Owner of a OnePlus One claims his device exploded in back pocket


OnePlus has not exactly had an ideal launch for its first device. From the get-go, the OnePlus One has faced production speed bumps and software bugs. Prospective buyers are still required to obtain an invitation in order to make a purchase. The company launched a sexist contest that was quickly pulled (and has since been replaced with a neutral one) most recently. Now, an owner of the OnePlus One is claiming his device exploded while sitting idle in his back pocket.

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ASUS teases its smartwatch, shows a seemingly curved display


Today, ASUS has released a new promotional image teasing its upcoming smartwatch. The most interesting part is that a curved display seems likely here. That would be a first for an Android Wear device, albeit the platform is still relatively new. ASUS has scribbled some notes onto the image that seem to highlight some distinctive features. The underside of this device has been sand blasted with something that is possibly glass, but it is not completely legible. The strap for ASUS’ smartwatch is genuine leather and the front of the device has a front camera. The front side of the device is described being constructed as a smooth shell.

We will find out more about this device when ASUS makes it official at IFA 2014 on September 3.

Source: ASUS (Facebook)

Pick up a free smartphone with your next Burger King meal

burger king logo


If you eat at Burger King often, you might want to take them up on their latest limited time offer. Instead of a half price sandwich, the fast food chain is actually giving away a free smartphone through their website. Unfortunately, this one isn’t “happy meal toy” free, but typical “two-year contract” free.

On the Burger King promotion site, you can select from a handful of free devices, then choose to upgrade your current phone or add a line to your Verizon, AT&T, or Sprint account. The order actually takes place through Amazon, so the only thing Burger King really does is offer to send you a link to their Burger King app on your new toy, which seems like a lot of hassle to go through just to tell people to install your app.
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Sorry Google, Amazon purchases Twitch for $1 billion

twitch_logoIt seemed pretty likely that Google was going to purchase Twitch, the video game streaming platform, and fold some of its technology into YouTube. Well, things didn’t quite turn out that way, and today Amazon announced that they’ve purchased Twitch for $1 billion. Sorry, Google.

Amazon may not own a service like YouTube, but they do handle their own Prime streaming service, plus a digital video store. On top of that, Amazon’s cloud infrastructure is used by other major video streaming companies like Netflix, so it’s not as if Amazon is a stranger to this type of platform.
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Samsung may launch a SIM-enabled Gear with the Galaxy Note 4, circular Gear watch to follow

samsung gear SIM patent


We’ve heard several rumors that Samsung is cooking up a SIM-enabled Gear smartwatch, and it’s looking like we’ll see it sooner rather than later. The latest rumors points to Samsung unveiling the new version of their Gear smartwatch (along with a VR headset) alongside the Galaxy Note 4 next month. Since the original Galaxy Gear launched with the Note 3, this a pretty predictable pattern.
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Amazon Fire TV is destroying the Chromecast


Google introduced the Chromecast last July with a lot of excitement. At $35, how can you beat it? Especially since it works with both Android and iOS. However, the Amazon Fire TV was introduced in April of this year, and it already has nearly double the developer support.

As is stands right now, there are over 500 apps available for the Fire TV. The Chromecast is a little harder to figure out. There is a new Chromecast section in the Play Store, but it might not show all the apps. If you add up the Featured, New, and More sections, the total is only 227.

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Motorola to release updated Skip as keychain fob

Motorola_Skip_Keychain_Fob_FCC_DocsRemember the Motorola Skip accessory that was released last year around the same time as the Moto X? It was a little accessory that allowed you to unlock your phone with ease. You would attach it to your belt and Motorola also offered Dots (stickers) to place in different parts of your house. It wasn’t a bad accessory, but it was limited in that it was only NFC and you had to place the phone right next to the Skip for it to work. As with all technology, Motorola is looking to improve Skip, and FCC documents just outed it.

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Sony officially releases perfume-esque selfie camera


Sony seems to have latched on to the concept of smartphones being used for selfies and sees it as a way to market devices. Last week we saw Sony move to start selling their “selfie-centric” Sony Xperia C3 smartphone in Russia. We also saw a bizarre looking device that had the distinct appearance of a perfume bottle that we eventually determined was a camera. That device turns out to be the Sony DSC-KW1 and it is a real thing.
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Gionee ready to push for an even thinner world’s thinnest smartphone


Gionee already lays claim to the title of world’s thinnest smartphone thanks to the Gionee Elfie S5.5 that was released earlier this year. The Elfie S5.5 came in at only 5.5mm thick and managed to pack in a 1.7 GHz processor, 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of internal storage, and a decent 2,300 mAh battery. Gionee seems to enjoy holding the top spot and apparently intends to keep it in their grasp.

According to the latest rumor about an upcoming Gionee smartphone, the G9005, the company is shooting for a thickness of no more than 5.0mm and may even get it down to 4.9mm. Supposedly this will include a Gorilla Glass layer for the screen. No other information regarding specs or other dimensions of Gionee’s upcoming device have been revealed yet.

source: Gizmobic
via: phoneArena