First picture taken from the HTC One M10 gets posted


We’re now all waiting to see the upcoming HTC One M10 as Samsung and LG have already announced their 2016 flagships at MWC 2016. Apparently one of the biggest changes in going from the One M9 to the soon-to-be released successor will be found in the camera. For a long time, HTC’s phones have had cameras highly inferior to the competition. The company has worked hard in the past to change its results, but so far nothing has been very successful. The One M10’s camera, according to HTC, will be “very compelling” even with Samsung splitting pixels into two photodiodes and LG’s multi-camera approach. Could HTC really trump the experience of Samsung and LG? Maybe, but we won’t know for sure until we get proof when the phone is announced sometime this month or next.

Today, TechTastic posted an image online that has allegedly been taken from the One M10. Aside from giving us a tease of camera quality, the image’s data tells us about the camera’s technical details.

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Android N may be a new taste experience


With Android fans around the world getting excited about the next anticipated release of Android, Google’s Hiroshi Lockheimer, Senior Vice President for Android, Chromecast, and Chrome OS, decided to do a little bit of trolling it would appear. A popular pastime surrounding each Android announcement is trying to guess what sweet treat the release will be named for. Lockheimer tweeted over the weekend a message indicating Android N may not be so sweet. Read more

Vivo Xplay 5 images leak ahead of official announcement

vivo xplay 5We’re less than a day away from the Vivo Xplay 5 becoming official, but that hasn’t stopped a set of last minute leaks from making the rounds. Several photos of the device have appeared, showing off pretty much everything you could have wanted to know about its appearance and size.

There’s really nothing revolutionary about how the Xplay 5 looks, but it’s still a pretty nice looking device. Edges are curved, the screen looks nice and bright, and there’s a fingerprint scanner on the backside of the device that’s all the rage with newer Android devices. Read more

Leaked renders of Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A 7.0 and Tab E 7.0 emerge


After all the excitement of MWC 2016 that saw the announcements of flagship devices such as the stylish Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge, the modular LG G5, and Xiaomi’s budget-busting Mi 5, we are back to our normal daily routine. Thanks to Samsung’s habit of releasing new devices almost every other week, though, that doesn’t mean we will be short on leaks and rumours. Speaking of which, renders of a couple of its latest low to mid-range tablets, the Galaxy Tab A 7.0 and Galaxy Tab E 7.0 have emerged.  Read more