FCC approves Softbank/Sprint/Clearwire deal


According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, the FCC has approved Softbank’s bid to merge with Sprint, and by extension Clearwire. The process started last year when Softbank and Sprint announced plans for the merger. Sprint also announced plans to acquire Clearwire using cash from the Softbank deal, as part of a strategy to increase their 4G LTE footprint in the U.S.

Since then, Softbank had to fight off a competing bid from Dish. Ultimately, Sprint stockholders approved the Softbank offer of $21.6B giving Softbank a 70% stake in the new company. With FCC approval, the companies will now be able to complete the merger and start moving forward with their develop Sprint into a much larger carrier, capable of competing with Verizon and AT&T.

source: TechnoBuffalo

Render of ZTE Nubia Z5 Mini discovered


A recent image discovered by a Chinese source shows a ZTE Nubia Z5 Mini, ZTE’s answer to the “mini” device market. Even though many of our readers are unlikely to get their hands on ZTE devices, in markets like China where they are a major player, ZTE seems to be following an increasingly common pattern. First they introduce a new, large, flagship device. In ZTE’s case, it was the ZTE Nubia Z5 released in the Chinese market earlier this year. A few months later, they are back with a smaller version of the device, the ZTE Nubia Z5 Mini.
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HP Slate 7 price drops to $139


Earlier this year when HP introduced their HP Slate 7 Android tablet, they were clearly targeting the budget tablet shopper. With a price point of $169 when initially released, HP was hoping the cost difference between that and a $199 Nexus 7 would be enough to get buyers to overlook the lower level feature set.

If recent action is any indication, that strategy may not be working out for HP as they recently slashed their price for the device by $30 to only $139. That definitely makes the device more attractive for tablet shoppers who may not be looking for a top of the line device.

If you think you may be interested in grabbing an HP Slate 7 at the new price, just hit the source link.

source: HP

White Nexus 4 coming to Canada via Google Play, WIND Mobile, and Videotron

lg_nexus_4_white_leak_02Google Play shows the white version of the Nexus 4 as sold out in the US, and maybe even discontinued, but in Canada, it’s still just arriving. LG Canada sent an email to Mobile Syrup claiming that “the device is coming to Canada via Google, WIND and Videotron. Timing TBA, so we’ll keep you posted.”

Exact pricing is also unknown at this point, but it’s a pretty safe bet that it will run at around $300-$400 outright. Talk Android will keep you posted as we continue to hear details of the white Nexus 4’s imminent arrival in Canada.

Source: Mobile Syrup

Icelandic Samsung commercial takes a not-so-subtle jab at Apple

Apple vs Samsung

Samsung and Apple are already fighting in numerous court battles, and Samsung is adding a little fire to the flame. A new Icelandic Samsung commercial takes a huge jab at Apple by using, well, an actual apple.

The character in the TV spot can be seen trying to make calls on a red apple, obviously a symbol for the iPhone, to no avail. However, once he gets a Galaxy S 4 in his hands, his problems are fixed and his life is perfect – complete with dancing burglars and sheep.  To finish it all off, he takes a bite out of the apple. and the sheep is pleased.

Foreign commercials can be confusing, but this one was easy to figure out. Check out the commercial after the break.
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How to get SwiftKey-like personalization on your stock Android keyboard


What makes SwiftKey one of the best keyboards is the personalization features such as learning your writing style and history from reading other apps on your phone such as GMail, SMS, etc. If for whatever reason, you want to use another keyboard such as the stock Android keyboard, you can still enjoy SwiftKey-like  personalizations. The first thing you need to do is grab User Dictionary Plus from the Play Store. It will read many apps on your device to learn more about your typing habits and add words to your Android user dictionary. So far it will read Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp (paid version), Gmail, SMS, and a backup text file. Google Plus is coming soon. You can even backup your new dictionary to a text file to transfer to another device. Head on past the break for instructions.

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Grab Samsung’s Galaxy Camera app for your Galaxy S 4


Samsung’s original Galaxy Camera was a fairly niche product, but it did have some cool features in the camera. Developer LastStandingDroid is working on getting the camera app ported to other devices, and if you’re a Galaxy S 4 owner, you can test out a port of the Galaxy Camera’s camera app on your device without having to shell out several hundred bucks on a new device.

The port is packaged in a flashable zip file, so you’ll have to be rooted and running a custom recovery to try it out. For the most part, it’s a really functional app, and the flash, auto-focus, fast motion and slow motion, and front and back cameras work. Like any work-in-progress, though, there are still a few things that need to be fixed, such burst mode, the best face feature, and a few others. You’ll also lose your boot animation completely because of some Galaxy Camera specific files in the package.

If you don’t mind testing out new things that aren’t 100% broken, hit the links below.

source: XDA

download link

Sony’s “my Xperia” remote security service now rolling out globally


After some successful beta testing, Sony has announced on their blog that they are ready to roll out their “my Xperia” remote security service globally.

While there are certainly other alternatives to Sony’s service currently on the Play Store, “my Xperia” will surely introduce some new and useful options.

It does all the basics, such as locate and protect your phone should it ever be misplaced, sound an alert which overrides silent mode and wakes the display, maps the phone’s location through the cloud, locks the phone, pings a message with contact details, and even erase internal and external SD card data info or data if needed.

Check out the full press release after the break for more info.
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HTC financial profits for Q2 2013 take a turn for the worst, down 83% from last year


Things certainly could have been a whole lot worse for the Taiwanese manufacturing mogul, but this news is pretty bad. HTC have reported a profit of  $40 million USD after tax from revenue of $2.33 billion USD.

Their numbers are a lot better than the reported profits of $2.48 million USD from last quarter, clearly due to the release of the HTC One to more markets and due to fixes in manufacturing issues, but this quarter’s numbers were expected to be much higher.

HTC’s stock price on the Taiwanese Stock Exchange has already fallen a full dollar since the start of July, leaving it at $7.20. The company is certainly going to be in trouble and in dire need of help if they can’t find a way to boost their profits.