How to Restore Hyperlink Functionality on Your HTC Phone

One of the casualties of Apple’s war on Android was a court order forcing HTC to remove any hyper-links derived from data like phone numbers or email addresses within Sense.  While we could go on all day about how ridiculous a decision this may have been, we’re here to fix problems not dwell on them.  As usual, the wizards over at XDA have found a solution. XDA user Steal25 came up with a simple build.prop edit that will turn the functionality back on, just like it was before Apple’s legal assault.  The current method works with the EVO 3D, the One X and the Evo 4G LTE, but should work with other crippled HTC phones as well. Let’s dig in.

It goes without saying the standard disclaimer about rooting and editing system files applies here.  You can mess up your phone doing this, and if you do it’s not our fault.  That being said, this is pretty easy edit most people should be able to handle.

The first, and always most important step is perform a nandroid or at least make a copy of your /system/build.prop file to be sure you have a way back to where you began.  After that, you’ll need a file explorer that allows root access, RootExplorer is a favorite.  After navigating to the /system directory, make sure you enable read/write access and open the build.prop file in a text editor.

In the build.prop file, you need to find this line:


And you’ll need to change it to:


Then add this line just below:


Save the file and reboot, and you should be good to go.  It’s also possible to use ADB to pull the file from the phone, edit it as above, and push it back.  If you’re new to ADB there are many guides available, and XDA members are always willing to help if you get into trouble (You did make that backup, right?)  Send us a comment below if you pull this off, and be sure to thank XDA member Steal25 for the fix.

source: XDA

About the Author: Brian Kramer

Brian Kramer is a photographer in St. Louis. He has been interested in mobile devices and technology since the WinMo 2003 era and has been using android since the HTC Dream came on the scene. Rumors are he even owned an iPhone for a while, but these rumors cannot be confirmed.


    Is it possible to do this without root man I hope so

    • Kagsjc

      No. Sorry, you need to have root to access the necessary files.

  • Ty O’Bryant

    wondering if this needs to be done with my evo 4g running cm7.2

    • Brian Kramer

      Nope, AOSP ROMs already have this functionality built in.  You’re good to go.

  • Erhsaii

    Thanks! Worked perfectly on my 3D. Used Root Explorer and the directions were easy to follow.

  • Dave Diamond

    This worked for me, but I did find “ro.da1.enable” twice in build.prop, so do watch out for that, future peoples.

  • andre

    hi, im really not to educated when it comes to this, i did download root explorer on my cell, when i click on build prop and hit open in text editor is says my phone is not rooted, what do i need to do, thank you,

  • Steven

    I thought this might fix my emails to show hyperlinks, and I tried on my Galaxy S3 and it didn’t work.
    My emails are not showing the hyperlinks.
    I edited the file with Root Browser and restarted the phone.
    I didn’t have the line “ro.da1.enable=true”, so I just added to the end.