808 Audio Canz XL Wireless Speaker review


Using your smartphone or tablet isn’t always the best of ways for listening to audio, whether that be music, a movie or some other media. A dedicated speaker setup is almost the way to go for nearly perfect crisp and rich audio. That can be an extremely pricey project, but thankfully, there are other ways of upgrading your audio game. On a tighter budget, 808 Audio’s new Canz XL wireless speaker is perfect for just that situation.

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Nest announces a slew of new products and features including an outdoor camera and person recognition

nest color thermostat

Nest has announced a few new products and some useful features for their existing products that will make your home automation that much better.

The simplest change to their lineup is that they’re now offering the iconic Nest thermostat in three new colors in addition to the stainless steel finish that the smart appliance launched with. Now you’ll be able to pick up one in white, black, or a very bold copper finish. These new colors should make it a bit easier to find a Nest thermostat to fit into whatever room you’re trying to match. Read more

Coloud No. 16 Headphones review


Headphones are a dime a dozen. There’s an insane amount to choose from, ranging from cheap low-quality options to pricey high-end solutions. When you purchase a cheap pair, you normally end up with something that sounds like a can. High-end headphones are great. The sound is usually phenomenal, but most people don’t normally want to drop $300 or so on just a pair of headphones. But, thankfully, there are still good options out there.

Coloud’s new No. 16 headphones sit on the cheaper end of the spectrum, but produce some great quality sound. You might not want to miss out on these.

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We’re hiring a video editor to help grow our YouTube channel!


So there’s a pretty good chance you’ve never seen our YouTube channel in the years Talk Android has been serving news, reviews, guides, and opinions. Or, if you have, you’re underwhelmed by what we upload. We are, too. That’s why we’re getting serious and launching a project to change our ways when it comes to video.

We’re seeking to add an up-and-coming video editor to our team.

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Galaxy Note 7 may have caused a South Carolina house fire, report says


If you had any question if your Galaxy Note 7 is affected by a malfunctioning battery, it probably is. There are at least two reported incidents of the Galaxy Note 7 now exploding in North America. A report from local South Carolina station WMBF News claims that Horry County Fire Rescue investigators say the origin of a house fire was near a wall outlet in a garage where a man’s Galaxy Note 7 was charging.

Hit the break for details.

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