Samsung numbers indicate downsizing underway


Some recent analysis by analysts and other industry sources indicates Samsung may be in the midst of a downsizing movement despite the umbrella entity, Samsung Group, disclaiming any such formal change is underway. The primary indicators that something may be afoot are changes in staffing levels throughout most business units and the elimination of some of Samsung’s research and development centers. Experts think Samsung may be taking some preemptive measures in anticipation of a general global economic downturn as well as a tightening market in areas like smartphones, home appliances, information technology, construction and shipbuilding. Read more

Specifications of Huawei P9, P9 Lite, and P9 Max leaked by Oppomart


Since partnering up with Google to produce the Nexus 6P, Huawei has moved from being a somewhat exotic smartphone maker from China to a mainstream manufacturer. The Chinese company is holding a launch event in London on April 6th, where it’s thought that it will take the wraps off its latest flagship, the P9. Meanwhile, the Chinese retailer, Oppomart, has today revealed the possible specifications of not only the P9 but also the P9 Lite and P9 Max.  Read more

Apple’s iPhone SE could face competition from a Samsung Galaxy S7 Mini


On Friday, Samsung’s Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge went on sale worldwide. The phones were already selling like hotcakes even before the official release date, and now millions of additional people are going to be buying this week and beyond. Fueling the large number of sales so early is the lack of competition at the moment. There’s no other new phone on the market with distribution equaling the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. The LG G5 won’t be ready until next month and the HTC 10 hasn’t even been announced yet. Samsung is offering what is perhaps the best option in most regions around the world.

Apple, however, could be the one company to slow down Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge sales. But Samsung seems ready. Both companies are working on smaller variants of their flagships to serve consumers wanting a smaller phone.

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Xiaomi Mi Note 2 may get a curved edge display

xiaomi mi note 2

Sources in China are indicating that Xiaomi’s next major phone to be released, the Xiaomi Mi Note 2, may launch with a curved edge display. Thus far Samsung has been the only manufacturer offering devices with their curved edge displays, although the Vivo Xplay 5 just launched at the beginning of this month with a curved edge display. Depending on timing, the Mi Note 2 could hit the market as the device with the largest curved edge display to date. Read more