’s right Godzilla!! Those that want more than just the movie will be happy to know that the mobile game is coming as well. Rogue Play just announced that Godzilla – Smash3 will land on Android and iOS devices on May 16, the same day the movie is released in theaters.

The game promises to give fans complete control of of Godzilla, including his epic roar. It will be a RPG-style game that will feature puzzle mechanics and 3D visuals.

Hit the break for the game trailer as well as the full press release.

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Moto 360 smartwatch could be very limited


The Moto 360 smartwatch appears to be what everybody wants in a smartwatch. It’s not only useful, but it looks gorgeous. The round design is refreshing, but it might also cause a few manufacturing hurdles.

A pretty reliable Motorola leaker says the Moto 360 won’t be easy to manufacture. The round design is what makes it so challenging. Cutting circular panels can be a wasteful process as well as placing internal parts in the device. The source suggests that it will probably only be offered in select regions.

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Oppo Find 7 officially unveiled sporting a 50MP camera


If you ever thought about buying an Oppo phone, but hesitated for whatever reason, that might change with the Oppo Find 7. After several months of leaks, Oppo finally took the wraps off, and although there really isn’t anything that surprised us, it doesn’t take away the fact that this phone is a serious beast.

The heart of this phone is in the camera, which is a whopping 50-megapixels and sports an f/2.0 aperture. 50MP samples are coming in at 8,160 x 6,120 and a size of 10MB. The signal processor, Pure Image 2.0, allows for a Super Zoom feature, which takes 10 burst shots and then automatically picks the best four shots to combine into a 50MP still. You can see a couple of really nice sample images thanks to Engadget.

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