Nextbit Robin review: Up in the air


Something is different about the Nextbit Robin. This isn’t your usual new company showing up with bold claims that the mobile industry will go through a shakeup following the launch of its phone. Nextbit is a small, smart group of experienced individuals who worked with giants like Google and HTC over the years. Now these people are together to pour their knowledge and ambition into a device unlike we’ve ever seen before.

Nextbit’s Robin is the first phone in the world to heavily leverage the cloud. Since the phone ships with a limited amount of internal storage without any on-device expansion possible, Nextbit is relying a newer method to store everything on your phone. We’ve never seen a phone like the Robin, but it’s selling point may not matter if the seamless cloud storage the company claims isn’t a reality.

Hit the break for our review of the Nextbit Robin.

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Enjoy Independence Day with four free months of Google Play Music


If you have been on the fence about the Google Play Music Unlimited subscription service, Google is hoping a special promotion connected to the July 4th holiday in the U.S. may be just the incentive you need. Just for U.S. customers who would be a new Unlimited subscriber, Google is offering four months of free access to Play Music Unlimited before consumers would have to start to pay $9.99 per month to continue access. Read more

Samsung Pay Mini trademark application filed in Europe


A little over a month ago word surfaced that Samsung was working on a new version of their Samsung Pay platform that would work on non-Galaxy Android smartphones and would even cross the divide to work on iOS devices. The pending release of the new application appears to have been firmed up a bit with the discovery of a trademark application with the European Union for “Samsung Pay Mini”. Read more

[TA Deals] Get three disposable battery packs for $16!


Every now and then, you’re in a situation where you really need to charge your phone. The problem, though, is that external batteries can be bulky and take too long to charge themselves. So that’s why we’re offering disposable battery packs on Talk Android Deals. This product from ResQBattery, which we’re bundling in a 3-pack, is set to give you connect-and-go power in case of an emergency.

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Damn this iPhone 7 concept is hideous


Although most fans of Android are likely looking forward to the release of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in August or possibly Google’s new Nexus devices later in the fall, they will still have to contend with Apple’s annual update to their iPhone devices. This year the company should be jumping up a version number with the iPhone 7 which is set to succeed the last two years of iPhone 6 devices. Intrepid Apple fans may not have to wait until the official announcement though if they are willing to put in a little work to produce their own iPhone 7 concept phone using an iPhone 6s. That does mean putting up with a device that may qualify for an award for ugliness if not in the final product then in the steps to get there. Read more

Google Maps gets enhanced timeline, multi-stop support in latest update

Google Maps_TA

With many users hitting the roads for the Independence Day weekend in the U.S., Google rolled out a couple new changes to their Google Maps app to help people get where they are going and remember all the good times they had there. The new features include the ability to setup multi-stop routes on Android devices, with the feature coming to iOS soon, and the ability to add notes to the Timeline. Read more