Alliance for Wireless Power Reports Full Steam Ahead

The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) presented a state of the wireless power union of sorts from CES. Its lofty goal is to bring next generation wireless technology to the consumer electronics marketplace. The alliance formed a 30-member consortium in 2012, including Samsung and Qualcomm, and plans to hammer down a formal technical specification in 2013. If the A4WP can get enough players on board, the technology is pretty impressive. They demonstrated charging multiple devices, with different power requirements, at the same time all free of pesky wires. Check out some of the wireless charging options we’ve seen here and the rest of CES 2013 coverage here.

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Sprint announces addition of FM radio to smartphones, new Entertain ME service

Sprint issued a press release yesterday that media consumers may find interesting. First, in a new twist on the smartphone platform, Sprint announced a preliminary agreement to sell smartphones later in the year that include the capability of picking up FM radio signals. Instead of streaming a radio station over the Internet, users would have direct access using something like the NextRadio tuner application on their Android or Windows smartphone.

The second announcement from Sprint is in regard to a new service within their Sprint Zone application called Entertain ME. Sprint is trying to consolidate several services including Sprint TV & Movies, Sprint Music Plus, Spotify, Slacker, iHeartRadio, Shazam, and Rumpus. While most of these services are available as standalone apps, Sprint believes the inclusion within the Sprint Zone will make everything easier to access for the consumer.

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Hands on with LG Google TV [Video]

In case you thought LG’s push to infiltrate your house was limited to the kitchen and laundry room with their Smart House appliances, they also showed up at CES 2013 with some hardware for your favorite television viewing area. The new LG television uses version 3 of Google TV to provide access to both “live” tv channels as well as a host of online video services. LG has updated the remote control for the TV with some new button locations and a full QWERTY keyboard on the back of the remote. The remote can also be used for voice entry purposes.

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Hands on with the LG NFC enabled smart oven [Video]

More hands on video with some of LG’s Smart House appliances that were officially introduced at CES 2013. Earlier we checked out the LFX-31995 smart refrigerator from LG. We also got to take a look at the smart oven that LG had on hand. Using the LG Optimus smartphone for demo purposes, we see some of the features available with the LG app and how it interacts with the oven. For this appliance, LG is not only using Wi-Fi, they are incorporating features that take advantage of NFC capabilities found in newer smartphones.

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Hands on with the Netgear Push 2 TV with Miracast [Video]


As we see more and more of our devices get fitted with Miracast capabilties, we are seeing more and more accessories like the Netgear Push 2 TV display adapter find its way into the limelight. Using a trusty ol’ Galaxy S III smartphone, launching the All Share Cast widget and pairing the device with the adapter— users are able to display any and all content from the smartphone’s screen right onto the television’s screen via WiFi.

I know you’re all itching to see the capability in order to believe it, so head on past the break to see just a tease of what Miracast can do for your Miracast-enabled devices.


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Hands on with the Polaroid iM836 Android camera

Smart cameras seem to be the next big trend in technology. Why not, right? If you’re gonna fork out the cash for a dedicated point-and-shoot, you might as well get one that can connect to the internet and sync to your Dropbox (and play Angry Birds, as the rep enjoyed pointing out). After Samsung’s success with the Galaxy Camera, Polaroid has decided to try their hand in the market. Take a look at our hands on video below to see what Polaroid is offering up with their iM836.

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Hands on with the ARCHOS Gen10 XS tablets [Video]


ARCHOS recently announced its new Gen10 XS tablets, so you know we had to get some hands-on time with the tablets. As you can see, both the 80 XS (the 8-inch model) and 101 XS (10.1-inch model) are displayed with the most noteworthy accessory available for the device– the Coverboard Keyboard. The Coverboard Keyboard features a combination of magnetic and latching mechanisms in order to keep the tablet covered or standing upright if needed. In addition, the keyboard does feature full Android controls— so there’s no need to necessarily rely on the tablet’s touchscreen in order to execute any given Android function. Oh and both Jelly Bean-powered tablet models have a host of intriguing goodies inside including a 1.6GHz quad-core chip inside– so things will be super snappy and responsive for users.

The 10-inch model with the keyboard is set to be priced at $299, while the 8-inch model is set to be priced at $199, so users can get a cool tablet and awesome accessory for a price that won’t break the bank too much.

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Hands on with the 13-inch ARCHOS FamilyPad

Small tablets have been all the rage lately, (especially since Google released the Nexus 7), but that hasn’t stopped ARCHOS from going in the other direction. Today at CES we got some hands on time with their behemoth 13.3-inch FamilyPad. The tablet obviously isn’t made for portability, rather ARCHOS is marketing this for use at home with the family (thus the name). A quick group game, or TV and movie time as a family are the intended purposes.  Specs-wise, you’ll find Android 4.1 running on a 1280 x 800 display, a 1GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of storage. It’ll also include a microSD slot for storage expansion as well as HDMI output. Check out the video to see it in action.

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Hands on with the ARCHOS Element Series Tablets

Remember that ARCHOS tablet we reported on last week? You know, the one that looks unquestionably like that “other” i-tablet? Well, we got some hands on time with it (them) today; there are actually five different tablets in the ARCHOS’ Element Series, each one boasting different specs and screen sizes, but retaining the same look and high quality finish. Check out the video below to see what each one offers up and which one might suit your anti-Apple needs.

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Hands on with the ARCHOS GamePad

It was only last month that we reported on ARCHOS’ innovative GamePad, a tablet with built in gaming controls (which is an increasingly popular trend this year at CES). The GamePad originally released only in Europe, but ARCHOS promised us it’d come to the states by early 2013. Well, we got some hands on time with the gaming tablet here at CES. Check out the video for our impressions.

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