Best To-Do, Checklist, and Task Applications for Android [May 2013]


Personally, I consider myself a “to-do list addict.” My daily routine begins with sorting through a list of things that I need/want to accomplish by day’s end, and later preparing my list for the next day. Fortunately, Android developers have been offering alternatives to the good old “pen and paper” approach since the early days of the operating system. Here’s a list of the six best to-do, checklist, and task applications currently available for Android.


1. Evernote: This one’s been around for about 5 years now, and has since become one of the most popular organizational apps in the Play Store. Through its suite of software and services designed to allow note-taking and archiving of important information, it has quickly gained the respect of users everywhere. It’s got a very sleek design and although there are tons of fancy features, you don’t have to take full advantage of all of them to get something out of the application. Personally, I use it as a text editor to create and manage all of my lists, and have them easily synced between my phone and PC. I make use of the great widgets that the app offers to easily view my lists. Another great feature is the browser mode, so if you’re using a computer without the Evernote software, you can just visit their website, log in, and all your notes are right there for you to access.

There is a “Premium” subscription to Evernote that costs $5/month or $45/year, which offers 1GB of upload capacity per month, searching in PDFs and documents, a Related Notes feature, offline mode, PIN lock protection, more collaboration features, no in-app promotions, and more. Your account can be upgraded to “Premium” once you set up your free account.

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2. Astrid Tasks & To-do List: One great thing about Astrid is that although there is a ton of functionality, the sometimes unnecessary features don’t quite jump out at you like they do in Evernote. It comes across as a very simple and clean list manager, and that’s exactly what it is. Users can swiftly switch between their lists using the top task bar, share their lists with friends, classmates, family members, and co-workers, and can even “divvy up tasks” between users to take a “divide and conquer” approach to your to-do list. This is great for family members managing household chores, or a team working on a project. It’s simple to add descriptions, set reminders and even more. Best of all, it uses Google sign-in, so you don’t have to worry about remembering more usernames and passwords. The Chrome extension is great as well, and makes the application useful across multiple platforms. If there were a text editor to make my lists more flexible and more “free-flowing,” I might have switched to Astrid a long time ago— but after writing this guide I’m definitely thinking about it again!

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3. Google Keep: This one is still only a few months old and still in its infancy— but knowing the way that Google does things, it will most likely be one of the top task-apps in the Play Store in no time. Google Keep allows users to quickly jot down a note and recall it easily across multiple platforms because it offers Google Drive sync. It’s simple to create a checklist, enter a voice note, or take a picture with your phone’s camera and annotate it. Users can color-code notes to make them easier to locate as well. When comparing this product to the others in this list, it’s very basic, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t offer the perfect amount of functionality for certain users. As a lightweight note-taker, Google Keep is great and is likely only going to get better.

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4. Any.DO: Aside from the basic features of any to-do list manager application, Any.DO offers users the ability to snooze upcoming tasks, sync with Google Tasks, take notes and collaborate with other users. Its gorgeous interface only adds to the reasons that this is a personal assistant worth using. There’s a pretty nice calendar feature as well that users can take advantage of to organize their tasks.

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5. Todoist: To Do List, Task List: This one offers most of the same feature as the other apps listed above, but one thing that makes this application stand out is its ability to look at an overview of a period of days. Users can easily see what’s coming up on their plate in the next day, week, month, or even longer. Todoist allows users to place tasks in different categories to separate them from one another. It’s simple to add new notes, change to the menu by swiping, set priority levels of tasks, easily cross off completed tasks, and more. The app offers great looking interactive widgets that are very useful and have a great amount of functionality. There’s a nice tablet version of the app as well and its syncing capabilities make it a great fit for any user. The only downside is you won’t get notifications or the use of labels and filters, task notes, SSL encryption, access to iCalendar, task searching, and the ability to add emails as tasks unless you sign up for the paid service which can run as much as $29.99 per year. For more information about this app, check out our recent review.

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6. Task Radar – Task List: Task Radar is an intuitive and brilliant concept. Tasks are set in order of priority and as deadlines approach, Task Radar automatically re-prioritizes the list. The “Radar Scope” view is extremely unique, allowing users to look at tasks on an actual radar to get line of sight to incoming deadlines. The radar range is flexible as well, as it can change from anywhere from 8 hours to 8 days. Task icons can be added to tasks as well so users can easily identify them. Although it doesn’t feature the amount of functionality the other applications do, Task Radar is definitely worth checking out for its cool features. The app is free, but there is a paid version that removes ads. It’s definitely something different and sometimes it’s nice to shake things up a bit!

