Google IO 2016 Coverage

Moto G4 and G4 Plus specifications and image gallery

Motorola unveiled its Moto G4 and G4 plus handsets earlier today with both models featuring 5.5-inch Full HD displays, Snapdragon 617 octa-core processors and 3,000mAh batteries. While both models have mostly the same specifications, the G4 Plus has both a better camera and a fingerprint scanner (which explains that square button beneath the display). Join us after the break for the rundown on specifications and gallery of images. Read more

Xiaomi will feature at Google I/O 2016, teaser hints at possible Android TV announcement

Google I/O 2016 doesn’t kick off until tomorrow, but we’ve already seen Google’s new Spaces messaging platform go live yesterday. Among the many rumors that the conference will see the unveiling of Android VR and possibly a headset to go with it, comes a teaser from former Google employee, Hugo Barra, who says that Xiaomi will feature at Google I/O 2016.

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Spaces is yet another messaging platform from Google


Google just can’t figure out exactly which way it wants people to communicate. When Android launched, Google Talk silently existed alongside a generic messaging app for SMS and MMS. Hangouts took over in May 2013; however, that didn’t turn out to be the Apple iMessage competitor everyone was waiting for. So people have been waiting years to get their hands on an all-in-one messaging platform from Google. It just doesn’t seem like consolidation is happening anytime soon.

Because you can never have to many messaging platforms on your mobile devices, Google is launching Spaces. At least this one has a focus, though, even if it could’ve been folded into one of the company’s other offerings. Spaces, according to Google, is mean to be for “small group sharing” with the company’s services built right into it.

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