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Sony Xperia S Hands-On At CES 2012 [Video]

With its other cousin, the Sony Xperia Ion, another newcomer made it to CES this year and that’s the Sony Xperia S.  The Xperia S, another first in the US to sport the “Sony” only branding shows off the cool transparent illuminated element we’ve seen in previous shots.  It does a great job accenting the 4.3-inch display itself, which happens to be 720p.  Like other Sony products, the device offers the usual Bravia mobile engine for the rendering of beautiful rich colors on pics and videos.  The device sports dual cameras like most, however, the front facing shooter offers 720p while the rear can capture in 1080p.  Not a bad combination.  Add to that a whopping 32 gigs of on-board memory, and Sony’s full-on entertainment network with unlimited movies, videos and music and you have yourself a party.

The HD screen, as you can see in the hands-on video, renders incredible video and you can transfer that to any 1080p capable device for optimal viewing.  The handset will not come with LTE radios on-board but will instead be a global phone offering HSPA+ speeds.  You’ll be able to snag the device unlocked to work your GSM carrier of choice here in the US.  Oh, and did we mention the device has NFC?  Check out our hands-on video below along with some screen shots of the device next to its cousin the newly unveiled Xperia Ion.  Don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below and be sure to check out the rest of our CES 2012 coverage here if you haven’t already.

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