Google testing out YouTube Radio stations for curated music and video playlists

youtube-logo_9339Lately Google has introduced a few features that bring some overlap between All Access and YouTube, such as YouTube Music Key. Now it looks like we’re going to see some other features make their way over to YouTube to make it a better music hub for users.

Google is apparently working on a YouTube Radio feature, similar to the radio stations you get in All Access, to either replace or complement the current YouTube Mixes that are available. These radio stations are based off of whatever video you choose, and you can like, dislike, and dismiss videos in the playlist to curate the station to exactly what you like. We’ve already seen this implemented fairly well in All Access, so it makes sense for Google to bring over a popular feature now that it’s taking YouTube as a music service seriously.
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New renders and schematics for Samsung Galaxy S6


Another day, another day closer to MWC 2015 must mean new leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S6. Today some of the best renders and schematics we’ve seen for the upcoming smartphone from Samsung have surfaced. If accurate, they show some great detail about the smartphone as well as reveal some of the apparent inspiration Samsung may have received from Apple and the iPhone 6.
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OtterBox cases for upcoming HTC One (M9) surface


To get an idea as to what the design of an upcoming device will be, accessories are always useful. For some reason, the mobile accessory manufacturers have no problem introducing products before the corresponding device is even announced. Here we have cases from OtterBox that will be paired with the upcoming HTC One (M9). OtterBox will have both Commuter and Defender cases for it with color options being Black or Glacier. As seen in the image above, the Duo Camera setup is gone. Other than that, these cases do not expose very much about the flagship-to-be from HTC.

Source: Androidworld
Via: GSMArena

LG Y70 makes a quick stop on Indian import tracking site


The upcoming LG Y70 has made an appearance on Zauba. The Indian import tracking site registered the handset’s arrival on Thursday. And, surprisingly, the listing gives us some information about the Y70. It will have some version of Lollipop running behind a 4.7-inch display. The resolution of the display is unknown at this time but 720p seems likely.

The LG Y70 is said to be launching in South American and European markets.

Source: Zauba

Galaxy S 6 and Galaxy S 6 Edge show up on official Samsung support pages


We know the Galaxy S 6 and Galaxy S 6 Edge are coming on March 1st at Mobile World Congress, but Samsung has jumped the gun on their Swedish and Finnish websites. They appear to be support pages, but unfortunately they don’t reveal much at all. About the only thing we get is the European model numbers, which is SM-G920X for the Galaxy S 6 and SM-G925X for the Galaxy S 6 Edge.

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Samsung and LG to embrace rear dual-cameras


A new report out of Korea has Samsung and LG releasing smartphones this year with dual cameras at the back. This is nothing new since HTC tried it already (pictured above) and appears to be giving up on it with the One (M9). Two rear cameras offer more depth to your photos and allows you to easily add Bokeh type effects.

What’s interesting about this report is that it suggests the Galaxy S 6 will sport such a thing, but we have had so many leaked renders and there is no sign of it. My guess is that it would show up on the Galaxy Note 5 or the next version of the Galaxy Note Edge. Remember that Samsung patent we saw last week? It was for a dual-curved edge phone, but there was also a popup that was unexplained. That could easily be a second camera as we speculated in that post. I guess it’s also possible that it shows up on the Galaxy S 6 Edge, but I still think it’s unlikely.

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ASUS VivoWatch wearable gets certified by Bluetooth SIG


A new wearable from ASUS was recently certified by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG). The design name for the wearable is VivoWatch and the description reads “health watch which can detect heart rate and sleep data.” Traditionally, the Vivo brand is designated for ASUS’ devices powered by Windows. The company already has the ZenWatch on the market today and that wearable features Android Wear; therefore, it could be that the VivoWatch ends up with an upcoming wearable version of Windows.

Next month in Barcelona for MWC 2015 is the likely time and place for ASUS to introduce the VivoWatch.

Source: Bluetooth SIG

Leak reveals launch date of the Verizon Nexus 6 and Samsung Galaxy Core Prime


A few days ago, we saw the Verizon site listing the Motorola Nexus 6 as ‘coming soon’. This left much to our imagination and didn’t provide enough clarity on when to expect the handset. But now, a new leak has revealed it all, along with the alleged release date of Samsung’s midrange Galaxy Core Prime smartphone.
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