Wikimedia Finally Releases Android Wikipedia App

A few days ago, Wikimedia finally released the long awaited Wikipedia Android app in the Android Market. I’m not too sure how we missed this one as all of us here at TalkAndroid are big fans of the Wiki. In case you aren’t familiar with Wikipedia (aka live under a rock), its the ultimate place to find answers to any and all of your yearning questions.

This new app will allow you to do the same thing the webpage does, only this time you will never even need to open your browser. The Wikipedia app also has the ability to save all of your searches so you may return at a later time and read those articles you previously searched for. You can also search article based on location and even share the results with your buddies. Hit up the link below to see what all the rage is about.

Thanks Trent!

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  • Tigermave

    Any word on how this compares to the Wikidroid app?