Samsung Outs Galaxy S III Silhouette on Facebook, Unlike Anything We’ve Seen Yet

It is safe to say the anticipation level for Samsung’s May 3rd event in London has reached a boiling point. Not only are we expecting to see the unveiling of the Galaxy S III (or the next Galaxy phone, whatever they decide to name it), but other rumors suggest a new 10-inch tablet and S-cloud, Samsung’s cloud storage solution. Out of these three possibilities I would venture to guess the majority of people (including myself) are more anxious to see what the next Galaxy device will look like. In an effort to taunt us even further, Samsung has just posted a teaser image of this upcoming device on their Danish Facebook page, accompanied by the device’s launch date.

Looking at the blanketed device in the image above, it’s clearly obvious that all attempts to shroud the device in secrecy has ultimately succeeded. The phone really looks nothing like the “leaks” we’ve already seen, and it appears that the reports are true that Samsung has concealed the test devices in a dummy case. Under that blue blanket of mystery you can tell that the device will have a curved screen and corners much like the Galaxy Nexus but that is about all that can be deciphered. It really looks like Samsung may actually successfully keep this thing under “wraps” until the 3rd of next month where we will be live on scene to give you the full low-down. We are most definitely looking forward to it. How about you?

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source: Facebook


Verizon release latest MAP, cut price Galaxy Nexus on the way


Big Red has today released the latest MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) list for the beginning of the second quarter. Bargain hunters brace yourself and keep your cash in your wallet for a few days as the 32GB Galaxy Nexus is set to drop to $199 on a 2 year contract starting from April 23rd.

Those of you patiently waiting for the white and 16GB models may have to wait a little longer as there’s no confirmation of either at this point.

Will this latest price drop prompt you to hit your local Verizon store on Monday? Check out the full MAP list below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.


source : Droid-Life

Facebook Gets Updated, Includes Bug Fixes And More Messaging Features

Facebook has recently been updated to make it a better overall experience for all users. In addition to some bug and performance fixes, there are new features implemented such as creating group messaging and adding friends to existing messages, as well as the ability to share photos and messages right from your home screen. Facebook continues to make things easier to share with our friends and family, doesn’t it?

The new version is available for your device today, so be sure to hit up the Play Store and update the app if you haven’t already.
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Radio Shack To Offer Pre-Order For AT&T HTC One X Starting April 22

The AT&T HTC One X smartphone is one step closer to being a reality in the States. Our friends at Android Central apparently got some interesting developments regarding the anticipated device. According to a leaked document, Radio Shack is offering up a pre-order of the device starting tomorrow, April 22nd for a mere $149 and adds the device will be available on May 6. Furthermore, customers will also have the ability to use a code on their receipt to get free downloads of seven Coldplay songs. The leaked document also has additional information regarding employee training and briefings on the device. It looks as if Radio Shack will have thorough training so they will be able to answer all questions on the device, a vast accessory list and Zagg shields which will be available for the smartphone.

Well folks, it looks like we’re almost closer to having the device in our hands. Be sure to hit the break to see additional photos.
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Root All Motorola Gingerbread Phones

An XDA forum member named rodrigojfuentes has come up with a method to root all Motorola phones that are currently running Gingerbread. If you have a computer running Linux, you’re ready to get started. PC and Mac users will need to run a Linux virtual machine to continue. From the command line, you just run a few commands, alter a few files, flash, and voilá… root attained! Ready to get started? Read the full directions very carefully at the source link below.

source: xda forums

HTC is Moving Away from Physical Keyboards on Phones

You know it had to happen at some point, but it is always different seeing it in writing. HTC has announced it will move away from physical keyboards on its phones with focus being shifted to better on-screen keyboards. This is not to say HTC will never release another phone with a physical keyboard as I am sure some are in development still, just that future phones will be all-digital. If you follow the world of smartphones, this should be no surprise. When Apple released the iPhone as a pure touchscreen device, the death knell for physical keyboards began. Every manufacturer has smartphones with on-screen keyboards, and while some still include a physical one, those numbers have dwindled to nearly zero. I know there will be some people disappointed with the move to digital keyboards, but hopefully the engineering minds at HTC can make ones that are just as easy to use as physical ones.

Source: TechCrunch

Transformer Prime GPS Dongle Demoed on Video, Locks onto 16 Satellites in Just Seconds

One of the most reported complaints about the ASUS Transformer Prime is the trouble it has locking on to a GPS signal. Now, whether or not that is even a valid complaint for a tablet can be argued until blue in the face. I personally think using a tablet for a GPS unit is a silly thought and would never think to Velcro my Prime to my cars window or strap it to my bike’s handlebars. But who am I to judge? And apparently ASUS doesn’t want to judge either because they want to keep their positive customer service in tact and have offered Prime owners a solution – a free GPS dongle.

All a Prime owner needs to do is simply register their tablet and in a few weeks will receive this tablet add-on in the mail. Speaking of receiving a dongle in the mail, our pals at Engadget already got their dongle and put together a little video showing how it can drastically improve GPS reception. The Prime managed to lock on to 16 satellites in only a matter of seconds and should prove to be more than enough signal for anyone. It may not be the prettiest of solutions, but hey, at least it free. Jump past the break to check it out in action.
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Samsung Galaxy S III Shows Up on Amazon for Pre-Order, Claim Yours for 600 Euros

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S III has been spotted on Amazon and you can actually reserve your very own right now for 600 euros. According to the German listing, the GSIII will come equipped with a 12MP camera, 16GB of on-board storage (expandable to 32GB), and a 4.7-inch Super AMOLED display. It’s quite obvious that this is just a placeholder for the device and that we shouldn’t take these listed specs as “fact.” Either way, you can stake your claim right now and be the first kid on your block to say they officially have one on reserve. The listing shows it as sold by Amazon and not some third party reseller so there has got to be some sort of officiality with that kind of backing. Click the source link below to check it out for yourself.

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