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Honorable Mention: GTasksWunderlistGoogle Tasks (Gmail)Remember the MilkToodledo

The Google Play Store is full of other task/to-do apps, so there are plenty more to pick from than just these. These are just the few that top my list. Did any of your personal favorites not make the list? Let us know in the comments!

About the Author: Harrison Kaminsky

Harrison is a senior at the University of Pittsburgh completing a major in communication and a minor in economics. Aside from writing for TalkAndroid, he is the managing editor at The Pitt News, a digital marketing intern at Buzzhoney in Pittsburgh, founder and owner of He's currently using an HTC One (M8) and Nexus 7 (2013). Harrison is excited for the next release of Android, and for whatever the future holds for the tech world. Tweet him at @Harry_Kaminsky.

  • codemonkey85

    You forgot about Tasks.

  • Spencer Ellis

    Why not just setup one on tasker? The best tasks app of them all

  • Anurag Bansal

    I am surprised that your list doesn’t even count Toodledo – one of the oldest and the best task management service out there. I agree that it doesn’t have a native android app, but there are plenty out there that sync with it.
    I have personally tried Any.Do, Astrid (soon to be shut down after bring acquired by Yahoo), Evernote and Google Keep – do you seriously think they are task management apps. Evernote and Google Keep are good at keeping notes and creating checklists but you can’t use them solely for todo list. Any.Do is OK.
    Try DGT GDT app on Android – awesome features and bug free even in Alpha.
    Frankly speaking, Google Keep, Evernote and Springpad are good at taking notes and making checklist but anyone requiring a solid to do app can’t consider them as a viable option.
    I would love to see if anyone uses these apps in such capacity and I am open for learning from all of you experts out there how you use them such.


    • Anurag Bansal

      Also a suggestion – please disable the big floating ad. It’s irritating on mobile. It tries to cover the whole screen where I want to type.

    • jaqm01

      I use Evernote as GTD, with tags. I am an IT Manager, and couldn’t live without. PLUS my desk is free of paper, thanks to picture ocr indexing. And now you have reminders. My 2 cents.

    • Harrison Kaminsky

      Evernote is used by thousands of people and is a perfectly viable software package to be used as a “to-do list.” Just because it’s made for one thing doesn’t mean it can’t be used for another. Maybe it hasn’t worked for you, but it’s certainly worked for others. This list is simply a few of the great applications on the Play Store— obviously we can’t talk about them all as there are hundreds. The purpose of this article is to aid those searching for a good app. Of course I wouldn’t post a bunch of apps that do exactly the same thing, because everyone has different needs, and offering a list with variety is good.

      And as you mentioned, Toodledo actually is on my list in the honorable mention section. Since it doesn’t even have a native application for Android, there’s really no point to talk about it on a list of other applications.

      • Anurag Bansal

        I agree with you that it MIGHT work and Must be working for others as a to do list app. But don’t get me wrong, can it be used as a replacement for a full fledged to do service. NO…
        It can certainly be used as one though as you mentioned, and so many other things like Twitter, Gmail and even google calendar can be used as a task manager service.
        What I don’t agree is that Evernote was not designed to be a task management service, at least yet. It’s good though for what it is designed for.
        Also being a tech blogger myself, I completely understand that you can’t write a post about 100s of apps out there.

  • Greg Silver

    My favorite is 2do. It syncs with Toodledo or Dropbox plus the also have an excellent Ipad app too. Most polished and beautiful to do list app on the market. Price may seem a little steep but I’ve found it to be the best after MONTHS of searching.

  • Ramon rules!

  • Shawn Lowery

    Unfortunately, Astrid was purchased by yahoo, and their “news” sections says how everyone new is automatically premium, and premium members will get a refund. The “buzz” is that Astrid will be no more, that may be spurred by the fact that the same news item on Astrid’s site has a promise you will be given instructions on how to offload your information.

    “Over the next 90 days, Astrid will continue to work as is, and we will no longer be accepting new premium subscriptions. To make future changes as easy as possible, we’ll be in touch with users shortly to share how to download data.”

    To me, it sounds like the end.

  • Bjork

    Sadly is also closing… seems there’s a cruel fight between lists apps!

  • Mike Coppola

    Another Android task app worth checking out is SPLISTER. You can use voice recognition to create tasks, reminders & notes. In addition to syncing with your Google Tasks & Calendar, you can create location based reminders for your tasks. So for example, if one of your tasks is called “buy gift for Luke” , you can set a location reminder for that task with an address of a store where you need to buy that gift. When you drive or walk past that store SPLISTER will remind you to “buy Gift for Luke!” Cool!

  • Samatha

    The one I use doesn’t appear on this list and I think it should as I have used most of those mentioned in the past and way prefer Dooster. For virtual teams it’s a great tool.