Samsung might be using Vulkan for a power saving TouchWiz launcher


Vulkan is going to be a very big deal for mobile phones, but it’s going to do more than just improve the gaming experience on your smartphone. While most of the original buzz surrounding the efficient API was centered around lowering CPU overhead so 3D applications could run better and consume less energy, it looks like we’ll start to see that leveraged in simpler applications, too.

Xiaomi to take a shot at processor market with Rifle chip

According to sources in Korea, Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi plans to reveal a new initiative to start producing their own mobile device processor chips. A component partner of Xiaomi indicates the processor is named “Rifle” and will be revealed at a company event scheduled to take place in May, likely the launch of the Xiaomi Max and Mi Band 2 on May 10th. The development of an in-house chip by Xiaomi is consistent with a rumor we first heard in late 2015. With the initial launch of a Rifle processor, Xiaomi is believed to be focusing on the budget phone market, so don’t expect to see a Xiaomi chip in any flagship devices any time soon.

The new Moto G could release at an event on June 9


Lenovo’s CEO, Yang Yuanqing, has given us some information regarding the company’s upcoming successor to last year’s Moto G. The handset seems a bit far away still, especially considering the fact we’re yet to see model numbers leak. However, the handset will apparently launch at an event on June 9. “The new product will nothing less than exciting,” that was the only other comment Yuanqing added.