Google Play Service 7.3 update brings trusted places UI [APK Download]

Google_Play_Services_Splash_BannerGoogle has updated their Play Services app to version 7.3 with a few new features, notably one adding a user interface for trusted places.

This UI will let you select an area as “trusted” within a ring, which will disable security features in that zone. This would be useful if you wanted to remove your password on your lock screen at home but keep it on everywhere else.
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OnePlus hosting an event on April 20th

oneplus one inviteIn just a few days, OnePlus will be holding an event for some upcoming product announcement. the company posted an “invitation” on Google+ and Twitter with the comment “from here on out, anything can happen.” Yep, pretty vague.

There are no details on what this event is going to be, although we’re expecting a new OnePlus device soon, and the company is planning some video game accessory, too. My money’s on the game device, but hey, anything can happen, right?
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Samsung Galaxy S6 review: Knocking on the door of perfection


Samsung has been the leader when it comes to sales of Android devices, but they haven’t always been the favorite. They have often been criticized for the quality of their build and the overall software experience. Although they still lead all other Android manufacturers in 2014, it was a dismal year for Samsung. They missed their targets and consumers got bored with the fact that the Galaxy S5 really didn’t offer anything new. At the same time, lower priced handsets were taking a bite out of Samsung’s market share.

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Motorola Connect updated with new features for the Moto 360


Motorola is in the midst of rolling out an update for its official Connect application via the Play Store. In terms of added functionality, the upgrade brings a truckload of new features to the app, some of which are specifically aimed at Moto 360 users, giving them the means to: “upload their own watch face background, share watch face creations and customize watch faces directly on the watch.”

Hit the break below for the full changelog. 

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Huawei to offer same day P8 replacements in UK through VIP Service


A new report says Huawei is preparing a new VIP Service for the UK market when the Huawei P8 is available. The primary benefit of the VIP Service will be the potential for buyers of the Huawei P8 to get a same day replacement for their device if a warranty issue is determined to exist. The new service appears to be an attempt by Huawei to compete against Apple in providing replacements, something Apple is able to do rather easily through their retail locations. For Huawei, reports indicate they will provide replacements via a courier service.
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Chrome 43 Beta released with new support for the musicians of the world


Google’s Chrome team has released an update to the Beta channel, Chrome 43, with support for MIDI devices, a new Permissions API, and a host of other changes and improvements. The new Web MIDI API included in Chrome 43 means users can make use of connected MIDI devices when accessing an online resource. MIDI devices include things like synthesizers, keyboards, DJ decks and drum machines amongst others. With the update, once a user plugs one of these devices into their system, even an Android tablet or smartphone, the device will be able to communicate with web sites without any additional work by the user to load software or drivers.
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Roommates stab each other in iPhone versus Android debate


It’s a debate almost as old as time. OK, it’s really not but it’s been a debate since the modern incursion of smartphones pit the iPhone and iOS versus Google’s Android platform. Fanboys on each side, spend announcement days bashing the other company’s newest device while offering quips about how their favorite OS is better. Well it looks like two roommates are paying the price for their ultimate fanboyism as the the men stabbed each other during an iPhone versus Android debate.

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