Andy Rubin’s Essential Phone coming to the UK, Europe, and Japan

Back at the end of May, Andy Rubin said the Essential Phone would begin shipping around late June or early July. We are just a smidge past the middle of the month and the company is tight-lipped about the release date, but its début is imminent, according to Essential’s CEO, Niccolo de Masi. Besides launching in the US, Essential is also planning on releasing its début phone to other regions than North America.

HTC is working on removing the ads that mistakenly appeared on its default keyboard

These days it seems that we are bombarded by adverts everywhere we look, and while the experience can be irksome, it’s the price you pay for using a free service or viewing content on a website. The one place that you wouldn’t expect to see ads appearing would be on your smartphone’s stock keyboard, but it seems that taboo was accidentally breached over the weekend with some HTC users experiencing ads showing on the TouchPal keyboard that is pre-installed on some HTC 10 handsets.

How to take screenshots on your Huawei or Honor handset

So, you’ve just bought yourself a brand new Huawei or Honor smartphone and you find yourself faced with Huawei’s EMUI interface that is chock full of features. It doesn’t matter if you are using a Huawei P10 or an Honor 8, finding out to make full use of these handy these features isn’t always straightforward. Now that you know how to enable the app drawerchange the navigation bar and install a third-party launcher in EMUI, you’ll also want to find out other handy features that are hidden in the menus.

Join us after the break to find out how to take static, scrolling, and partial screenshots on your Huawei or Honor handset.

Sony adds Amazon Alexa support to its 4K HDR TVs running Android TV

If you own an Amazon Echo device and a Sony 4K television (2017) with Android TV, you can now control your television by voicing your commands to Alexa. Thanks to a new firmware update for your Sony 4K TV, Alexa can control the power, volume, switch inputs, and change channels. You can even ask Alexa to play, pause, stop, or even fast forward your favorite show. 

Galaxy Note 8 possibly leaked by Samsung, shipping date projected in September

With a little over a month to go until the expected official announcement of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 on August 23rd, the possibility exists that Samsung’s own Exynos processor division may have leaked out an image of the upcoming device. Meanwhile, sources in Korea are projecting the new device will start shipping during September.

LG will announce the V30 at IFA on August 31st

It’s no secret that LG is prepping to launch a successor to last year’s V20 flagship carrying the predictable V30 moniker. In previous months we’ve seen older mock-ups for the V30 turn-up, and most recently there’s been a CAD-based render revealed showing how the V30 might appear in its final form. As another confirmation that we are getting close to the real thing, LG is sending out invites to the press for an event on August 31st at IFA 2017 in Berlin.

WhatsApp updates out of beta, rolling out to users

WhatsApp has been working on some updates to make the communications platform a bit more useful and a little bit easier to use. Several of these new features have been available to beta testers, but the final version started rolling out to regular customers as of a couple days ago. The updates includes improvements to file attachments, how images are displayed, and a tweak to the call screen.