[Deal] Amazon Fires up the ‘Spring into Sprint’ Sale Again, All Sprint 4G Phones are Just a Penny

Always on a mission not to be undercut, now is a great time to pick up a new Sprint 4G phone from Amazon Wireless. From now until April 30th, the wireless retailer is holding another “Spring into Sprint” sale and is offering all 4G Sprint phones for only a penny. As usual, this is for new activations only, and along with a 4G plan from Sprint comes the minimum $80 rate for the monthly service. It is unknown whether the upcoming Sprint Galaxy Nexus will be included in the deal but I would venture to guess it’s unlikely. We will definitely know for sure come this Sunday, though. Hit up the link below to once again, “Spring into Sprint.”

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NVIDIA promises console-like performance from mobile graphics by 2014

Yesterday NVIDIA’s Mike Rayfield spoke in Seattle about the evolution of the PC towards a more mobile device. For example, several years ago a PC meant a display that measured at least 11-inches, a physical keyboard, and a network connection. Now it’s anything with a display of at least 4-inches, a touchscreen replacing a keyboard (or supplementing it), and an always on connection.

NVIDIA obviously knows the PC side as they’ve spent a number of years designing graphics that powers desktops and notebooks. Now NVIDIA has invested a ton in mobile computing.

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HTC One X now available on Rogers for $169.99 on contract

Here is some great news for all of you Canadian Android fans out there. The HTC One X is now available to pick up at your local Rogers store for $170 on contract or $625 full retail price. HTC’s latest and greatest Android offering is now here with all the bells and whistles including a massive 4.7 inch 720p HD display, Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 dual-core processor, Sense 4 with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Beats Audio. The HTC One X is also one of the thinner phones available in the market so you can bring back those favorite pair of tight jeans! Hit the source link below to pick one up today.

source: Rogers

Rumor: The Upcoming LG D1L Smartphone May Feature Wireless Charging

The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III is looking to set the new standard for all Android devices. While it rightfully getting much of the attention and limelight among the Android community, LG is quietly working on a flagship device of its own and will try to steal some of the shine by having innovative features included. As you might recall, the mysterious D1L has impressive features including a 4.7-inch HD display, dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, an LTE radio and Ice Cream Sandwich. However, there’s one new feature that LG has up its sleeve too– built-in wireless charging. While LG has already introduced wireless charging on the LG Revolution, you’d have to buy an optional backplate which makes your phone much thicker. However, reports are coming in the D1L would support wireless charging by default.

If LG can improve its dismal track record of software updates with the release of the D1L, then it may possibly have a winner on its hands.

source: DDaily
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Samsung to Unveil S-Cloud Alongside the Galaxy S III on May 3rd?

We already know that Samsung will unveil the Galaxy S III on May 3rd in London but we are now learning that there may be a nice supplement to the anticipated announcement. Maeil Business is reporting that Samsung will also unveil its could service that they have been working on, and is to be called S-cloud. It will work similar to the other cloud storage options that are currently available but will have no restrictions on the type of data it can store.
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Official Ice Cream Sandwich Update Arrives For Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S II Smartphone


The Samsung Galaxy S II may have seen the Android 4.0 update on international versions already, but we here in the States are stuck with playing the waiting game if you’re on a carrier-branded version of the popular smartphone. However, to the lucky few of you who happen to own an unlocked version of the device in the US, you’re in for a special treat. Apparently the unlocked version of device used in the U.S. is getting the official update as of now, just like how owners of the unlocked version in the UK got their update recently. If you’re an owner of the unlocked global version of the smartphone, be sure to visit your Settings and check for the update in order to get the ball rolling. The update looks a bit hefty with its 216MB size, but hey, all that ICS glory is worth it in the end, right?

source: Engadget

AT&T Expands 4G LTE Network To Lafayette, Canton And Akron


When it comes to 4G LTE, AT&T has a lot of catching up to do. While it’s fast— really fast, it’s not yet available in much of the country as its competition is. AT&T is at least on its way to expanding even further by confirming 4G LTE is now available in a few markets in the midwest. We previously reported AT&T planned on expanding in the midwest, but the dream of having 4G LTE in certain midwest markets is now a reality. That means if you live in Lafayette, Canton or Akron, you’ll be experiencing some lightning fast data speeds on your devices with AT&T’s blazing fast 4G LTE network. Among the features AT&T users can look forward to are:


  • Faster speeds
  • Cool new devices (including the Samsung Galaxy Note & Pantech Burst) utilizing 4G speed
  • Faster response time
  • More efficient use of spectrum


Sounds mighty nice. Looks like the folks living in Lafayette, Indiana or Canton/Akron, Ohio will get to enjoy this luxury before the most other AT&T users can. If you live in those markets, be sure to check out the source links below for more details of AT&T’s announcement.

source: AT&T Lafayette | Canton | Akron

[Video] Drop Test performed on the HTC One X

Nobody like to see their Android phone dropped……EVER! Although, sometime you have to sacrifice one to save many. Am I right? At the very least you’ll get a good idea of what to not do with your phone. After watching this video you’ll certainly take a little more care when picking up and setting down your phone no matter which one you own.

The video following the break performs a series of drop tests with the HTC One X.  
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NVIDIA Confirms Tegra 3+ Chip Is On The Way, Brings Even Better Performance Than The Original Chip

NVIDIA is on its way to making good become just a little better by confirming its Tegra 3+ chip. Michael Rayfield of NVIDIA’s mobile business unit highlights the new chip is due to arrive sometime in 2012 which will bring even better performance to smartphones and tablets than the original Tegra 3. While the new chip will no doubt be a screamer, there’s no sign yet of an integrated LTE modem, meaning a Tegra 3-powered LTE device is still something we’ll have to dream about. On another note– NVIDIA is also looking ahead to 2013 by making plans for its next generation Tegra chip, possibly codenamed Wayne or Grey. Don’t start salivating just yet though folks– details are scarce, but you better believe we’re keeping our eyes and ears open for anything we find about the future Tegra beast.

source: Techno Buffalo

Apple’s Phil Schiller Unhappy With Instagram’s Expansion, Believes App “Jumped The Shark When It Went To Android”


Instagram’s release for Android generated an enormous amount of enthusiasm, but also significant angst among iPhone users. Apparently among the people who were unhappy about Instagram’s recent expansion was Apple Senior VP Phil Schiller. 9to5Mac reported one of its readers reached out to Schiller after noticing that his Instagram account, under the name @schiller, had vanished suddenly. Schiller responded directly to the reader through Twitter highlighting Instagram “jumped the shark when it went to Android”. Ouch.

Oh there’s more too. Another 9to5Mac reader named Clayton Braasch asked Schiller to elaborate on his statement. Braasch shares in a post on his blog Schiller’s response. Schiller contends that Instagram is still a “great app and community”, but liked the fact it was limited to a small and select group of early adopters. Since the growth and expansion of Instagram, Schiller believes “the signal to noise ratio is different”. Looks like he would have rather seen all of those Instagram alternatives for Android users instead of Instagram being available for Android.


source: 9to5Mac
via: The Verge