Is Samsung prepping a new Galaxy for Rio 2016?


Ready for the 2016 Summer Olympics? We all know that Samsung in. The company is signed through 2020, so we’re bound to see promotional materials throughout August during Rio 2016. We actually got our first taste of Samsung-made Olympics content on Tuesday when the company published an inspiring video telling the story of a runner from South Sudan.

On Friday, Evan Blass shared an image a special Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge that is branded specifically for the Olympics.

These are possible specs for Sailfish, one of HTC’s Nexus phones


When the calendar turned to 2016, a rumor came out saying HTC would be making two Nexus phones for Google later in the year. Now we’re nearing the usual September/October/November launch for Nexus devices and information regarding Google and HTC’s plans is coming out.

The phones, known internally as Marlin (M1) and Sailfish (S1), will be just like last year’s Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P representing different segments of the market. While Marlin will be a high-end phone, Sailfish will tone things down only slightly to give consumers an attractive price for a phone from Google.

Today, we’re telling you about specifications for Sailfish.

Huawei home cooking mobile OS as contingency


Major smartphone manufacturers have no problem putting their own “skin” on top of Android when releasing new devices. In a new development, Huawei appears to be working on something that is more than just skin deep for their future devices. Sources report the Chinese company is working on their own mobile operating system as a hedge against Google possibly changing the terms and conditions for the use of the Android operating system.

Looks like the Moto X may live on! GFXBench test for possible Moto X (2016) surfaces


With the unveiling of the latest flagship out of Lenovo, the Moto Z, it seemed like the demise of the Moto X line was imminent. The Moto X line had been Motorola’s flagship for the last few years, with the Moto G and the Moto E representing mid-range and budget offerings. The launch of the Moto Z took the flagship status away from the Moto X Pure Edition, and no matter what marketing spin Lenovo tried to play when questioned about the future of the Moto X line, the death of the Moto X seemed all but guaranteed. We, however, may have been very wrong. If a recent GFXBench test showing a new Moto device is any indication, the Moto X is ready for new life.

LeEco launch in U.S. to happen this fall with video streaming service in tow


LeEco has been slowly but surely putting the pieces in place to make an attempt at becoming a major player in the U.S. smartphone market following their successes overseas, notably in the Chinese market. Earlier this year the company opened a new U.S. headquarters facility and started hiring a U.S.-based workforce. However, at the time no timetable had been established. Sources are now saying LeEco hopes to start sales this fall of not just smartphones, but a new video streaming service as well.