Best RPG games

If you’re tired if the classic popular games for Android devices, games that revolve around candy, farms, gems, and birds, then you’ve come to the right place. And even if those are some of your favorite games but you’re looking for something new, then this list is for you too, because today we’re bringing you our 5 favorite RPG (role-playing) games for Android

If you’re not familiar with RPG’s, they’re games where you become a specific character and you’re put into that character’s world to protect, defend, and conquer it. More vivid and engaging than your run of the mill classic killing-time games, these RPG’s won’t disappoint, and they’ll certainly add some variety to your routine.

Google is making it easier to bring Assistant into Allo conversations

Allo might be struggling to retain user attention, but that’s not going to stop Google from feeding it updates to make it more compelling, especially when it concerns Google Assistant. In the newest update to Google’s chat app, there’s a brand new button next to the text box that will immediately bring up Assistant, making it easier than ever to bring the AI into your conversations. Much quicker than the previous method of actually typing to @google to make it work.

Rick Osterloh clarifies that the Chromebook Pixel is not dead

It looked as if Google was done creating laptops yesterday when Rick Osterloh, the company’s head of hardware, told TechCrunch that there aren’t any plans for a new device. Even the Pixel brand’s expansion was doubted. Osterloh himself is currently backtracking on the information provided in his interview, saying in-house hardware running Chrome OS is still in development.

[TA Deals] Charge anything with ZeroLemon’s TouchJuice Power Bank (53% off)

It’s time for you to stop buying those small, shiny power banks. They’re all-metal and look nice, but you need real power to energize all of your devices. That’s where ZeroLemon comes in. On Talk Android Deals, the TouchJuice Quick Charge 2.0 Power Bank from ZeroLemon with five ports is available at an unbelievable price. It’s because ZeroLemon’s product is being featured as our deal of the day.