Law enforcement in the U.S. feel threatened by Waze


Law enforcement in the United States has expressed concern regarding the safety of police officers and users of Waze. The app, which was acquired by Google in 2013, allows users to report the location of accidents, construction, and police officers. Law enforcement is concerned with the latter of the three because of the opportunity Waze provides for users to closely watch police officers. Essentially, the problem is that Wazer users can stalk and act against them.

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Samsung Galaxy S Edge name exposed on Vodafone’s site


When the Galaxy S 6 launches this spring, the handset will likely be joined by an Edge variant. The Edge variant would be similar to what the Galaxy Note Edge is for the Galaxy Note 4 – identical internal specifications with a modified exterior. The naming for the Edge variant of the Galaxy S 6 has been up in the air; however, Vodafone may have given away its official name.

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Google partners with WePay to extend Wallet support to 200,000 online stores


Around 200,000 online stores will now be able to support Google Wallet as a payment method. Google has partnered with payment processor WePay, putting the former’s Instant Buy feature in the online stores. Instant Buy allows Google Wallet users to make purchases with just two clicks whether they are on the web or a mobile device. It removes the process of inputting payment information repeatedly. Everything is secure in a Google Wallet account and can be used from site to site.

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Apple’s iPhone gaining on Samsung sales

samsung_vs_appleThe iPhone 6 is doing abundantly well when it comes to sales. So well, in fact, the phone is closing in on Samsung‘s top smartphone maker title. It’s a title that the Korean company took from Apple in the third quarter of 2011 and one that it has held onto since. However, given the iPhone’s strong sales and Samsung’s market share decrease of 34 percent in 2013 to 25 percent this past year after only shipping 78 million smartphones in the third quarter, it appears that Samsung may not hold the title for that much longer.

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Dead Zebra debuts Ice In My Belly Android figurine


Last week, Dead Zebra began to debut new figurines for Android Mini Collectible Series 05. The first two figurines unveiled were the Sk8 Cop and Panda. Then, on Friday, the Hello World figurine said hello to the world. Now, Dead Zebra has exposed the Ice In My Belly figurine. Artist Lunabee, who is based in the United Kingdom, designed the figurine that has a dark heart powering the dragon’s frosty breath.

Hit the break for a view of the front and back.

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[Deal] Get 101 4×6 photo prints from Snapfish delivered for $0.07 with the mobile app, plus get 100 prints each month for 12 months


Printing photos might not be as popular as it used to be, but just the other day my wife was saying it would be nice to put together a photo album or two of our son. If you’re thinking of doing the same, you might want to check out this deal from Snapfish. Right now you can grab 101 (or possibly 156) 4×6 photo prints delivered to your house for only $0.07 (USA only). Not only that, you can grab 100 more 4×6 prints each and every month for 12 months.

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Kenu Airframe+ portable car mount review


Finding the perfect car mount is difficult because there are hardly ‘one size fits all’ options. The Kenu Airframe+ portable car mount ditches suction cups, adhesives, magnets, and special cases for a simple design. After all, this is Kenu and we have seen the company produce compact products that are practical before. The Kenu Airframe+ even maintains versatility unlike so many other products in its class.

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Plex migrates to one app, changes to in-app purchase model


If you happened to stumble upon the Plex app in the Play Store today, you might have noticed that it’s Free and not the normal $4.99 price. No, Plex isn’t running a sale. They just changed their model in that the app will now offer in-app purchases, and there will no longer be the need for a separate app for Plex Pass members.

Up until today, Plex Pass members needed to download the Plex for Plex Pass app in order to enjoy the benefits of their membership, while basic Plex members needed to only download the basic Plex app. That has all changed today as all users only need to download the basic Plex app. If you’re a Plex Pass member, you will still get all the member benefits. All you have to do is log into your account, and the app will recognize your subscription status. The Plex for Plex Pass app is still in the Play Store, but it’s only there to notify (in the What’s New section) current users that they should start using the basic Plex app from now on.

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Flaw in Marriott app puts company back in the news and not in a good way


Marriott has recently been in the tech news lately due to plans to block customers’ personal Wi-Fi hotspots when visiting one of the company’s properties. That move earned them a lot of negative press and pressure from the likes of the FCC and eventually caused them to reverse their course. Now it has been discovered that Marriott’s app for Android may have exposed customer data, including credit card information, to possible attack and pilfering ever since its launch in 2011. The flaw was discovered by Randy Westergren, a senior software developer with XDA-Developers, who also found a major hole in Verizon’s mobile app.
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AT&T is now rolling out the Eye Experience update for the HTC One (M8)


As promised last week by Mo Versi, Vice President of Product Management at HTC, AT&T has now started pushing out the long-awaited Eye Experience update for all its carrier-branded variants of the One (M8) located in the United States. The upgrade brings the latest build of KitKat, in addition to a multitude of new features, bug fixes and stability improvements.

Hit the break for the full changelog.

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