OnePlus follows the trend, will adopt a notched display in the OnePlus 6

Love it or hate it, the notched display is going to be a trend in 2018. Apple and Essential lit the flame, and tons of other manufacturers are very quickly adopting it. If you expected OnePlus to buck that trend, we’re sorry to disappoint you.

A new rumor has surfaced detailing some of the hardware that’ll be under the hood with the OnePlus 6, but it’s also confirmed an odd 19:9 display complete with a top notch.

The good news is that the hardware looks extremely impressive. The OnePlus 6’s benchmark scores are insanely high, which likely indicates a Snapdragon 845 on board, besting out pretty much everything else that’s been benchmarked with AnTuTu.

With that being said, the benchmark screenshots themselves are what gave away the notch in the display. The status bar on the screenshots has a weird arrangement that we only see in phones that have a massive cutout in the top, and the extra height is what gives it the slightly strange 19:9 aspect ratio.

2018. Year of the notch. Embrace it.

source: Android Central