Archos G9 Turbo Tablets Now Ship With ICS Preloaded and Suped-Up Processors

Thumbs up to Archos. Not only were they fairly prompt (considering other manufacturers timeline) to issue the ICS update their G9 series of tablets, they are now shipping the slates with ICS preloaded. But wait, the good news doesn’t stop there! Not only did both the 8-inch 80 G9 Turbo and the 10.1-inch 101 G9 Turbo get a fresh injection of Android 4.0, they also got a booster shot to their processors, too. The 80 G9 Turbo now runs at 1.2GHz and the 101 G9 Turbo reaches the 1.5Ghz mark, taking full advantage of their Texas Instruments OMAP 4 chipset. Good on ya Archos.

You can now purchase the suped up tablets online through the Archos’ European website, as it seems the U.S. has yet to receive stock. The 80 G9 Turbo ICS starts at £199.98 ($261) while the 101 G9 Turbo ICS starts at £249.98 ($326).

source: Eurodroid


Gameloft And Fox Announce Collaboration To Bring Ice Age Game To Smartphones And Tablets

The Ice Age series of movies are no doubt some cool movies– albeit in a cute, CG-generated sort of way. Fox Digital knows you’re excited for the 4th installment of the series called Continental Drift, so that’s why its partnered with Gameloft to bring an official Ice Age game to smartphones and tablets. While there aren’t many details of what type of game this new collaboration will bring, we do know players can interact with the familiar characters such as Sid, Manny and Diego, while playing through a series of quests and mini-games. Not excited yet? Here’s Gameloft Senior VP of Publishing Gonzague de Vallois and his thoughts on the importance of this upcoming game:

“As such, we’re absolutely thrilled to offer the official Ice Age game on smartphones and tablets. We have invested tremendously in this title and it is definitely one of our most important launches this year.”

Hit the break to see the full press release from Gameloft.

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Google+ adds Google Doc Support in Hangouts

One of the great features about Google+ is Hangouts. It’s a place where you and multiple friends, schoolmates or coworkers can gather online and gives you the ability to share a video chat between multiple people. Google just recently added a new feature that I am sure will make the productivity side of Hangouts much more useful, you can now use Google Docs while inside a Hangout. This new feature allows a group of people to look over the same document at the same time, giving users the ability to make communal changes for all to see. To start using Google Docs you just need to hit the new Google Doc button inside a Hangout and you will then have the option to open a new doc or create a new one from scratch. This should make life much easier for some of you. No word on if it will be available on Android devices any time soon.

source: Google+

Will your device get CyanogenMod 9?

I’m sure many of you are wondering if CM9 will make it to your device. Rather than get bombarded with questions from everybody and their brother, the CyanogenMod team posted a chart that should give you the answer. All you have to do is follow the chart by answering the questions (starting at the top). Looking at the first question, if your device doesn’t have 512MB or more of RAM, than you are out of luck. This means original DROID owners won’t see CM9. Of course if you have 512MB or more of RAM, it doesn’t necessarily mean for sure that you will get it, you just have to continue on with the next question and so on.

Kudos to CyanogenMod for doing this. I wish other manufacturers would do something similar instead of constantly flip flopping with consumers on whether certain devices will receive major updates.

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Ambitious Developer Designs ICS-Based Live Wallpapers Ready For Users

Let’s face it: some live wallpapers are awesome, but then other wallpapers are generic and not-so-awesome. That’s why a creative individual created some snazzy new ICS-based live wallpapers based off the AOSP PhaseBeam Live Wallpaper & its modified version called GummyBeam by kejar31. The new live wallpapers as you can see have a sweet theme and give some needed oomph to your homescreens. Getting the new live wallpapers is a breeze too. All you do is download the version of the wallpaper you want to use to your device’s SD-Card or internal storage, and use your preferred file manager to find the wallpapers and install them. Please note though– you’ll have to have sideloading (installing non-Market apps) enabled on your Android device in order for this to work.

If you’re ready for a new twist on live wallpapers, be sure to check out and download all of the wallpapers using the various links below.

Root Beam Download

Bio Beam Download

Star Beam Download

(Photo courtesy of Droid Life)

 source: RootzWiki

DROID X2 minor update (1.3.418) is now live

The DROID X2 may not be getting Ice Cream Sandwich, but that won’t stop Motorola and Verizon with minor updates. The latest is build, 1.3.418.MB870.Verizon.en.US, is now rolling. If you’re not anxious, you can wait till it pushes to you automatically, otherwise hit the Menu followed by Settings/About Phone/System Updates to manually pull it. The update includes the following fixes and enhancements:

  • Verizon Video and VZ Navigator® 3D City are now preloaded.
  • A Google Security Patch has been added to improve the security level.
  • Purchased ringtones are now able to be saved and set.
  • Device is enabled with the Wireless Alerting System.
  • Shortcut names can be updated and saved.
  • The keyboard Input Auto Error Correction setting defaults to off.
Thanks Colin and Bruce

Archos To Launch Premium Gen10 Tablets This Year [Video]

Archos has been in the tablet business longer than most, and is mostly known for their low-cost, fairly chunky hardware. Last year’s G9 tablets,  part of their Elements series, raised the spec notch up a little higher, adding dual-core Honeycomb (and now ICS) goodness to their arsenal. What Archos was missing, however, was premium hardware that could compete with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and ASUS Transformer Prime.

Looks like Archos has an ace up their sleeve with the announcement of their new G10 xs tablet series. This series includes an ultra thin 7.6mm (0.3 inches) model, along with a Transformer-like keyboard dock model. No word on the specs of these tablets, but judging from their pricing model, this is their premium line and should offer premium specs.

Speaking of pricing, here’s a breakdown of the three Archos families of tablets:

  • Budget (not Google certified): Arnova series ($65 – $195)
  • Mid-range: Elements series ($130 – $260)
  • Premium: G10 xs series ($260 – $520)

Pictures and video after the break.

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Mika Mobile Update: Why They Really Quit Android


A few days ago, we reported about how developer Mika Mobile decided to abandon Android because the cost of Android game development was higher than the profits they were making. Since Mika Mobile blogged about leaving Android, their decision was widely reported as a failing of the Android ecosystem and how making money as an Android developer was difficult and not worth the hassle.

The folks at Android And Me decided to dig deeper and talk to the developers directly, and some interesting tidbits have surfaced. Apparently, Mika Mobile is surprised at the press coverage stating that devs should flee Android sooner rather than later. The makers of Zombieville and Battleheart do not actually believe that at all. They have other reasons for abandoning Google’s platform.

So why did they quit?

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Slacker Radio is providing your NCAA Men’s Basketball fix

If you’re stuck at work and you can’t watch the NCAA game you’ve been dying to see, then Slacker Radio is coming to your rescue. The radio app will stream the NCAA Men’s Basketball action in partnership with Dial Global.

There are a few other apps that can also bring you the NCAA tournament on your phone, including the NCAA March Madness Live app.

For some Slacker Radio action, check out the Play Store download link, and the press release after break.


Play Store Download Link

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Google Earth update includes earth gallery

The popular Google Earth app is now updated to version 6.2. You can easily take a spin around the world without even standing up. So, what’s new, you ask? The most exciting addition to the app is the Earth Gallery, which is a collection of layers that you can choose from, such as city tours, earthquakes or real time flights. Plus, getting around in Google Earth is a breeze with the new zoom and pinch gestures.

If you’d like to share all the interesting places you’ve found, you have lots of choices of various social networking sites, including Google+. It’s possible to share your current view, as well.

Finally, the update will bring more stability and improved performance. Hit up the link below to download Google Earth from the Play Store.


Play Store Download Link