Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 might adopt a fingerprint sensor under the screen

Samsung’s next flagship phone will probably have a fingerprint scanner under the screen!

Yeah, we get it. You’ve probably heard that rumor several times before, and it’s not even exclusive to Samsung. This time, though, it looks like there might be some weight behind it.

Samsung Display and Samsung Electronics, two companies that make up Samsung’s entire global brand, have come up with several solutions for actually making the in-screen scanner work. We don’t know exactly what those “solutions” are, but they’re reportedly making the decision whether or not to use one by the end of this month. Phone manufacturing is done pretty far in advance, so they’ll need to get this settled well before the phone’s probable launch at the end of summer 2018, according to this report.

And hey, even if things aren’t 100% up to snuff right away, this would still give Samsung a few months to improve the quality of their AMOLED panels and biometric components in time for an official announcement.

After Samsung ditched physical buttons entirely, they opted to put the fingerprint scanner on the back of the Galaxy S8. However, it was off to the side of the camera on both the Galaxy S8 family and the Galaxy Note 8, and that was pretty honestly one of the only flaws of those phones. They rectified that by moving the sensor below the camera with the Galaxy S9.

The next logical step? Get it under the screen. They wouldn’t be the first company to do it, but you can bet they’ll be the one to popularize it.

source: Korea Herald

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  • Richard Dennis

    How many years are we going to hear this same rumor for… Its been a rumor since Note7

  • David “DJ170” Jean

    It was the same rumor for the Note 8…