Android Beginner Guides

Feb 20, 2017

How to turn off ‘OK, Google’ always listening feature in Google Now

Google Now has a neat ability to listen for the “OK, Google” command to automatically launch the app and get you into Search as fast as possible. But, you may not want Google Now to liste … Read More

Feb 4, 2017

How to change the navigation bar in Huawei’s EMUI 5

If you own a couple of devices made by different brands, it’s quite likely that at least one of them has a different setup for its navigation bar. For example, Samsung sets its navigation keys … Read More

Jan 1, 2017

How lithium-ion batteries work

Almost all smartphones these days are powered by lithium-ion batteries. And recently, they’ve gotten some special attention, thanks to the type of batteries causing a fire inside Galaxy Note 7 … Read More

Dec 11, 2016

How to share Google Calendar events

If you’re trying to coordinate any kind of event, using the calendar on your phone will make things a million times easier. Google Calendar integrates with your Android device as well as your G … Read More

Dec 3, 2016

How AMOLED technology works

It’s no doubt that you’ve heard the words “Super AMOLED” or “AMOLED” before. Not only is it a technology, but the words are oft thrown about in marketing to catch y … Read More

Nov 3, 2016

How to change or clear default app settings in Android

One of the best selling points on Android is the flexibility to change default apps to open web links, send text messages, view your pictures, or pretty much anything else your phone is capable of do … Read More

Oct 30, 2016

How to add widgets to your Android home screen

Android has a lot of benefits, and one of those is taking advantage of widgets. Widgets are essentially a way to give you quick access to information or actions in other apps without actually leaving … Read More

Oct 20, 2016

How to set up Google Drive for desktop syncing

You have Google Drive on your smartphone, but what about your desktop or laptop? Did you know that you can setup Google Drive on your home computer to automatically sync files to the cloud? It’ … Read More

Oct 13, 2016

How to check for software updates on your Android device

When a software update is pushed out to your phone or tablet, you likely aren’t going to see it for at least another week or two. Most companies issue software updates in waves to ensure qualit … Read More

Aug 5, 2016

Adding password protection to Google Play for preventing unwanted purchases

When it comes to Google Play purchases, you should definitely use password protection. You never know when your Android device will get in the wrong hands and an unwanted purchase is made. Then again … Read More

Aug 4, 2016

Removing and uninstalling apps from your Android device

There are a couple of possible motivating factors for removing and uninstalling apps from your device. People are constantly getting rid of apps from their phones and tablets because of irrelevancy, … Read More

Mar 14, 2016

How to set up Android texting on your PC

I owned and used an iPhone for quite some time, and one of the best things about it was iMessage. Not because you could text over WiFi to a friend who also owns an iPhone, but because of the ability … Read More

Mar 1, 2016

Backing up pictures and videos with Google Photos

There’s no denying you have way too many pictures and videos stored on your phone or tablet. Who’s really carrying around a dedicated camera these days? We all just use our mobile devices … Read More

Feb 28, 2016

Saving offline areas in Google Maps

Because not all of us experienced the Lewis & Clark Expedition, mobile devices are a huge help in navigating the world. Phones and tablets have made it extremely easy for us to get from Point A t … Read More

Feb 26, 2016

Saving webpages from Chrome for offline viewing

Ever find a page full of text but don’t have enough time to read it? Or you find a page with valuable information and want to come back when there’s no internet connection? We’ve al … Read More